The LinkedIn Growth Challenge: How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Earn From It

Join LinkedIn's Growth Challenge, earn $1000 monthly, and elevate your brand

The LinkedIn Growth Challenge: How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Earn From It
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Discover the power of a LinkedIn personal brand. Learn to accelerate growth with the LinkedIn Growth Challenge and earn $1000 monthly.
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How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Earn From It
If you want to grow your career and build a personal brand in 2023, you should be on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn currently has over 850 million users, including employees, companies, and even creators, making it the best platform to get your foot in the door when it comes to career and growing fast in your personal brand.
Last year, Cisco announced it wanted to train 84,000 employees to become LinkedIn Influencers; they have figured out the ripple effect building a personal brand has on their company’s growth.
If a company like Cisco wants to invest in its employee’s personal brand, you should too, whether you’re a founder, a creator, or an employee.
In this post, I’ll walk you through more details on why you should build a personal brand on LinkedIn, how to grow your brand quickly through the LinkedIn Growth Challenge, and how to earn $1000 monthly by joining the LinkedIn Growth Challenge.
Let’s get into it.
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What is Personal Branding?

Let’s break it down. Your personal brand equals your reputation; and how others perceive you.
By building a personal brand, you’re defining the impression you want others to have of you.
A good example is when you create a blog on a topic and share content consistently with an audience; this shapes your image as a thought leader.
Remember that personal branding is not about self-promotion; it’s about sharing your unique value proposition with the world.
So why should you consider building a personal brand on LinkedIn? What advantage does LinkedIn have over other platforms?

Why Should You Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn?

Building a brand has become a buzzword in 2023. One of the main reasons is its effect on employment, career growth and selling a service.
The employment scene has become super competitive and challenging; getting clients, customers and even jobs- and social media plays a massive role in the difficulty because of their ever-changing algorithm.
However, LinkedIn’s focus has always been connecting professionals, and the platform has managed to stay the course.
By building your personal brand on LinkedIn, here’s a list of a few benefits you will see.
  • It will help you build authority in your field.
  • It will help attract trust and credibility.
  • It will help you get noticed by recruiters and potential employers.
  • It will help you establish yourself as an expert.
  • It opens you to new business opportunities.
The truth is that building a personal brand is more challenging than it sounds. A couple of activities go into building a personal brand on LinkedIn.
You’ll need to figure out what you’re offering, the correct type of audience to interact with, and the perfect content to share to get engagement and visibility.
While this might be a problem, the team at Taplio has made building a personal brand accessible and created a reward to give you for building a personal brand through the LinkedIn Growth Challenge.

What is the LinkedIn Growth Challenge?

The LinkedIn Growth Challenge 2023 is a LinkedIn challenge hosted by Taplio and Lempire to help anyone grow their personal brand on Linkedin and earn from it.
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The problem of building a personal brand on LinkedIn has always been around consistency and knowing the proper steps to take. This challenge will help you stay consistent and guide you with the right resources and tools to execute it.
The challenge kicks off on September 1st, 2023, and by the month's end, the highest-ranking user gets rewarded with $1000.
This challenge will be ongoing for months, and the early birds get a chance to win easily.

Who can Participate in the LinkedIn Growth Challenge?

The LinkedIn Growth challenge is open to any LinkedIn user who;
  • Wants to build a brand but lack the motivation to do so
  • Struggle with being consistent on LinkedIn
  • Want to build a network of creators and influencers on LinkedIn
  • Want to earn $1000 monthly by just being active on LinkedIn

How to Join the LinkedIn Growth Challenge

To join the growth challenge, you first need to be a LinkedIn user, and there are no requirements for the number of followers you need.
Here’s the step-by-step breakdown on how to join the challenge;

1. Download the Taplio X Chrome extension

Go to Google Chrome’s web store via and search for Taplio X. Click Add to Chrome.
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2. Go to your LinkedIn profile

When you go to your LinkedIn profile, you will see the Join the LinkedIn Challenge prompt at the top right; click on it and join the challenge.
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Once you join, you'll find your profile in the leaderboard.
There are no hidden fees, no costs - free, $0! There’s also no need for a Taplio subscription.

How to Win $1000 With Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Everyone wants the money part. Only the user who comes first on the Leaderboard gets the $1000 reward. There are exciting rewards for the first 50 people on the ranking.
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So, here’s what you can do to win in the LinkedIn Growth Challenge.
  1. Start posting daily and engage with your audience
  1. Connect with other creators and engage with them
  1. Leverage the best practices to increase your followers


If you’ve struggled to build a personal brand on LinkedIn, this is the best time. You’re not just trying to build a brand but also positioning yourself for more visibility through the LinkedIn Growth Challenge.
1,500+ LinkedIn creators joined the previous challenge and achieved significant results for themselves and their businesses through their personal brands.
Now, it's your turn to shine on LinkedIn and climb the rankings for the grand prize of $1,000.
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