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Get access to all these features (and many, many more) on Taplio, the all-in-one LinkedIn tool.

How to Use Taplio's LinkedIn Post Booster?

It's pretty straightforward. Paste the post you want to improve and click the Boost button.

How to Use Taplio's LinkedIn Post Booster?

Taplio's AI will start improving your post immediately. Depending on the length of the original post, it can take 15 to 60 seconds. When it's ready, the improved version of your post will be displayed below.

How to Use Taplio's LinkedIn Post Booster?

If you like what you see, you can copy the new post and use it on LinkedIn. If you want to give it another try, you can hit the Run Again button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LinkedIn Post Booster free?
Yes, the LinkedIn Post Booster is free. We created it to show you how powerful our AI features can be. However, we have implemented a few limits to keep this tool free (more on that below).
What are the limitations of the LinkedIn Post Booster?
AI is quite expensive. For that reason, we have installed a few security measures and limits to keep this tool free for everyone. You may use the Post Booster with its most powerful available AI model up to 1 times every 24 hours. Whenever you reach that threshold, you will be asked to provide us with your email and verify it.

To prevent abuse and automation, once you send us your email and have verified it, you can use the Post Booster with the powerful AI model up to 3 more times within 24 hours. We have also limited the input (the initial post you paste) to 1000 characters and the output (the improved version).
Does Taplio Have More Free Tools?

Yes! Taplio has more LinkedIn-dedicated tools that you can use for free to boost your engagement rates.

Taplio's list of free tools includes:

  • LinkedIn Headline Generator
  • LinkedIn Video Downloader
  • LinkedIn Post Formatter
What makes up a good LinkedIn post?
  1. Focus on Your Audience

    When creating a LinkedIn post, keep these two questions in mind:

    — Who is your audience?

    — How is your post helping them?

    Understand who your connections are and what topics are relevant and exciting to them. Try a few topics and use LinkedIn analytics to determine what works best.

  2. Write a Strong Headline

    Your connections keep scrolling. How can you stop them and make then engage with your post?

    You have a couple of seconds to catch their attention. Here are a few headline ideas to help you:

    • Statistics
    • Listicles
    • How-to
    • Questions
    • Testimonials
  3. Make It Easy to Read

    LinkedIn posts should be easy to read and digest. Break the text into smaller paragraphs and avoid using industry jargon.

    Need to share more information?

    You can generate a LinkedIn carousel to include more information across multiple slides.

  4. Add a Clear CTA

    Get more engagement by encouraging your audience to like, comment, share, or click on a link.

    This also boosts your post's visibility as the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes posts with good engagement.

  5. Add a Visual Element

    Your audience processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

    By adding a visual element to your LinkedIn post, you can efficiently catch your connections' attention, transmit a message, or evoke strong emotions.

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