LinkedIn for Copywriters: 7 Proven Strategies to Get More Clients

To grow on LinkedIn as a copywriter, optimizing your profile and building an excellent content strategy are key steps.

LinkedIn for Copywriters: 7 Proven Strategies to Get More Clients
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Explore essential tips for copywriters on LinkedIn: optimize your profile, master content strategy, and network with success. Gain insights to elevate your copywriting career.
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LinkedIn for Copywriters: 7 Proven Strategies to Get More Clients
More than 58 million companies are listed on LinkedIn, with an average of 2.7 million of them posting daily on the platform. These posts are created by copywriters and social media marketers like you.
If you want to boost your copywriting business, improving your LinkedIn game would be an important venture. This post will show you how to optimize your profile, build an effective content strategy, and network with other users.
We’ll also introduce the top copywriters you can draw inspiration from on LinkedIn.
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Benefits of LinkedIn for Copywriters

When you’re looking for brands and businesses to collaborate with, there’s no better place to go than LinkedIn. Brands are flocking there, and for copywriters, this means:
  • Direct access to a business’s decision-makers, allowing you to connect directly with marketing managers
  • Targeted outreach and personalized proposals as you discover brands with needs that align with your expertise
  • Building relationships and trust by engaging with brands and individuals in your niche
  • Having the platform to showcase your past successes and client testimonials
  • Connecting with relevant companies and industry influencers to stay updated on industry trends
  • Getting social proofs that increase your credibility by utilizing LinkedIn recommendations

How to Build a Compelling Copywriter Brand on LinkedIn

Copywriters are experts in the art of persuasion. Here’s how you apply such expertise when creating a compelling brand on LinkedIn for copywriters.

1. Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Copywriting has a lot to do with persuasion and is typically straightforward. Apply the concepts you use to create copy when designing your LinkedIn profile. It is your virtual storefront, so treat it as an important copywriting project. Here are some ideas you can try:
  • Use a professional profile photo. It’s your face, your brand. A professional headshot portrays you as someone trustworthy.
  • Directly state what you do in your headline. Instead of saying “copywriter,” be more specific by writing something like “UX copywriter.” Alternatively, you can also use your headline to advertise your own newsletter.
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  • Use your banner as a call to action. Your header is one of the most visually appealing and conspicuous parts of your profile. Maximize it by including your services, adding a call to action, or using it as ad copy.
  • Improve the keyword game of your profile summary. Keywords are crucial in ads, and so is your About section. Also, make sure that your summary is skimmable.
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  • Use the Featured section. Showcase your past work by adding links to your ad campaigns. You can also include your recent projects and collaborations.
  • Get recommendations from your clients and colleagues. Everything you say becomes more credible when other people affirm it.

2. Post Targeted Content

Marketing oneself as a jack of all trades is rarely successful, especially in the field of copywriting. There’s got to be one area that you’re specifically great at. And that’s what your posts should focus on.
Let’s say you are an expert in B2B copywriting, where you create landing pages and relevant website copy. Then, the industry you often write about is insurance. Taking these into account, it would be suitable to post things like:
  • A/B testing results on landing page elements specific to the insurance industry
  • Current B2B insurance marketing campaigns and effective copywriting strategies
  • Successful landing pages you've created for insurance clients with clear metrics
  • Complex insurance terms and concepts explained in a clear and engaging way
The specific topics would highly depend on your niche. Before posting, clearly define your areas of specialty as a copywriter.

3. Ensure Post Consistency

Regularly sending out posts helps keep you and your content relevant among your connections and other LinkedIn members. It also shows that you’re committed to your craft.
Consistent posting also allows you to showcase your knowledge of copywriting, particularly in your chosen niche. This establishes you as a thought leader, which is important to gain a following on the platform.
If you’re suffering from writer’s block, Taplio is always there to help. Its AI-powered post generation tool can help you create striking content just by analyzing your profile. Just make sure to add your personal touch.

4. Build Engagement With Other Profiles

You don’t always have to be the initiator of topics since you can also be part of the audience. But don’t just view the posts of your LinkedIn connections. Instead, interact with their posts by actively liking, commenting, and sharing them.
To take it a step further, you can also include some insights or suggestions when sharing or commenting on posts. For example, you can recommend they add a proper call-to-action to their content. This shows that you’re really reading their content and also showcases your expertise.

5. Utilize Direct Messages

If you’re using LinkedIn to actively look for copywriting gigs and projects, use DMs and InMails. This lets you directly connect with marketing managers and brand owners, skipping all the unnecessary stuff.
DMs can also help you nurture authentic relationships and connections, which may become handy when you make big career decisions in the future. Taplio features a CRM tool that automatically imports the LinkedIn profiles that interact with your account.
When you send them messages, make sure that each thread is personalized and features a clear inquiry or offer. Follow-up messages would be your friend when facing unresponsive users.

6. Don’t Forget the Visuals

You should be very familiar with the importance of visuals and graphics in marketing copy. Especially for those specializing in ads, the texts you write often get paired and edited with images or video clips.
So, make sure to apply the same principle to your posts. Here are a few ideas that you can try to explore:
  • Use infographics to summarize your process flow or standards when writing copy
  • Utilize popular memes or create your own humorous visuals to attract attention
  • Use short video clips to share industry news
  • Add LinkedIn carousels about copywriting tips
There’s no clear distinction about what graphics you can use. But make sure that they won’t violate any copyrights and are well-designed.

7. Entice Leads Using LinkedIn Tools

LinkedIn is not just a networking platform. It’s also a powerful search engine, a hotspot for experts, and a treasure trove of job opportunities. Here are some ways you can use various LinkedIn tools to generate leads and grow your copywriting career:
  • Use LinkedIn Search to find hiring opportunities and freelance copywriting gigs. You can also use it to look for marketing managers and agents working at the companies you want to enter.
  • LinkedIn Ads help you reach a wider range of audiences than your current network of connections. InMails also allows you to send messages even when they’re outside your network.
  • Join LinkedIn communities to connect with various copywriting experts and learn about the latest trends in the field.

10 Copywriters You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

Following the paths of experts can often find you the best way to succeed. See how the top copywriting professionals are doing on LinkedIn.

1. Bob Bly

Bob Bly specializes in direct response copywriting, email marketing, and other types of marketing content. He has worked with big companies like Intuit, IBM, AT&T, and more. He has also published several books, including “The Business-to-Business Marketing Handbook.”

2. Chuck McBride

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Chuck McBride is the founder and chief creative officer of Cutwater. Under his leadership, the agency developed popular campaigns like Ray Ban’s “Never Hide,” Google’s “Gone Google,” and American Giant’s “Don’t Get Comfortable.”

3. Gregg Benedikt

Gregg Benedikt is the executive creative director of Dewey Cheatem & Howe, an NYC-based company. Throughout his entire career, he has written copy for brands like Guinness Beer, USPS, AT&T, and more. Apart from being a director, he now teaches at the City University of New York.

4. Matt Barker

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Matt Barker is a UK-based copywriter and ghostwriter who’s gained more than 110,000 followers on LinkedIn. He has received many recommendations for his excellent copy. He’s also the person behind the copywriting course, “The Digital Copywriter.”

5. George Tannenbaum

George Tannenbaum is a copywriter and founder of GeorgeCo., LLC. He has written copy for several big brands like Mercedes-Benz, Citibank, Lowe, and IBM.

6. Jasmin Alić

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Jasmin is a founder, copywriter, coach, and international speaker. He’s the person behind Link Up and the Hey Jay newsletter. He currently works as a freelance copywriter for Microsoft.

7. John Harrison

John Harrison is an entrepreneur, a founder, and a copywriter. He founded Jenny Schwarz, a menswear label,, and Penfriend, a copywriting agency. He specializes in UX copywriting and email copy.

8. Lara Acosta

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Lara Acosta is a speaker, consultant, and expert in copywriting. She founded LA Digital, a copywriting agency. She has been featured in a Forbes article highlighting the tools she uses in copywriting and has her own newsletter.

9. Jeff Eaker

Jeff Eaker is a copywriter specializing in lifestyle brands, food and beverage accounts, retail, and automotive. He is the creative director of Kingdom of Failure.

10. Luke Matthews

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Luke Matthews is a widely followed ghostwriter and copywriter on LinkedIn. He is the founder of WIZARD OF odd MARKETING and a co-founder of Link Up. He also has his own newsletter, where he talks about AI, copywriting, and humor.
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