LinkedIn Follower Growth Strategies: 10 Essential Tips

Get noticed on LinkedIn with organic follower growth. Fuel content interactions and achieve your brand goals.

LinkedIn Follower Growth Strategies: 10 Essential Tips
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Boost LinkedIn follower growth with top tips in this article. Establish thought leadership and amplify your brand organically.
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LinkedIn Follower Growth Strategies: 10 Essential Tips
A stagnant LinkedIn following means missed opportunities. 
As time passes, valuable connections go unnoticed, your posts get fewer likes and comments, and career opportunities may pass you by. 
But what if you could turn your network into an active professional community?
We’ll share a list of 10 tips to help you create an eye-catching LinkedIn presence and grow your network.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Before going through the tips listed here, ensure your LinkedIn profile or business page is complete and up-to-date to attract your target audience. Profiles that are completely filled out receive more views. When you have a complete profile and post content useful to your target audience, those visitors are likely to follow you.

10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Follower Growth

Once your profile is complete, you can implement these ten tips on how to grow your audience on LinkedIn.

1. Make Your LinkedIn Profile Searchable

Improve your profile’s visibility by making it searchable. Ensure your profile is set to Public for external and internal searches. You can do this through your profile’s visibility settings.
Make all your profile details searchable, including your name, profile photo, location, headline, summary, and website.
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2. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Chances are you are already connected with leads, clients, or industry professionals outside of LinkedIn.
So, how can you draw attention to your profile?
Promote your LinkedIn profile across multiple channels. Add your profile URL to your email signature, social media accounts, and on your website.

3. Become a Thought Leader

Position yourself as an expert in your niche or industry to grow your following on LinkedIn. Establish thought leadership by sharing your expertise, insights, and knowledge with others.
This will help you stand out and position yourself as a valuable and informative resource on LinkedIn for the right audience.
Stay on top of their minds and communicate with your network regularly through high-quality content.

4. Stay On-Brand

For personal brands and companies, having a well-defined brand that followers can instantly recognize is important. Use your brand colors consistently. Have a brand voice and tone guideline that you can follow each time to post content on the platform.
Once you start doing this consistently, it will become easier for people to recognize your brand and engage with your content
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5. Turn Your Employees to Brand Advocates

Encourage your employees and team members to keep an active presence on LinkedIn. Invite them to follow your company page and share the content with their network
Besides improving your company visibility, you’ll get valuable insights into customer needs and preferences.  Employees who interact with customers can give you a better understanding of your target audience's needs and preferences.

6. Post Consistently

Increase your visibility and reach by creating a content calendar for LinkedIn.
Build trust and establish yourself as a reliable source of information by engaging with your audience through informative posts.
Experiment with different formats and track the results to optimize your LinkedIn content strategy. Use Taplio’s free carousel generator to share more information in a compact format.
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7. Engage and Be Responsive

It’s a good idea to be responsive and active on LinkedIn. SIncrease your posts’ visibility by replying to everyone who comments.
Additionally, it’s good practice to engage with the content of others in your niche, especially industry leaders, experts, and other thought leaders. This will again help you expand your network by increasing your visibility.
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8. Collaborate With Influencers

Reach a wider audience and gain new followers by working with LinkedIn influencers. Look for established professionals whose brands align with your target market. Research their content and engagement levels to find the right fit.
Try demand-generation tactics, such as contests and giveaways, for a quick boost in LinkedIn follower growth.

9. Join LinkedIn Groups

Another effective way to put your brand in front of the right people and get more followers is by joining LinkedIn Groups. When you join a relevant group in your niche, provide value to members, answer questions, and make meaningful comments, people will take notice, and they’ll be more likely to follow you.
Remember that you should avoid self-promotion and salesy posts on groups because it will likely put off a lot of group members. Instead, just focus on providing value; those members will be more receptive to your offer once they follow you.
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10. Monitor Your Analytics

You should measure the impact of your content periodically using LinkedIn analytics. This is an excellent tool to measure your performance and better understand what you can improve to increase your reach and visibility.
LinkedIn analytics can provide several insights and tell you more about which posts are getting the most engagement and which do not resonate with your audience. Adjust your content strategy accordingly, and you’ll see an improvement in LinkedIn follower growth.

Wrapping It Up!

Don’t settle for a small LinkedIn following. Go through these tips and build a high-value network.
Engage with your audience, position yourself as a thought leader, keep a consistent brand, and don’t miss out on driving traffic from outside LinkedIn.
Use Taplio’s free lookup tool to check how industry leaders interact with their LinkedIn connections. Find their best-performing posts and identify their target audience.

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