8 LinkedIn Post Examples: How to Grow and Get Leads

Struggling to generate leads on LinkedIn? Check these top LinkedIn post examples.

8 LinkedIn Post Examples: How to Grow and Get Leads
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Boost lead generation with these 8 LinkedIn post examples. Track metrics, adjust your strategy and win.
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8 LinkedIn Post Examples: How to Grow and Get Leads
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for most users hoping to generate leads from LinkedIn is what to post on LinkedIn. If you’re posting content on the platform without a strategic plan, you’re probably not seeing much traction.
It’s recommended you track key LinkedIn metrics like engagement and followers, but if you’re not generating leads from your content, you may need to adjust your strategy. In this article, we’ll give you tips on determining what type of content will work with your audience and the best LinkedIn post examples you can learn from.
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Determining What Will Work with Your Audience

So, how do you create engaging content for LinkedIn that helps you grow and generate leads? There’s no simple answer because what works with someone else’s followers may not work with your audience. That said, here are a few things you should do to get a better idea of what your audience may resonate with:
  • Use LinkedIn to do market research. This will help you understand more about your audience, such as their location, industry, interests, and demographics.
  • Take the time to understand your audience’s pain points. Know what they’re struggling with so you can create solutions for them.
  • Look through your competitors’ LinkedIn profiles to see what they’re posting and take notes.
  • Experiment with different types of content, measure results and then tweak your strategy until you get the desired results.

What to Post on LinkedIn

To build your business and personal brand on LinkedIn, you must consistently post quality content. But what should you post? Here are a few ideas you should start with:
  • Post advice, tips, and tricks related to your profession or niche.
  • Post about your accomplishments and how you achieved them.
  • Share inspiring stories that will motivate your audience.
  • Share interesting industry statistics.
  • Share how-to guides, infographics, tools, books, and podcast recommendations.
  • Occasionally you can share posts that promote your product or service.

What Not to Post on LinkedIn

Now that you know what to post on LinkedIn, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t post.
  • Do not spam. Your audience will recognize spamming and not engage with your posts if you continue to spam them.
  • Do not post salesy posts or over-promote your products or services. This will likely put off your audience.
  • Avoid controversial topics that may hurt people’s sentiments.
  • Double-check the information you are sharing. You do not want to knowingly or unknowingly share the wrong information.

How to Make Your LinkedIn Posts Stand Out

With thousands of posts shared on LinkedIn daily, how do you make your posts stand out and get noticed? If you want to get more followers and generate leads from LinkedIn, your content needs to be captivating. Here are a few tips to consider:
  • Create an intriguing, clear, and simple headline that sparks interest in your users. This will grab the readers' attention and encourage them to read the entire post.
  • Create posts that start conversations. Ask questions and encourage your audience to share their opinions.
  • Tell your personal story. People like knowing that there’s a human side to your brand.
  • Use quality images and videos. Visuals grab the attention of LinkedIn users and increase engagement.
  • Lower your post’s reading level. Use simple words and avoid jargon. Keep it simple, easy to digest, and deliver complex information in bite-sized doses.
  • Take care of formatting. Bold, italic, text style matters! Use our Post Formatter to ease this task.

8 Awesome LinkedIn Post Examples

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t post on LinkedIn, let’s look at some of the best LinkedIn post examples that have nailed it when it comes to generating interest, attracting readers, and getting engagement.

Example 1: Excellent Headline

This LinkedIn post does several things right. It has a strong headline that lures readers in and keeps them reading. More importantly, it challenges the current narrative and then shares valuable advice that the readers can use and implement.
The post does have a hashtag, but it doesn’t go overboard with them. They’ve also managed to list the accomplishments of their business within the post but not in a glaringly obvious or a blatantly promotional way.
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Example 2: Offering Value in a Simple Way

This excellent LinkedIn post example shows that you don’t have to think a lot to provide value to your readers. Keep things simple and show your readers a new way of using a tool, a relatively unknown trick, or a quick how-to guide.
This post demonstrates that you can accomplish a lot with few words. Simply list your tips and give your readers something tangible they can use right away. This will keep your LinkedIn followers engaged and likely to continue following you.
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Example 3: Share Your Expertise Freely

One of the best ways to gain the trust of your followers and win them over is by sharing your knowledge and expertise freely. Think about your followers and create a list of topics they’d want to know more about. Create categories within these topics that you can provide tips and advice on.
This post does it well. It comes across as genuinely helpful, provides precious information, and invites readers to send a DM if they want to participate in free training. Notice that the post is also structured well in a way that readers can easily skim through.
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Example 4: Storytelling

People love a good story. Especially when it’s a relatable and motivating story about how someone turned their failures into success. This LinkedIn post example shows that when you use storytelling elements in your posts, your followers can relate better and will likely engage more with your content.
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Example 5: Share Concrete Data

LinkedIn is where professionals come together to network and collaborate. And these professionals value concrete data, not just your opinions. Sharing infographics with data you can back up with sources is a great way to increase your credibility on the platform.
Take HubSpot, for example. In this post, the company shares informative data that will interest its target audience—bonus points for presenting the information in a visually appealing format.
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Example 6: Listicles

If you’re looking for a post idea that is very engaging, easy to read, and easy to create, you can’t go wrong with a listicle. There are endless possibilities with listicles. They’re also incredibly shareable, so you’ll likely see many shares on these posts.
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Example 7: Accomplishments and Success

Have you achieved something incredible in your career? Do you have any recent wins? LinkedIn is the best place to talk about these accomplishments. Even better, give your followers more information about how you achieved it and any tips they could benefit from.
This LinkedIn post example below is a good example. It talks about how they achieved results for their clients, some valuable information for their readers, and a question at the end that encourages readers to engage with the post.
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Example 8: Encourage Interaction

If you want to grow your LinkedIn network, you must build genuine connections on the platform. And this can be done by encouraging your followers to interact with your content.
The example below is a great lesson on how to ask thought-provoking questions and tackle complex topics. The post encourages readers to reflect and ask themselves a question. You don’t need to ask your followers to answer a question in the comments to get more engagement. Simply ask them a profound question and then give them space to process it.
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With a little research and a clear idea of your target audience, their pain points, and how your personal brand can help them solve their problems, you can create an effective content strategy that will help you grow and generate leads.
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