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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? What’s Taplio?
We’re the founders of Taplio, a new LinkedIn tool on the block. Instead of focusing on automation like most tools, we focus on helping you create high performing content and engaging with other relevant LinkedIn accounts. We strongly believe in the power of personal branding and how it can help drive opportunities for your business, and we’ve built our entire tool around this belief. We currently have 1500+ paying customers using our tool.
Is this tool free?
Yes, our LinkedIn Headline Generator is free. However, due to the cost associated with AI, we may downgrade the quality of our model temporarily if you have already generate several headlines. This allows us to keep this tool free and let everyone have a chance at experimenting with it.
What makes up a good LinkedIn headline?
LinkedIn headlines (or “bios”) are historically boring. “CEO @ Corp”, “Sales Representative @ ABC”, “Freelancing Web Designer”.

Those headlines don’t really say who you are, what you do, or how you’re different from all the others.

This is why we recommend you make use of what makes you unique in your LinkedIn bio. Think about what problem your company helps solve, who you’re solving that problem for, and the type of content you like to share on LinkedIn.

  • Are you a salesperson for a CRM tool?
    ⮕Try sharing actionable tips about building relationships with clients with automation.

  • Are you a web designer with mostly small companies as clients?
    ⮕Consider highlighting your expertise in building high-converting websites for local business owners.

  • Do you run a newsletter in the real estate sector?
    ⮕Share your weekly real estate investment tips with 20,000+ people.
How does the linkedin headline generator work?
It’s very straightforward. We could have made a complex tool with many different options, but we chose to keep it simple.

Simply fill the only field “I am a...” with the appropriate information and we’ll generate a new headline for you. If you need any tips, we suggest clicking on the “Helpful Tips” section right below the field.

Once you’ve done that, press “Generate” and let the magic happen.
How many headlines can I generate for free?
As many as you want!
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