The Ultimate Guide to Achieving LinkedIn Organic Growth

Generating ongoing long-term with your audience on LinkedIn requires you to be consistent.

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving LinkedIn Organic Growth
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Boost LinkedIn organic growth today. Consistency, strategic decisions, and good content lead to long-term success.
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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving LinkedIn Organic Growth for Your Brand
You can’t expect to create an account and become a success within a few days.
Generating ongoing long-term with your audience on LinkedIn requires you to be consistent. But if you’re in it for the long haul, your efforts will eventually pay off and help you drive business for years.
The key is to focus on LinkedIn's organic growth. Building a strong social presence requires strategic decisions, good-quality content, and consistency. Regardless of your goals, if you follow this simple rule, you’ll see excellent results from your LinkedIn lead generation efforts.
Discover how to boost your organic growth on the platform with actionable tips you can start implementing today.

Why You Should Focus on LinkedIn Organic Growth

Paid lead generation methods such as LinkedIn Form Ads can get you results temporarily. If you run a campaign for specific business goals, paid ads can help you reach your targets. But it comes with a high cost. Ads can be expensive, and the conversion may not be very high.
Organic growth can deliver results consistently and has a high ROI. The content you post on LinkedIn can generate a lot of engagement to drive leads to your funnel. Creating engaging content on LinkedIn still remains the most effective way to build connections, find new opportunities, generate leads, and drive conversions.

10 Efficient Ways to Boost Your Organic Growth on LinkedIn

Boosting your organic growth on LinkedIn is free and relatively straightforward. Here are ten things you can do today to grow your LinkedIn account.

1. Optimize Your Profile to Get More Follows

Optimize your LinkedIn profile before you implement any other tips in this list. Your profile is like your website’s landing page so it isn’t something you should take lightly. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your profile will attract the right people and convince them to follow you:
  • Create a bio header that describes what you do and highlights your achievements. This will be displayed prominently on your profile and visible every time you send a connection request.
  • Customize your links to make them more contextual.
  • Write an “about” section that explains why someone should follow you.
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2. Build Genuine Connections

You need to get more connections on LinkedIn to grow organically, but these connections must also be genuine and relevant. Create a list of important people for you and your business, and then prioritize connecting with them.
Be mindful of LinkedIn’s connection limits. You can send about 20 connection requests per day.
Only send requests to people in your industry or at least have mutual connections. Remove pending LinkedIn connection requests before you send out new requests.

3. Post Content That Gets Engagement

Not sure what to post on LinkedIn? If you want to build a network that admires your knowledge and insights about your niche, you need to post content that talks about a new idea, offers actionable tips, and helps your readers make a meaningful change in their work or life.
LinkedIn prefers people who frequently post content that generates high engagement and starts conversations. Ask questions in your posts to motivate readers to reply.
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4. Experiment with Different Formats

There are several types of content you can post on LinkedIn. If you’ve only been focusing on text-based posts, it’s time to experiment with different formats.
You can actually prepare and post a wide range of different formats on LinkedIn:
  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Carousel
  • Infographic
  • Videos
  • PDF
  • Articles or external resources
Try using rich media in your posts to make them stand out. This gets the attention of your readers and increases your reach.
Regardless of your chosen format, the topic should align with your goals!
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5. Use Your Brand Voice Consistently

One of the best ways to boost your LinkedIn organic growth is by connecting with your audience at a deeper level. You absolutely need to understand your audience to communicate and interact properly with them.
If your content sounds robotic and dry, your audience will not be motivated to stick around.
Define a clear brand voice for your personal brand that showcases your personality. Share your personal story, your experiences, and your learnings. Use this brand voice consistently for all your posts. Your personality is what will keep your followers engaged.
Don’t be afraid of being a little lighthearted and post a funny post every now and then. This will help your brand come across as authentic and human.

6. Post Consisently

If you want sustainable growth and consistent engagement, your followers need to see you as dependable. Foster this trust and reliability by posting on a consistent schedule.
Create a LinkedIn content calendar in advance and schedule all your posts with Taplio so you can maintain a steady posting cadence.
Figure out the best time to post on LinkedIn for your target audience and schedule your posts within that window to maximize reach and engagement. Experiment and track your analytics to see what works for you.

7. Use Lead Magnets to Capture Emails

Create a LinkedIn lead generation funnel by using lead magnets to capture emails from your content. The first step is to share insightful content with your audience without asking for anything in return.
Once you build trust that the content you share is helpful and high-quality, you can then ask them to enter their email to download an ebook, a template, or any other lead magnet of value to your readers.

8. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups can be an incredible opportunity to build thought leadership, increase your reach, and build your network. Some of the most popular groups on the platform have millions of members. Find one relevant to your niche, and you’ll have a large audience to share your content with.
Your focus should be on delivering true value to group members. Be authentic and share your expertise, answer questions, and avoid making any pitches. Be active in the group, and you’ll experience a huge impact on your organic LinkedIn growth and engagement.
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If you have a social presence on multiple platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s a good idea to link LinkedIn to them. Create native content for LinkedIn, and promote it on other channels. This will not only provide you with a lot of content resources for all your channels but will also allow you to maximize your reach.
Additionally, this will allow your followers to decide which platform to follow you on. They can choose to interact with your content on a platform of their choice and in a manner they’re comfortable with.

10. Include a CTA

If you’ve managed to get your readers' attention with an incredible hook and an informative post, now’s the time to make the most of this opportunity. Use an effective call to action that tells your readers exactly what to do.
Whether you want your audience to follow you, share your content, or click a link, using a CTA will help you achieve those goals. Include these at the end of your posts.
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