How To Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Headline for Maximum Impact

Boost LinkedIn profile views with a compelling headline. Tips, examples and secrets from top influencers.

How To Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Headline for Maximum Impact
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Boost LinkedIn profile views with a compelling headline. Tips, examples, ideas and secrets from top influencers for all every professional or students
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How To Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Headline for Maximum Impact
If you want to skyrocket your LinkedIn profile views and search engine visibility, you must have a compelling headline.
Many users allow LinkedIn’s algorithm to set their headlines for them, which is one of the biggest culprits hindering their growth on LinkedIn.
Today, you’ll learn:
  • What a LinkedIn headline is
  • Why you must have one
  • How to write a good LinkedIn headline
We’ll also show you how the top LinkedIn influencers craft their headlines so you can emulate them.
Finally, we’ll cap it off with some LinkedIn headline examples and ideas to inspire you if you’re stuck trying to create yours.
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What Exactly Is a LinkedIn Headline?

A LinkedIn headline is a brief description just below your name on your LinkedIn profile. It is only 220 characters long and is one of the main things people notice when they land on your profile.
Just like a Twitter bio, Facebook intro, or Meta description on Google search results, your LinkedIn Headline is your chance to show visitors, at a glance,
  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What they gain from following you
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Where Else Do People See Your LinkedIn Headline?

Apart from your profile, your LinkedIn headline also appears just below your name in the:
  • LinkedIn Feed
  • Search Results
  • Comments Section
  • Profile Recommendations
In short, your headline appears wherever your name shows up on LinkedIn.
Your LinkedIn headline appears like this on users' feeds:
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This is how your LinkedIn headline appears in the search results:
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When you comment on a post, this is how your headline looks:
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Why Your LinkedIn Headline Is Important

It boosts your visibility and organic reach: Using relevant keywords in your LinkedIn headline helps you appear on LinkedIn’s and Google’s search results.
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Without visiting your profile, prospects can immediately judge if you’re valuable to them by looking at your headline. With a catchy headline, you attract more LinkedIn connections.

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Headline

Here are four tips that will help you create a powerful LinkedIn headline:
Highlight your expertise: Show your visitors what you’re good at. This helps build your authority, as readers subconsciously associate you with your headline.
Include relevant keywords: Find the main keywords used in your industry and use them in your headline. This helps you show up higher in search results for those terms.
Showcase your value proposition: Let your visitors know what they’ll gain from you in clear terms. This helps to attract your target audience as they’d quickly see that you have a solution to their problem.
Use words your prospects understand: When writing your headline, examine it from your prospect’s perspective. Avoid big words or jargon that they are not familiar with.

LinkedIn Headline Examples

See examples of LinkedIn headlines that you can model or draw inspiration from.

1 - Austin Belcak

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Austin highlights his unique knowledge to his audience. Jobseekers immediately see this headline and go, “Wow! Austin can help me land a big job even without submitting applications.” They’d stop and look to see what he has to offer.
He uses his audience’s pain points in the next sentence. They want to get their dream job in 2023. This question further qualifies his prospects, as only those actively seeking jobs will head to his landing page.
He also uses a clear call to action that directs prospects to his masterclass.

2 - Justin Welsh

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Justin immediately highlights his expertise and achievements as a diversified solopreneur.
He’s crystal clear and uses simple words to describe what he does—build one-person businesses to $5M in revenue.
The last phrase is simple but strategically presents his value offering. His target audience includes creators and entrepreneurs who want to be highly profitable. So, he informs them that he shares his processes so they can model. They’d be eager to read his posts and articles about his process.

3 - Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary V displays his achievements as a serial entrepreneur and author. This presents him as a global authority and boosts his credibility. He doesn’t need to say much, as his achievements speak for themselves.
He ends with a nice and straightforward call to actiontext me.

LinkedIn Headline Ideas

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating powerful LinkedIn headlines. Infuse some of these ideas to craft your unique headline:

Use Keywords Naturally Without Stuffing Them

Imagine this headline: Web designer: WordPress | Joomla | Wix | Shopify | Divi | Elementor | Landing page
It’s full of keywords, but it doesn’t give the reader any useful information that shows what you can do for them or help them decide if your profile is worth following.
Now, look at this: WordPress Web designer with Divi. I help small and medium-sized business launch fast and beautiful websites that increase sales.
See how the keywords flow naturally, but the reader still understands what you can do for them.

Showcase Your Experience

One powerful way to show your industry experience is by showing the results you’ve gotten for others.
You attract the right audience looking for similar results when you show your results. It also showcases what you can offer your prospects and positions you as an expert in your niche. People always want to associate with achievers.
For example, My LinkedIn automation tool has helped 234 businesses increase their organic leads by over 500% in the past 35 months.

Show Prospects How You Can Help Them

Show what you can do for your audience that sets you apart from your competitors. Highlight what your prospects will gain from you and how you can help them. It’s much better to show them how soon you can help them reach their desired goal.
For example, LinkedIn growth hacker. I’ll teach you how to get 30,000 followers in 8 months if you visit

Include a Clear Call to Action

Your headline should end with the reader taking your desired action. Don’t leave your prospects wondering what to do next.
For example, I’ve helped over 320 editorial designers become 6-figure earners in the last five years. Join my masterclass here:
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