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Profile picture of Bryan Sagray DPM FACFAS🌵

Bryan Sagray DPM FACFAS🌵


If you aren’t eating apples, you should be… Apples, the 4th SuperFood I will discuss. The origin traces to China & Kazakhstan. Domesticated at least 4-10K years ago. Apples supply antioxidants & nutrition. There are nearly 7500 types of apple. Apples may keep the doctor away. Let’s see their health benefits. And ways to enjoy apples. ____________________________________ Here’s the main health benefits of apples: 1. Bone Health -Antioxidants & anti inflammatory flavonoids increase bone mineral density. 2. Brain Health -May delay Alzheimer’s & dementia. Help to reduce anxiety, stress, & depression. 3. Heart Health -Polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidants, & fiber, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, & risk of heart disease or attack. 4. Weight Control -High fiber & water content helps you feel full, reduce hunger, & eat less calories. 5. Digestive Health -High soluble & insoluble fiber maintain gut health & microbiome bacteria. 6. Rich In Nutrients -Full of vitamin C & potassium, along with quercetin & catechin. All linked to less risk for chronic disease & lower mortality. 7. Asthma Prevention -Unique antioxidants protect lungs from damage & reduce risk of asthma. 8. Immune System Support -Apple skin is packed with unique properties shown to boost the immune system at fighting illness & infection. 9. Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk -Numerous studies show the high levels of polyphenols lower type 2 diabetes risk. ____________________________________ Ways to add apples to your diet: Plain Soups Salads Smoothies With cheese On a sandwich Mixed into yogurt With peanut butter With roasted veggies Paired with lean protein ____________________________________ Apples are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. They are loaded with nutritional benefit. There’s a variety of apple for everyone. If you want to live longer & healthier, Reduce your chronic disease risks, Add some delicious apples to life. Make sure you eat the skin. Not just the fruit flesh. Follow science.🍎 PS What’s y’all’s favorite apple? PPS Always check with your doctor. 1:1 Performance Coaching for your brain.


7 Bad Habits That Sabotage Your Brain Health: ____ If you liked this, join 87k in the High Performance Journal―my free newsletter that teaches you how to be lean, healthy & energetic: https://lnkd.in/edKf6pYq

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Profile picture of Christian Kampf 康可安

Christian Kampf 康可安


🔬💪🌱 Taking Charge of Your Health: Starve Cancer, Boost Alkalinity! 🌱💪🔬 Did you know? Cancer cells have some preferences, and we can use that knowledge to our advantage! Here's what you need to know to take charge of your health: 🍬 Cut the Sweet Stuff: Cancer loves sugar! In fact, it consumes 15 times more glucose than other cells. By reducing refined sugar intake, we can starve those cancer cells and disrupt their growth. 🍖🍔🥩 Choose Your Foods Wisely: Acidic environments fuel cancer growth, so it's important to avoid or limit acid-forming foods such as meat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Opt for alkaline-rich vegetables instead! 🌿🥦 Embrace the Alkaline: Cancer dislikes an alkaline environment. Increase your intake of alkaline foods, like nutrient-packed vegetables, to create an inhospitable environment for cancer cells. 🚫🍯 Say No to Sweet Temptations: To starve cancer, try eliminating sugar, honey, and all sweets from your diet for at least six weeks. Denying cancer its favorite food, glucose, can make a significant impact. 🌬️💨 Oxygen is the Enemy: Cancer thrives in low-oxygen environments. By boosting your oxygen levels through exercise, deep breathing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can inhibit cancer growth. Remember, knowledge is power! Spread the word about these insights to empower others on their health journeys. Let's take a stand against cancer by making informed choices and fostering an alkaline, sugar-free lifestyle. Together, we can make a difference! 💚🌱 #HealthRevolution #StarveCancer #ChooseAlkaline

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(interview, the, you, to, your, questions, interviews, and)

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I appreciate recruiters & hiring managers who go out of their way in interviews to do things like: - Send candidates a list of potential topics/questions to expect beforehand - Build rapport to help calm any nerves - Tell them it’s ok to take & reference notes - Tell them it's ok to 'pause' if they need to - Tell them it’s ok if they need more time to answer a question Less 'walking on eggshells.' More productive conversations & better experience. Shout out to everyone doing this today to create an environment where people can be their best. Hoping to see more of that this year.


    Want to stand out in your interview? Do this!! A lot of times, we are asked behavioural interview questions. Something like "Give me an example of a time...." during our interviews, right? The best way to answer this is using the ✨️STAR✨️ method! What is the STAR method? ✨️S- Situation- Setting the scene. ✨️T- Task- Describe what you had to do. ✨️A- Action- What did you do? ✨️R- Result- Describe the impact of your action. How does this help? It ensures the interviewer knows how you reacted and what was the behavioural response you had during a real time situation. A good STAR response and story telling increases your chances of selection MASSIVELY! Have you tried this method? What are some behavioural interview questions you would want to cover? Comment down below! ➡️ Follow Palakh Khanna for more insights like these!:) LinkedIn for Creators LinkedIn News India Get Hired by LinkedIn News India #linkedin #interview #storytelling #starmethod

    Profile picture of Bijay Kumar Khandal

    Bijay Kumar Khandal


    ❓How to answer the question: What is your weakness?   👉 Here is a 4-step framework to answer this question effectively.   📣Background: Whenever you go for an interview (client or for a new job), this question is among the most expected questions.   🚩 If not prepared well, you will end up giving a generic answer.   🥺 The challenge of a generic answer:   🚀 If two candidates have the same talent, the interviewer will remember someone memorable.   💡 That's why it's important to create a difference.   👉 This 4 step framework will make you memorable.   🎯 1) Prepare   Find out what is the primary requirement of a job and share the weakness that is not impacting your primary job requirement   🎯 2) Reframe the weakness as a challenge   Reframing the weakness as a challenge has a lesser impact and can be easily overcome.   🎯 3) The weakness that you mention should be learnable   Learnable weaknesses strengthen your case because they can be quickly overcome.   🎯 4) Show Your willingness to improve on that weakness   By showing a willingness to learn, you prove to the person that you have a growth mindset, and they would be delighted to hire you.   ✔️ Let's combine these 4 points and elaborate on them through 2 examples.   💡 Example: Your job profile is around technology and leading a small team of 10 people   👉 Let's assume you have a genuine weakness of public speaking, which is not your primary responsibility.   📣 Here's how I will narrate this challenge.   🚩 One of my challenges is speaking in front of a bigger audience, but I am great at communicating with a smaller team and one-on-one.   🚀 The workaround I have found is whenever I have to speak in a crowd, I first create a personal connection with a few people so that I am now comfortable speaking with the group.   ✅On top of it, I am also taking coaching to improve on this.   ❓ What are the other ways to answer this difficult question?   👉 PS: If You are not happy with your career growth despite all your best efforts, coaching can help you. Drop me a message,💬 and let me help you unleash your full potential.   #peakimpactmentorship #experience #failure #conflictmanagement #communication #peoplemanagement #emotionalintelligence #timemanagement #priorities #leadership #success #mindset

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    (brand, your, branding, personal, you, and, the, to)

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    Profile picture of Amelia Sordell 🔥

    Amelia Sordell 🔥


    In the last 5 months I’ve completely changed my look. - I’ve dyed my hair. - Changed my makeup. - Invested in an entirely new wardrobe and repurposed old stuff to fit the “new” me. Because when I was running from meeting to meeting in my jeans and trainers, it occurred to me that I looked the same as every other agency pitching that day. I’d be walking passed these other creatives who looked just like me. And whilst I talk so much about positioning yourself as THE choice, not A choice - the aesthetics of my external brand was not reflecting the same message. So, I changed it. I started looking at the kinds of people I was selling to and mirroring how they dressed each day. How they showed up as professionals. If you think about it, it’s not rocket science - When you LOOK like you’ve got your sh*t together people think you do. And trust ME when I tell you - people want to do business with people who have their sh*t together. So, why try give yourself a disadvantage, because you want to be comfy? Why try and opt out of opportunities because you’ve been conditioned to think track pants are cool? There are so many ways in which you can get a head start in life, but one of the easiest ones is looking the part. So make an effort - it will get you everywhere. 💜


    You only get one personal brand - don't screw it up. Here's how to grow your brand by rooting for others: https://lnkd.in/eNj7dHqp


    I never wanted to assign someone the task of making Chai during the initial days of CSB; Because the taste of “Chai” is the core of our business. I was too afraid that if someone else did it, they might ruin the taste, and the customer would never return. On the other hand, if a customer doesn't like the taste, the game is over, so I cannot trust anyone by myself. One day, Anand told me, “Tu chai banayega to brand kon banayega” It hit me hard. Then I started training Manoj, he made a few mistakes even, but as an entrepreneur, you have to delegate the work and leave the department you love. You cannot stick to one department, Your job as Entrepreneur is to keep hopping on to the following and bigger tasks while delegating and training the right person for the previous tasks. #entrepreneurship #linkedincreators #startups

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    (weekend, week, to, the, and, my, for, you)

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    A beautiful reminder for the week ahead 💜 #SundayThoughts

    Profile picture of Shannon Lehna 🇨🇦

    Shannon Lehna 🇨🇦


    ✨ Motivation is what gets you started. ✨ But habit is what keeps you going. ✨ And taking a break keeps you coming back. I will be unplugging and offline this weekend✌️ Family time. 👨‍👩‍👦 Cuddle time 🥰 Garden time. 🌱 Sleeping in time. 🛌 Shopping time 🛍️ Movie time 🍿 Gym time 🏋️‍♀️ Being super lazy time 😜 Happy Memorial Day weekend to my 🇺🇸 friends and have a great weekend to the rest of the world 🌎 See you Monday! ♻️ Please repost! ______________________________________ 📌ROBOTS, COBOTS & SPARE PARTS Are you tired of waiting months for an industrial robot or spare parts from the OEM yet? 🤷‍♀️ Let ICR Services get you the robot, cobot or part within days at a fraction of the cost so you can spend your budget where it matters most. 👀 LOOKING FOR A SPARE PART OR REPAIR? ♦️Servo Motors ♦️Servo Drives ♦️DC Servo Motors ♦️Spindle Motors ♦️AC/DC Electric Motors ♦️Gearboxes ♦️Tachometers ♦️Encoders ♦️Amplifier ♦️Controller ♦️Power Supply ♦️Industrial Electronics ♦️Monitors ♦️Touch Screens ♦️Servo Drives ♦️Teach Pendants ♦️Scanners ♦️Brushless Servo Motors ♦️PCB’S Why choose ICR SERVICES? 🔹Cost-effective 💰 Savings of 60% of more versus buying new. 🔹Time effective ⏰ Fast turn-around supported by our online repair tracking tool. 🔹Innovative 💡 Modification solutions to give a second life to outdated electronics. 🔹Support 👍 Personalized customer service and post-sale support. Reach out to me today! 📧 [email protected] www.ICRservices.com

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    Happy Monday! Wanted to salute all of you who are out there grinding everyday in pursuit of your dreams. As they say, game recognizes game. Life is about hard choices and sometimes comes at the price of being popular, liked or understood. I wanted to cite the source of this popular meme. As far as I can tell, Jonathan Yabut is the person who came up with this idea. He has a book out by the same title.

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    (ads, ad, your, the, to, facebook, and, on)

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    Steal our Google Ads Audit Checklist for E-commerce. 👇 Leave a like & a comment below, and I will DM you the link to download. (must be connected, or I can't DM you) Normally, we charge €799 to execute a Google Ads Audit & Action Plan (GAAAP). And some people charge for their audit template. 👉 I'm giving ours away for free. It's the exact checklist we use to audit Google Ads accounts, and draft 90-day account plans from there. It's an 84-point checklist That's continually being updated by us to keep up with the latest trends. If there is anything missing according to you, let me know in a DM. If you want a copy, leave a like & a comment below, and I'll give you free access. #googleads #googleanalytics #adwords #shopify #ecommerce #facebookads #tiktokads


    This is the best ad campaign I’ve ever worked on. It’s certainly the one I’m most proud of. TARGET MARKET: Very angry ex-wife BELIEF: I am a jerk. ACTION: Give Justin another chance. KEY THOUGHT: Justin will make you happy. SUPPORT: I am sorry, I have changed; we both love our daughter, we both love G-d, and Justin has gotten his finances together. Yes, I used my advertising and marketing skills to win back my ex-wife. I have never shared this story with a reporter. But when Rev writer Colin (Thad) Dombrowski reached out to feature me in an article... And I learned more about Rev's mission to build a more meaningful social media platform... The story just poured out of my mouth. They are offering free membership during their launch. So I strongly encourage people to sign up. If not to read my story, then to check out what promises to be an exciting new social media platform for sure. Link to article in comments. Still reading? Like my posts? Wish you could have quality posts like mine everyday? DM me about my executive tailored ghostwriting services. 👍 to share #obercreative #advertising #marketing #creative #socialmedia #pr #relationships #worklifebalance #worklife

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    7 exciting new Google Ads updates (I’m going to test these asap): 👇🏾 Side note: struggling to keep up with all the latest PPC developments? Then you'll love my weekly newsletter. I share practical Google Ads tips to help you scale your accounts. 👉🏾 Join 9.300+ PPC experts here: https://bit.ly/ppcedge2

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    Profile picture of Mando Sallavanti III, CFP®

    Mando Sallavanti III, CFP®


    College isn’t a scam. It’s no denying that prices rose like crazy. But it was worth every penny for me. 3 years ago I graduated college. Here’s the 7 lessons that stick with me: 1. When you think you’re busy, you can do 2x more. 2. Being different isn’t good or bad - it’s just different. 3. Being in good physical shape correlates to every area of life. 4. Having an escape outside your career is critical. 5. Build discipline and you’ll be ahead of a majority of your competition. 6. Humility will take you places ego never could. 7. It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. To all the new college grads, congratulations. Reflect back on your college career and think of what you’ve learned. I bet it goes far beyond the books.


    Happy Wednesday, everyone! 🌟 It's the perfect day to highlight the importance of continuous learning and professional development. What's one skill or knowledge area you're currently focused on improving? Share it with us in the comments below and let's inspire each other's growth journeys! #WednesdayWisdom #ContinuousLearning #ProfessionalDevelopment

    Profile picture of David Kofoed Wind

    David Kofoed Wind


    I am excited to announce that Eduflow and Peergrade has been acquired by Multiverse 🙌. We founded Peergrade and Eduflow with the belief that educational technology needed to be better at supporting deeper learning experiences. People learn best together, and they learn from doing real work. Eduflow and Multiverse are united by a belief that the future of learning is delivered through the transformational power of real work experience. Together we can be at the forefront of that future. Multiverse will be the perfect partner to drive our vision — with more than 10,000 apprentices and alumni, they have a firm track record for transforming the world of work and learning. Personally I will be joining Multiverse as a Senior Director of Product, and most of our amazing team will also continue with Multiverse in different roles. I want to thank our customers, partners, team members (current and past), investors and everyone else for all the support! Thank you for being part of the Peergrade and Eduflow journey to date, and please keep in touch as we continue our mission under the Multiverse banner. 📸 Photo is from the first "workation" I did with Malthe Jørgensen and Simon Lind back in 2016 to work on Peergrade.

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    (cybersecurity, security, cyber, the, and, to, of, threats)

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    In computer security what word goes before "code", "phrase" and "word"? 😂 If you like my content: 🔔 Ring my Bell on my Profile so you are the first to see my posts 🤝 www.stationx.net/blog ⬅️ FREE Cyber Security and Hacking Resources #ethicalhacking  #networksecurity  #dataprotection  #penetrationtesting  #technology  #innovation  #digital  #IoT  #bigdata #programming  #coding  #devops  #cloudcomputing #AI

    Profile picture of Sean Connelly🦉

    Sean Connelly🦉


    The FBI recently announced that they had disrupted a Russian government-sponsored hacking operation known as Turla. Turla is a sophisticated threat actor that has been active for over 25 years. They are known for their use of advanced malware and their targeting of government and military organizations. This is a quick article on the history of some of Turla's operations. “This is one of the best actors out there, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the cat-and-mouse game continues,” says Thomas Rid of Johns Hopkins. “More than anyone else, they have a history of evolving. When you shine a light on their operations and tactics and techniques, they evolve and retool and try to become more stealthy again. That’s the historical pattern that began in the 1990s.” #technology #malware #cybersecurity #zerotrust


    Check this if you like dark humor Ransomware Malicious Quadrant Halcyon created a "ranking guide" for the ransomware threat landscape and they describe it in the way Gartner creates their comparisons (Vision, Challengers, Leader...). Facts - 85% of companies experienced at least one ransomware attack in 2022. - 74% of companies faced multiple ransomware attacks in 2022. - Ransomware is currently the greatest risk to organizations. - Ransomware groups, known as Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) operators, are using advanced evasion techniques to bypass traditional endpoint protection solutions. - Ransomware attacks are highly profitable, causing victim organizations to lose millions of dollars in ransom demands and recovery costs. - The landscape of RaaS groups is dynamic, with groups rising, falling, disbanding, and reorganizing under different brands. Source: https://lnkd.in/dW_qRJbz, thanks to Halcyon. P.S.: Do you think Gartner needs this new rubric? #ransomware #gartner #cybersec #hacker

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    (cold, email, cold email, emails, cold emails, to, the, your)

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    The average C-Level exec gets 121 emails a day You get ~6 seconds …worth reading or automated? Step #3 in my "Opps framework" makes it scream human: O - Observation P - Problem P - P.S. S - Simple CTA Lavender has great data on this too. 27% - Reply rate with a P.S. 21% - Reply rate with no P.S. That's a 28% jump. So make it scream: This is personalized, not automated. Not even AI like ChatGPT. Examples: ✅ P.S. Saw you are from Chicago! I have family there, love visiting. ✅ P.S. Saw you've been promoted 3x there... congrats on the success! ✅ P.S. Saw you volunteer at XYZ - what a great mission! P.S. Stands for Personalization, right? All 4 steps outlined here: https://lnkd.in/gXYNnwFG Step 4 of the "OPPS" Mini-Series tomorrow! (3/4)


    Even the best cold emails don’t bring any results if they land in the SPAM. Master these 5 email deliverability tips and live spam-free in 2023. #sales

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      Profile picture of Vladislav Podolyako

      Vladislav Podolyako


      Сold outreach statistics speak for themselves: only 36% of cold emails get opened, and their average response rate is a meager 8%. But you might be surprised by how much AI can improve your cold email success rate and bring you closer to the results you're striving for. Chelsea Castle 💜 and I will be sharing valuable tips on leveraging AI to heat up your cold email outreach experience at the live session tomorrow, May 23rd, at 12 PM EST. We’ll cover: • Current state of AI in emailing and the future perspectives of its development • Recent AI trends and their practical applications in cold emailing • Best practices for implementing AI-powered solutions in your outreach campaigns Wondering how to take your cold emailing game to the next level? Well, you’d better join us; it’s gonna be lit. 🔥 #success #ai #experience #email #folderly #webinar



      (website, your website, your, websites, and, design, to, the)

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      Rate limiting can make your APIs more robust and secure. It's a technique to limit the number of requests to a server or an API. There are four popular rate limit algorithms: - Fixed window - Sliding window - Token bucket - Concurrency The best part is that they're now built-in with ASP .NET Core 7.

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      Profile picture of Altaf Rahman 🚀

      Altaf Rahman 🚀


      A bad user experience can lead to: → Lost Revenue. → High Bounce rates. → Inefficient workflows. → Low conversion rates. → Negative Reviews and Feedback. It can be frustrating to invest time and resources into a website → that isn't performing as well as it should. Whatever the issue, it's clear that something needs to change. That's where VictorFlow comes in. We have identified a lot of root causes of several website issues and developed effective solutions that get results. You are one call away from transforming your website into a high-performing asset that drives business growth. #webdesignagency #webflowagency #victorflow

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      Profile picture of Priyesh Tiwarkar 🧑‍💻

      Priyesh Tiwarkar 🧑‍💻


      Let's redesign Steven Arthur George's website 1. I first started with a sketch 2. Then I finalized the branding 3. Finding the target audience 4. Final design If you want a website that can sell for you and connect with your target customer. Then book a free call with me. Link is in comments! PS: What you think about the design? If you want more such content, then follow Priyesh Tiwarkar 🧑‍💻 #websitedesign #websitedevelopment #websitedesigner  #websitedeveloper #websiteoptimization #websiteoptimization

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      Profile picture of Charles-Henry Monchau, CFA, CMT, CAIA

      Charles-Henry Monchau, CFA, CMT, CAIA


      Cost to buy = $2,700/month  Cost to rent = $1,850/month Biggest gap ever? How long will the #us housing market handle 7% mortgage rates? Source: Wall Street Silver

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      Landlords should be allowed charge market rent on a new tenancy when their former tenant is the one who triggered a termination. This alone would keep some landlords in the market as many rentals are now capped at 20% to 50% below market rent. Existing tenants need to be protected from excessive increases but applying RPZ rent caps to the property rather than the tenancy is the main reason now landlords are selling up. These rent capped properties are not been bought by other landlords so the rental crisis depends as the number of available rentals deplete. #property #rentalcrisis #landlords

      Profile picture of Ritesh Sabharwal CFPᶜᵐ

      Ritesh Sabharwal CFPᶜᵐ


      You bought a house in March 2014 for Rs 70 lakhs   You then sold the house for Rs 1.1 crore in May 2023   You made a profit of Rs 40 lakhs, but what about the tax?   You start thinking about the impact of Long Term Capital Gain Tax   Should you buy another property, maybe invest in a capital gain bond?   BUT wait 👇   Is there any long-term capital gain at all?   Here comes the concept of CII (Cost Inflation Index)   In simple terms, CII is used to estimate the increase in the prices of goods and assets year over year due to inflation   The central government specifies the CII each year. The base year is 2001-02 where the index = 100.   Now let’s see whether you actually have a gain or loss?   ▶️ Purchased property in Mar 2014 = Rs. 70 lakhs ▶️ Sold property in May 2023 = Rs 1.1 crore. ▶️Indexed cost of acquisition = Rs 70 lakhs x 348 (CII for 2023-24) / 220 (CII for 2013-14) = Rs 1.107 crore That means Rs 70 lakhs indexed to today's value = purchase price of Rs 1.107 crore. ▶️Capital LOSS = Rs 1.1 crore - Rs 1.107 crore = Rs. 72k.   Therefore long-term capital gain does not apply to you as there is a loss instead.   Don’t start planning for how to save the tax or get worried.   Instead, do this basic due diligence to see if the tax even applies.   Anything you would add? ================= Follow me (Ritesh Sabharwal CFPᶜᵐ) as I Simplify Personal Finance and Investing P.S - link to CII data in the comments below👇   #personalfinance #investment #tax #SimplifyWithRitesh LinkedIn for Creators


      How can I use those trending topics in my posts?

      Using what’s popular on Linkedin is a great way of making relevant, high-performing content that attracts an audience. If that’s what you’re most interested in, we suggest you start including some of those topics inside your posts, if these are relevant.

      Want to go a step further? Our tool Taplio is free to try and helps you grow your Linkedin audience and attract more opportunities with Linkedin. Content inspiration, scheduling, automation, analytics, it’s all there. Give it a shot and see how easy it is to build a high-performing account that drives results.

      I want me or my brand to be a trending topic, how can I do that?

      If your goal is to be in what people call “TT” (Trending topics), let us start by saying: it’s complicated. There’s tens of thousands of topics that are being talked about every day on Linkedin, and no one knows exactly what’s behind Linkedin's algorithm to define them.

      Instead of shooting for trending topics, you should probably focus more on building the right audience over time. Sure, if your hashtag is amongst trending topics it will give you a lift in reach and impressions. But that’s only temporary and it’s much more efficient to focus on consistent growth.

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