15 LinkedIn Post Examples: Strategies for Lead Generation Success

Struggling to generate leads on LinkedIn? Check these top LinkedIn post examples.

15 LinkedIn Post Examples: Strategies for Lead Generation Success
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Boost lead generation with these 8 LinkedIn post examples. Track metrics, adjust your strategy and win.
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15 LinkedIn Post Examples: Strategies for Lead Generation Success
Imagine your LinkedIn post being the talk of your industry.
Instead of repeating the idea that gets you little to no engagement, try new ideas and topics to connect with your LinkedIn network.
So, how can you fill your profile with relevant and engaging posts?
We’ve listed 15 LinkedIn post ideas that you can use to improve your content strategy, connect with your audience, and build professional relationships.

15 Engaging LinkedIn Post Examples

Let’s look at some of the best LinkedIn post examples that will help you generate interest, attract readers, and get engagement.

1. An Inspiring Story

How did you get where you are now? Everyone loves a good story. Especially when it’s a relatable and motivating story about how someone turned their failures into success, build trust with your audience by sharing an honest story about the challenges or skepticism you encountered.
Don’t focus too much on yourself and provide value to your network members. Describe the turning point and highlight the implemented strategies.

2. A Quote From a Thought Leader

In any industry, some people stand out as thought leaders.
Inspire your audience and demonstrate your engagement with the industry by sharing their wisdom. 
To enrich the message, provide context, add your thoughts, and highlight the insight’s practical application.

3. Product or Service Update

Are you launching a new product or a big update on your product or service? Keep your followers informed with a LinkedIn post that shares any updates or new features for your company's product. 
Turn followers into customers and get high-quality leads with a LinkedIn post highlighting your product or service's best features and benefits.
Encourage your followers to engage with your post so you can reach more people who fit your business's buyer persona.

4. A Look Behind the Scenes

Do you want to build a better connection with your followers on LinkedIn? Show them what’s going on behind the scenes. Introduce the team members, present the daily routine, highlight the workflow, explain frequent challenges, etc.
Are you trying to build anticipation before launching a new product or service? A sneak peek might spark discussion among your network, leading to increased LinkedIn visibility for your post.

5. A Lesson Learned

When you share personal experiences, your followers think of you as genuine and reliable, which makes them engage with you on a personal level.  However, not every personal lesson may be relevant to your audience. Share a story with a clear message that resonates with your audience. Pick a topic related to your industry and highlight its practical application.

6. Customer Testimonials

Writing a LinkedIn post featuring customer feedback is a great way to build credibility and engage with your network. Select a piece of feedback that highlights your product’s value and impact. You can quote the feedback or share it as a summarized version. If you plan on tagging the customer, ask for their consent.

7. A Personal or Professional Achievement

Connect with your network and build a solid brand by sharing personal or professional milestones on LinkedIn. Showcase your dedication or knowledge within the industry as you share insight into your journey.  Highlight the key efforts that contributed to this accomplishment. Express gratitude to people who helped you, such as colleagues, mentors, or family members. Use a professional tone, but let your genuine excitement and pride shine. Make the post more engaging by incorporating visuals such as a relevant picture or certificate.

8. A Joke

The easiest way to break the ice with your audience? A well-placed joke.  Boost your engagement and get more comments, likes, and shares by making your network laugh.
Remember, the key is choosing humor appropriate for your audience and brand. Avoid anything offensive or too personal.

9. An Event

Showcase your business expertise and strategically engage with your network with a LinkedIn post that announces a company event, such as a webinar or Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Build interest and credibility among your LinkedIn network by focusing on the speakers’ credentials and expertise.  Ensure your LinkedIn network is well-prepared by providing essential details, including the date, time, and platform, and explaining what attendees can expect to learn or gain by participating.

10. Share a Job Opening

Sharing a job opportunity on your business LinkedIn page is an efficient way to leverage your professional network and attract top talent. Encourage candidates to apply or ask your followers to recommend other LinkedIn members who might be a good fit.  Emphasize the benefits of working at your company, such as company culture, growth opportunities, and additional perks.

11. Organize a Challenge

Boost engagement and generate excitement around your brand by announcing a contest or challenge. Provide a brief overview of the contest, outline the rules, the prize at stake, and any key dates or deadlines.  End the LinkedIn post with a call to action, asking your network to participate and tag colleagues who might be interested.
The most important thing when doing a LinkedIn contest? Make sure the prize is worth your followers’ time and energy.

12. Industry Statistics

Start your post with a catchy headline that grabs attention and hints at the valuable information that you’re about to share. 
Write a summary of important key trend data or relevant findings for your industry. Explain why they are important and the possible consequences for industry professionals or businesses. 
Make your post easier to understand by adding graphs, charts, or relevant images.

13. Offer Resources for Your Industry

Sharing a helpful resource is an easy way to maintain a LinkedIn presence and give value to your followers. It can be a podcast, news, YouTube video, e-book, article, or another member’s post.  Add your point of view and highlight the best ideas or practices.

14. A Case Study

Clearly show how customers benefit from your product or service by sharing a case study. Provide an overview of the context and pain points faced by your customer. Then, outline the solutions implemented and the results achieved. Include any metrics or data points that highlight the success of the project.
This approach showcases your expertise and track record and proves your ability to deliver results.
Incorporate visuals such as before-and-after images, graphs, or testimonials to enhance engagement and credibility.

15. Media Features

Did your business get featured in an article? Present your business achievement and establish yourself as one of the industry leaders by sharing high-quality articles from reputable media outlets.  Get more engagement by inviting your audience to read the full feature, share their thoughts, or tag others who might be interested.
Besides getting more LinkedIn visibility, sharing content that mentions your brand builds credibility and trust among your LinkedIn audience.

What Not to Post on LinkedIn

Now that you know what to post on LinkedIn, let’s discuss what you shouldn’t post.
  • Do not spam. Your audience will recognize spamming and not engage with your posts if you continue to spam them.
  • Do not post salesy posts or over-promote your products or services. This will likely put off your audience.
  • Avoid controversial topics that may hurt people’s sentiments.
  • Double-check the information you are sharing. You do not want to knowingly or unknowingly share the wrong information.

How to Make Your LinkedIn Posts Stand Out

With thousands of posts shared on LinkedIn daily, how do you make your posts stand out and get noticed? If you want to get more followers and generate leads from LinkedIn, your content needs to be captivating. Here are a few tips to consider:
  • Create an intriguing, clear, and simple headline that sparks interest in your users. This will grab the readers' attention and encourage them to read the entire post.
  • Create posts that start conversations. Ask questions and encourage your audience to share their opinions.
  • Tell your personal story. People like knowing that there’s a human side to your brand.
  • Use quality images and videos. Visuals grab the attention of LinkedIn users and increase engagement.
  • Lower your post’s reading level. Use simple words and avoid jargon. Keep it simple, easy to digest, and deliver complex information in bite-sized doses.
  • Take care of formatting. Bold, italic text style matters! Use Taplio’s Post Formatter to simplify this task.
Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t post on LinkedIn, let’s look at some of the best LinkedIn post examples that have nailed it when it comes to generating interest, attracting readers, and getting engagement.

Wrapping It Up!

Before deciding on a LinkedIn content strategy, take the time to understand your audience's pain points.
Experiment with different types of content, track results, and adjust your strategy until you achieve the desired results.
Are you still running low on ideas for your next LinkedIn post? Use Taplio's free tool to discover what's trending on Linkedin and take advantage of hot topics.
Also, you can improve your posts with Taplio's AI-powered post booster.

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