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Do you know how to persuade? How to be concise? Or engaging? Or clear? Can you justify every single word in your copy? Or is copywriting still a mystery? Are you: + 🙅 struggling with low conversions? + 🫣 nervous about pressing publish + 🙈 hesitant about pressing send? + 📉 tired of bad copy costing you money? + 🥱 failing to captivate your customers? There's a logical reason for it, and it's not your fault. School taught you terribly. Actually, it's way worse. They taught you the exact opposite of what you needed to know. 7 ways school screwed you over: 1/ 🥲 Not taught how to persuade or convince 2/ 🫠 Not taught to consider the purpose of writing 3/ 😮‍💨 Not shown what could be edited 4/ 🤡 Feedback was vague like "be more descriptive" 5/ 🥸 Taught to see writing as a cReAtIvE pursuit 6/ 😵‍💫 Grammar was obsessed or glossed over 7/ 🙃 Rewarded for hitting an arbitrary word count Whether you know it or not, you're fighting years of that bad training. So now: 1/ 🥲 You can’t effectively make your point 2/ 🌪 Your writing is unfocused 3/ 😮‍💨 Your message is unnecessarily cluttered 4/ 🙄 Your writing lacks depth, so there’s no insight 5/ 🥉 Your writing rarely achieves anything 6/ 😵‍💫 Your writing is either rigid or unstructured 7/ 🙃 Your quantity kills your quality Reputation, damaged. Opportunity, hindered. Ideas, muted. EVERYTHING is at risk. Because words are everything. They’re how we make things happen. Or not. Because if you don’t learn how to write well: 1. You’re relying on guesses and luck 2. And other people will out-write you + 🤝 They’ll get your client + 🤑 They’ll make your money + 🗽 They’ll have your freedom + 🥰 They’ll land your dream job + 💸 They’ll enjoy your pay rise + 🚀 They’ll launch your business + 👑 They’ll become the authority + 💰 They’ll secure your investment + 💵 They’ll convince your customers + 🥳 They’ll persuade your prospects They'll dictate your future by better controlling the tools of communication. Words. But I can help you change that. I can give you the power you should have been trained to wield. I can help you control words. And well enough to dictate your future, by writing it into existence. I’ve spent nearly 10,000 hours copywriting and nearly 500 hours condensing what I’ve learned into my copywriting guide. Be concise Be convincing Be powerful Be persuasive 👇 copywriting.io

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