LinkedIn Lead Generation That Works.

Use AI to write content that drives engagement, then transform likes and comments into new leads.

Social Contacts

Create lists of LinkedIn accounts

Make lists of people based on their interactions with your or other people’s posts or a Sales Navigator search.

Had a post go viral? Extract all those likes and start interacting with these newly established relationships.

LinkedIn contacts
Bulk DM's

Send personalized bulk DMs on LinkedIn

Pick any list you created and send customized DMs to all those recently identified leads. We support 2nd+ degree connections through the use of premium InMails.

Auto DM & Auto Plug

Don’t just publish content.

Make posts that actually drive tangible results for you and your business.

Our automations help you setup easy flows to generate more leads automatically.

Auto DM & Plugin
Integration with CRM

Integrate with your CRM

Already using a full-fledged CRM across your entire team or company?


Our Zapier integration makes it easy to handle all those incoming LinkedIn leads the right way.

And that’s not all.

Post inspiration, scheduling, analytics.

It's all there too.

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