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Frequently Asked Questions
What are Linkedin videos?
Linkedin videos are videos that have been posted by a LinkedIn User. With Taplio LinkedIn Video Downloader, you can download these videos and keep them forever or share them on LinkedIn or elsewhere.
Is this tool free?
Yes! This tool is entirely free, no catch.
How can I download a video I found in a LinkedIn post?
You can follow the 3 step processed detailed above (click the “?” to display it).
  1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right end corner of the LinkedIn post.
  2. Click on "Copy link to post".
  3. Paste your link and click on the download button.
How can I find inspiration for my LinkedIn posts?
Since you’re here, you’ve probably noticed you can easily find great content on LinkedIn to get inspired by. You can start by following the people whose audience you’d love to have, and trying to understanding what it is they’re doing right.

Though this can definitely be time consuming. To solve that, Taplio provides a library of millions of viral LinkedIn posts as well as AI features to help you write new posts from scratch, effortlessly.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, we have plenty of other features too!
Who are you and what’s Taplio?
We are the team behind Taplio, the all-in-one, AI-powered LinkedIn tool. Our goal is to help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn and attract more business opportunities, whether you are a founder, freelancer, employee or agency. Contrary to most LinkedIn tools, Taplio focuses on content production and engaging with others on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in personal branding and leveraging LinkedIn to reach your business goals,give us a try!

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