LinkedIn Premium in 2024: Is It Worth the Investment?

LinkedIn offers a free basic account for everyone. But the experience becomes 10x better with LinkedIn Premium. Find out why!

LinkedIn Premium in 2024: Is It Worth the Investment?
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Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium and unlock career opportunities. Find job opportunities, connect with decision-makers, and propel your career.
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LinkedIn Premium in 2023: Is It Worth the Investment?
LinkedIn premium allows you to multiply the benefits offered by the platform and reach your goals with greater ease.
LinkedIn offers a free basic account for everyone who creates an account. It allows you to find and connect with colleagues and classmates, request and provide recommendations, and search for and view profiles of other LinkedIn members and organizations like companies, academic institutions, etc.
But there are many other LinkedIn tools for job seekers, recruiters, businesses, and sales professionals. These tools help you connect directly with decision-makers, high-profile individuals looking for jobs, and other business opportunities that can propel you to the next level. These tools are embedded in "LinkedIn Premium", a software suite for different cases.

The different LinkedIn Premium plans

To help you judge by yourself, we break down the different plans of LinkedIn Premium, the cost of each, and the most common use cases.
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Benefits of using LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is the number one business platform in the world with over 875 million users. Even after 20 years, the platform still grows month over month, hence it makes total sense to look for ways to strengthen your connection to the business world for current and future opportunities.
One of those things is a LinkedIn Premium Account, which gives you several important features that are not available with a LinkedIn Basic account.

1. Connect with more contacts

With a Premium Account, you can actually send out personalized messages to anyone on LinkedIn through LinkedIn InMail messages. This feature allows you to reach anyone on Linkedin, even if they are outside of your network.

2. Open Profile Setting

Enable this setting to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. From HR managers to recruiters, anyone on LinkedIn can now see your profile and reach out to you.
In case you apply for a job on LinkedIn, having a Premium account gives you the status of "Featured Applicant". Meaning, you’re put higher on the applicant list, thus increasing the chances your application will get viewed.

4. Find out who has seen your profile

LinkedIn Premium allows you to see who’s viewed your profile for the last 90 days including names, job titles, and companies they work for.
It might be a wise decision to reach out directly to interesting profiles, whether it’s a recruiter, founder, or potential client.
As some people will search in “private mode,” you won’t see all of their information. However, LinkedIn tells you that you are being found in their searches.
To counteract the previous benefit, LinkedIn Premium offers the option to browse profiles without notifying the owner of the profile.
This is useful when you don’t want the other person to know you've been looking around. This can apply to competitor research, client acquisition or searching for the right candidates.

6. Premium Job Insights

With LinkedIn Premium, you get additional insights on jobs and companies.
  • Company Information: Get an inside look at companies- who they hire and from where, the education and skills of applicants, number of applicants, and more. This allows you to compare yourself to the employee's top skills.
  • Job search capabilities: Sort your job searches by salary and see detailed estimates for the specific region you’re looking for.
  • Job Seeking and Interview Preparation Insights: Get advice on job-seeking, interview preparation, resumes, and more.
Premium provides you with as much insights as possible and makes your job research much more efficient and transparent.

7. LinkedIn Learning Courses

Finally, with LinkedIn Premium, you get access to the "LinkedIn Learning'' platform that hosts more than 16,000 video courses on business-related topics. All of these courses are taught by real-life professionals.
With the benefits of LinkedIn Premium explained, it’s time to discuss the different plans of LinkedIn Premium and their pricing.

Pricing and breakdown of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium has four plans and each of them focuses on a different audience: on job seekers, recruiters, salespeople, and companies.
The price ranges from $29.99 to $59.99 per month for job seekers. Sales professionals pay $79.99 per month and recruiters are priced at $119.95 per month. Choosing to pay annually comes with a slight discount.
The various LinkedIn Premium subscriptions are the following: Career This helps you get hired and get ahead in your professional life. Business This helps to get detailed business insights and expand your business. Sales Navigator This helps you generate leads and build your client base. Recruiter Lite This helps you find and hire quality talent.
Remember: you can try LinkedIn Premium for free for one month, to explore its features and make a better decision if LinkedIn Premium is worth it.

LinkedIn Premium - Career

The first version of LinkedIn Premium, Career, aims at job seekers who are looking to improve their odds of finding their next job opportunity. This plan is available at $29.99 a month, or $239.88 annually.
This plan includes;
  • 5 InMail messages per month (these are the messages that can be sent to any LinkedIn user, where no connection is required)
  • Open profile
  • The feature to see how many searches you appeared in in the last 365 days.
  • Insights on how many people have viewed your profile in the last 365 days.
  • Important information on posted jobs and Top Applicant Job recommendations.
  • Additional salary information. (during a job search).
  • Access to on-demand learning videos.
  • Useful assistance for Interview preparation.
LinkedIn Premium Career comes with a few limitations, though.
If you search for a lot of people in a short period of time, LinkedIn stops showing you search results. Secondly, it tells you to upgrade your subscription to the next tier.
That's where the LinkedIn Premium Business plan comes into play.

LinkedIn Premium - Business

This plan is completely focused on the needs of business professionals.
It helps find decision-makers in key companies and gives the option to connect with them. This usually involves people higher up in corporate departments, as well as the owners of expanding small businesses.
Especially in the B2B space, it’s essential for business professionals to be active on LinkedIn. In fact, the data show that a staggering 80% of global B2B leads come from LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Premium Business is priced at $59.99 per month or $575.88 if you pay per year.
The plan includes;
  • 15 InMail credits per month
  • Unlimited people searching, which is great for making connections.
  • Complete access to the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” data for the last 365 days
  • Open profile
  • Access to 16,000+ LinkedIn Learning Courses.
(Besides the features mentioned in the Career Plan)

LinkedIn Premium - Sales Navigator Core

This plan enables you to make the most out of the business opportunities on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator is priced at $99.16 per month, or $779.33 if you pay for the year in advance.
This plan includes:
  • 50 InMail messages
  • Open profile
  • Profile views (365 days)
  • A multi-seat version
  • Unlimlited people search
  • A sales dashboard, a lead-builder tool, lead recommendations, and real-time insights on existing accounts and leads.
For companies looking to leverage this Premium plan, Sales Navigator also comes in two extended versions: Team and Enterprise.

LinkedIn Premium - Recruiter Lite

As the name suggests, this plan is ideal for recruiters who are looking for qualified candidates. It gives access to powerful search tools, projects, and other recruiting-focused features. LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite is priced at $170.00 per month, or $1,680.00 when billed annually.
The plan includes:
  • 30 InMail messages per month.
  • Advanced search features on LinkedIn.
  • Unlimited visibility of your extended network.
  • Message templates
  • Automatic candidate tracking and notifications
  • Integrated hiring with a specific design aimed at the recruiting process.
  • Post a job offer for free
(Note: Recruiter Lite contains all of the features that the general Business product offers)

LinkedIn Premium: Use Cases

Picking the right LinkedIn Premium subscription might be challenging. In this part, we’ll discuss the different use cases in more detail to help you decide whether LinkedIn Premium is worth the money.

Job seekers

Simply put, Premium Career can help you make the right connections to find a job.
That alone could make LinkedIn Premium worth it for you.
LinkedIn InMail Messages allow you to reach people who work at companies you're interested in. It’s a great way to network without having to connect with them first.
Secondly, LinkedIn Premium gives you great insights into who has viewed your profile. It’s ideal to see whether the recruiter you reached out to comes back to your profile or when other recruiters browse your profile. This offers a great opportunity to proactively reach out to them.
Finally, LinkedIn Premium offers great insights in regard to job listings. Besides salary insights, you can easily gauge if you’re a good candidate for a specific position.

Business Professionals

Whereas every LinkedIn Plan obviously focuses on improving the business in a different way, Premium Business is the best pick for business development professionals or leaders who are looking to grow and nurture their network.
Business Professionals can use LinkedIn Premium to get insights on total employee count over time, employee distribution and headcount growth by function, new hires, notable alumni, and total job openings for a specific company.
This data could provide a lot of value in researching the organizations of their potential customers or competitors.

Sales Professionals

LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator allows sales professionals to find the right people and companies faster, keep track of key leads and company changes and reach out to prospecting leads.
From one dashboard, they can automatically save the prospecting leads and accounts you are selling to and log Sales Navigator activity to CRM in a single click.


With 875 million users, it might be a challenge to find the right fit for a job position.
With LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite, recruiters are able to locate the right candidate faster, using LinkedIn’s advanced search tools. They’ve got access to a wider talent pool than recruiters who are using the free version of LinkedIn.
Combine the unlimited visibility of your 3rd-degree network with the availability of InMail Messages, and you can understand that recruiters who use LinkedIn Premium can be on top of their game.
Finally, LinkedIn Premium allows users to easily build a pipeline to manage their candidates. With saved search alerts and InMail templates, recruiters are in a position to focus on hiring great talent, not just finding it.
Whether LinkedIn Premium is worth your time not only depends on your specific situation but also has to do with the goals you have in regard to growing your brand or business on LinkedIn.
But, in a time where the majority of the workforce is working remotely, LinkedIn has proven to be the best platform to connect with professionals, colleagues, and other experts in your niche.
So being able to message anyone or search for anyone will help you maximize your outreach efforts, no matter your situation.

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