What To Do If Your LinkedIn Account Is Restricted

Understand the common causes of LinkedIn account restrictions and learn the steps to recover

What To Do If Your LinkedIn Account Is Restricted
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Learn how to protect your LinkedIn account from restrictions and permanent bans. Discover the reasons behind account limitations and find solutions.
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LinkedIn Account Restricted: Reasons for Restriction and Resolution
A restricted LinkedIn account could stop your career advancement.
It limits your network opportunities, disrupts building and maintaining professional relationships, and affects your visibility to potential employers or clients.
In this post, we’ll talk about keeping your account safe, why your LinkedIn account may be restricted, and what steps to take to get access to your account.

What Happens if Your LinkedIn Account is Restricted?

If LinkedIn restricts your account, you can’t access it, or certain features will be unavailable to you while LinkedIn investigates your account activity.
Based on the restriction type, you could visit your profile and news feed, but LinkedIn might stop you from sending connection requests, direct messages, or InMails.

How long does the restriction last?

The restriction could last only a few hours, if it’s the first time LinkedIn investigates your account. Repeated restrictions can result in the suspension of your account for a few days or even weeks.
If the algorithms detect any activity that is in violation of LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policy or User Agreement, your account may end up in LinkedIn jail.

What is LinkedIn Jail?

If your account has been restricted several times before, you may end up with a permanent account ban known as LinkedIn Jail.
For example, if your account has been restricted temporarily due to sending too many connection requests, it may be re-enabled automatically in some time. But if your LinkedIn account gets restricted too many times, LinkedIn may decide to impose a permanent restriction.
LinkedIn will permanently ban on your account only in extreme situations. You just need to be cautious of your activity on the platform and ensure you are not violating any policy to stay out of LinkedIn jail.

How to Tell If You Are in LinkedIn Jail or Have a Restricted Account

LinkedIn sends you notifications specifying why it restricted your account. If you’ve missed the notification, you can tell you have a restricted account if you can’t send connection requests or direct messages.
Can’t access your profile? This means LinkedIn banned your account due to repeated temporary restrictions.

5 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Account May be Restricted

LinkedIn will restrict or even ban your account if you have a fake account, harass other members, or share sensitive content.
But there are other actions that seem inoffensive but may result in restrictions.
Here are 6 reasons why LinkedIn may have restricted your account:

1. Too Many Connection Invitations

If you are sending a lot of connection requests every day, it may result in a temporary restriction. The number of messages and connection requests you can send each day should not exceed the daily limit.
This limit will depend on a lot of factors and can vary based on how new your account is, your acceptance rate, and the number of connections you currently have. The number of invitations you can send can also depend on your account’s health.
This is one of the reasons why it is so important to warm up your account if you have a new account. Only send a few connection requests a day if you are still new and slowly ramp up those numbers.

2. Low Acceptance Rates

Low acceptance rates may happen due to sending out too many connection requests. While having a good network on LinkedIn is important, you should not connect with everyone.
When your profile is new, you should focus on connecting with those in your niche. Avoid sending connection requests to random people because it is unnatural. Your acceptance rate may also be low if you are simply sending your sales pitch in your connection request.

3. Too many profile views

LinkedIn might restrict your account if you visit too many pages. Having an unusual spike in how many profiles you visit indicates to LinkedIn you’re web scraping, which is against LinkedIn’s terms of service and community guidelines.

How many profiles can you safely view?

It depends on your account type. On a free LinkedIn account, the limit is 500 profiles per day. For paid plans, the limit is 1,000 profile daily views.

4. Using Certain Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools can be incredibly helpful in some cases, but not all tools are the same. Using the wrong automation tools can add to the problem.
If the tools you use are sending out too many irrelevant connection requests or spamming them with DMs, your LinkedIn account may get restricted. Double-check any tools you use and have a plan in place to use them wisely to avoid restrictions.

5. Inappropriate Content

You may end up getting your account restricted or even permanently banned if you post inappropriate content. Whenever you use LinkedIn, be courteous and civil, and post relevant content.
You may also end up getting restricted if you spam by sending the same message to multiple people. Whether you are doing this manually or through an automation tool, send personalized connection messages to avoid getting restricted.

6. Too Many “I Don’t Know This Person” Flags

When you choose to ignore someone’s connection request, you have the option to click “I don’t know this person.” If you are sending a lot of connection requests and multiple people decide to click that button, it may signal to LinkedIn that you are sending out random connection requests.
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Focus on building a network organically so you can avoid such flags. Building a network takes time.

What to Do to Recover Your Account

Your plan should always be to avoid LinkedIn account restriction or jail in the first place. If you do end up with a restriction or a permanent ban, here are a few things you can do.

Contact Customer Support

In most cases, account restrictions are temporary and are quickly lifted. They’ll also have a predetermined time for restriction.
In the case of a vague restriction or LinkedIn jail, your best bet is to contact customer support. They can help you recover your account. Contact customer support here and make sure you describe the issue clearly by stating the problem, acknowledging the violation, and assuring them that the violation will not happen again.
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Disconnect Automation Tools

If your account has been restricted due to the use of an automation tool, it is best to disconnect all tools associated with your account. Disconnect them from your browser and your account, and do not connect them back for a month, even after the restriction has been lifted.
To see which tools and services are currently associated with your account, follow these steps:
  • Click “Settings and Privacy” under the “Me” drop-down menu.
  • Click “Data Privacy.”
  • Click “Permitted Services” under the “Other applications” section.
  • Click “Remove” to disconnect the automation tools you want.
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Verify Your Identity

In some cases, your LinkedIn account may be restricted with a request for an ID. This can happen if LinkedIn suspects bot activity due to spam.
If you receive a request to verify your identity, take action right away. Provide the required information and once you have your access back, take it easy with automation tools and send only personalized messages.

Follow the Recovery Instructions

If you have received a notification that your account is restricted and you believe it is a mistake, you may be able to recover your account.
Log into your account and follow the recovery instructions that pop up from the notification. Once you do that, LinkedIn will review your account. If there is a mistake, the restrictions will be lifted. It may take up to 5 days for LinkedIn to review your account.

4 Best Practices to Avoid Getting LinkedIn Account Restricted

It is important to use LinkedIn properly to avoid restrictions and maximize the potential of the platform. Here are some of the best ways to avoid restrictions and keep your account safe in the future.

1. Be Mindful of Daily Limits

You can interact with other users on LinkedIn in several ways, such as through Messages, InMails, connection requests, following, and profile visits. There are daily limits for each of these that you should follow.
While the limits vary widely depending on several factors, such as having a premium account, the size of your existing network, the age of your account, and more, it is best to play it safe. Ideally, if you have been on the network for a while, you should limit your daily connection requests to 50.
Additionally, you should also withdraw older pending connection requests. Having a lot of pending connection requests can be a red flag for LinkedIn. Find any connection requests that are over a month old and withdraw them.
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Here’s how to do that:
  • Click “My Network.”
  • Click “Manage” in the “Invitations” section.
  • Click “Sent.”
  • Scroll through the pending connection requests.
  • Click “Withdraw” to withdraw a connection request.

2. Use the Right Automation Tools

A common reason why a lot of LinkedIn users get banned is because they use the wrong automation tools. Don’t sign up for the first tool you come across. Take the time to research and evaluate how safe they are.
There are two types of LinkedIn tools you can use- cloud-based and Chrome-based. Chrome-based tools are in the form of extensions and work from your browser. In many cases, they don’t have a dedicated IP address which could be a red flag for LinkedIn.
Cloud-based tools work online and have a dedicated IP, so they are safer. Your login information will be consistent each time you log in with a dedicated IP. Another major advantage of using a cloud-based tool is that it offers advanced features.
Taplio, for example, allows you to personalize your DMs, making them appear less spammy. This means there will be a lower risk for your account to get restricted.
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3. Engage Before You Pitch

If you are genuine and connect with people in your industry organically, there are fewer chances of your LinkedIn account getting restricted. Always include a personalized, genuine message when you send a connection request.
Do not send a pitch in your connection request. Send a good invitation, including a reason why they should connect with you. Take the time to build a relationship with someone before sending them a sales pitch.

4. Delete Pending Connection Requests

Having a lot of pending invitations may be one reason why your account may be restricted. To avoid it in the future, keep an eye on your older connection requests. If you’ve sent a connection request and haven’t received any reaction, it may be best to delete those requests.
Ideally, you should set aside some time each month to remove pending connection requests. Any connection invitations that are over a month old should be deleted. Once you withdraw an invitation, you cannot resend a connection request for three weeks.

Wrapping It Up!

Having your LinkedIn account restricted may take you by surprise, especially if you don’t know about the daily limits.
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