Does LinkedIn Show Who Viewed Your Profile?

Have you ever questioned whether it's possible to learn who has viewed your profile? Let's check!

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Have you ever questioned whether it's possible to learn who has viewed your profile? Let's check!
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Does LinkedIn Show Who Viewed Your Profile?
With over 800 million users, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social media platform. But have you ever wondered if you can find out who viewed your profile?
Let's find it out!

Can you see the people who visited your LinkedIn profile?

Yes, you can see the people who visited your LinkedIn page in the last 90 days. But the basic and premium accounts show you different viewer insights.
Besides this, LinkedIn has three profile privacy settings that affect which viewers you'll see. They can view your profile publicly, semi-privately, or anonymously:
  • For Open Accounts: You'll get a complete picture of your viewers. You'll see their name, headline, location, and industry.
  • For Semi-Private Accounts: You'll see a mix of their job title, industry, or educational background. However, you won't see their name and headline.
  • For Private Accounts: You won't know anything about your viewer. You'll only see "A LinkedIn Member" when they view your brand's page.
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Which people can you see on your profile?

While you can see your LinkedIn viewers in the past 90 days, your viewer insights will vary depending on whether you're on a free or paid account.

Basic LinkedIn Account

The free LinkedIn account will only show the name and headline of the last five people who viewed your page. But you'll still see the total number of viewers you had in the past 90 days,

Premium LinkedIn Account

Meanwhile, the paid LinkedIn account shows everyone who viewed your page in the last 365 days. It also gives you more in-depth viewer insights like the number of times you’ve appeared on a user’s search result.
However, you still won't see semi-private and private profiles that viewed your brand's page — even if you have an upgraded LinkedIn account.
To help you decide, visit our Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It article and see whether it fits your needs.

Where can you see the people who viewed your LinkedIn profile?

You can see the list of people who visited your account in the "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section. Clicking this option will show you the total number of viewers you had and their trends and insights.
Note: If your brand's page didn't get any views in the past 90 days, the "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section won't be available.

How to see who's viewed your LinkedIn profile?

Seeing who viewed your LinkedIn page in the past three months is simple. You can do it on the web or mobile app.
The steps are:
Step 1 - Click "Me" on the topmost part of your dashboard.
Step 2 - Go to "View Profile."
Step 3 - Scroll down and look for "Analytics."
Step 4 - Select "Profile Views" to see your viewer insights.
Pro Tip: Alternatively, you can view the people who visited your page directly on your home page. Look for the "Who's Viewed Your Profile" option below your profile name and headline. However, this option is only possible on the web.

How can you view a profile in private mode?

When you are doing research on potential customers, you don't want to know that you are looking at their profile. The best way to do that is to set your profile to “Private” so that the other person doesn't get a notification Here are the steps for it:
Step 1 - Click "Me" on the topmost part of your dashboard.
Step 2 - Select "Settings & Privacy" under the "Account" section.
Step 3 - Go to "Visibility."
Step 4 - Press "Profile Viewing Options" under the "Visibility of Your Profile & Network" section.
Step 5 - Set your account to "Private Mode" to be fully anonymous.
Once your LinkedIn account is in semi-private or private mode, you can then view other users’ accounts without them being notified.
Note: You won't see your viewers if your account is private. Learn more about how to view LinkedIn profiles in private mode in our other guide.

Wrapping It Up!

Getting more traffic on LinkedIn is a daunting job. But knowing who your viewers are can help you build your personal brand and keeps you motivated.
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