15 Free LinkedIn Tools for Your Success in 2024

Get more LinedIn connections and boost engagement rates with Taplio’s free tools.

15 Free LinkedIn Tools for Your Success in 2024
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Have you ever wondered how to amplify your LinkedIn without spending a dime? Taplio's free tools help you generate carousels, write custom headlines, check what's trending on LinkedIn, and much more.
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15 Free LinkedIn Tools for your Success in 2024
On LinkedIn, your network is your net worth. But getting more LinkedIn connections and engagement takes a lot of resources and time.
The good news is that you can save time and money with Taplio’s free tools.
Download LinkedIn videos, create carousels, write your profile headline, spy on your competition results, and more.

15 LinkedIn Tools from Taplio That are Completely Free

Even if you do not have a Taplio account, you can use 15 free LinkedIn tools with no strings attached.

1. LinkedIn Video Downloader

LinkedIn videos get 5x more engagement than any other posts, so you can catch your audience’s attention and get more likes, comments, and shares by adding videos to your content strategy.
There are a lot of great videos on LinkedIn that you can use to build a brand identity and engage with your connections.
If you come across a video on LinkedIn that you’d like to download, simply head over to the LinkedIn Video Downloader and paste the link to the video. Click the Download button, and you’re all set!
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LinkedIn carousels are the most popular format on the platform right now. 77% of technical audiences on LinkedIn said they prefer carousels over any other content type.
Take advantage of carousels and boost your engagement rates and reach with Taplio’s LinkedIn carousel generator.
LinkedIn Carousel Generator can help you turn Twitter threads and Reddit posts into carousels quickly and effortlessly. Or you can have Taplio generate a carousel based on any topic you want.
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All you have to do is download the carousel and upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Taplio X Chrome Extension

Save time on LinkedIn with the Taplio X extension. The extension quickly analyzes your stats and keeps you up-to-date with what’s new within your network. Install the extension, and it will be ready to use every time you go on LinkedIn.
Taplio X gives you access to the following info:
  • All your stats
  • Your top-performing posts
  • Best posts from other profiles
  • Top content about your topics
  • Recent posts in your network
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4. LinkedIn Text Formatter

Improve your text’s readability and highlight the important parts by formatting your texts with Tapio.
Whether you’re writing a new post or formatting an existing one to make it more visually appealing and get more engagement, Taplio simplifies the process for you.
The tool offers you several formatting styles to choose from:
  • Bold font
  • Italic font
  • Italic bold
  • Underlined text
  • Strikethrough text
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5. Viral Post Generator

Struggling with writer’s block?
Viral Post Generator is a fun tool that allows you to write the perfect LinkedIn post through Taplio’s powerful AI. If you’re stuck for ideas, use this tool to generate post ideas.
Simply put in your topic of choice, and any advice you’d like to include in your post, select the cringe level you’d like in your post, and click “Write a Post.”
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6. LinkedIn Headline Generator

Do you want to make a powerful first impression or affirm your brand? Your LinkedIn headline is one of the first things people see when they come across your profile.
The tool is easy to use. Simply write down what you do in the “I am a..” field and click Generate. Wait for a few seconds, and the tool will provide you with a headline that you can use for your profile.
Taplio ensures you get the best results by providing you with headline templates.
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7. LinkedIn Summary Generator

Your LinkedIn summary sets the tone for how LinkedIn members view you professionally.
It provides a clear overview of your professional identity, highlighting your key skills, experiences, and career goals.
So, how can you take advantage of your profile summary and connect with industry professionals?
Start with a hook, tell a compelling story, optimize it for relevant keywords, and include relevant data. And keep it concise. Or you can have Taplio’s LinkedIn summary do the work for you.
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8. LinkedIn Profile Feedback

Is your profile almost invisible on LinkedIn? There are many reasons people will skip your profile: unprofessional profile picture, it lacks essential information such as job title, industry, and education, or you don’t showcase your achievements and talents
Simply paste your profile URL or username, and the tool will provide you with actionable tips and insights in minutes. Some of the suggestions you may be about:
  • Crafting a compelling headline
  • Writing an engaging summary
  • Improving the experience section
  • Showcasing skills effectively
  • Other tips to make your profile stand out
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9. LinkedIn Viral Post Finder

Don’t miss out on what’s trending on LinkedIn. 
Find inspiration for your next post and learn from the best LinkedIn influencers by finding what’s going viral on LinkedIn. 
Taplio’s viral post finder lets you search for the best-performing LinkedIn post by topic or username. Establish yourself as an industry expert by sharing your expertise, experience, or opinions through articles, posts, or videos related to trending themes.
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10. Free LinkedIn Analytics

Curious how someone else is doing on LinkedIn?
Or do you want to find out the secret behind their success?
Copy and paste their LinkedIn handle to get access to information such as:
  • Followers
  • Posts
  • Engagement
  • Likes
  • Topics they write about
  • Best posts
  • Who is engaging with them
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11. LinkedIn Post Statistics

Maximize your LinkedIn reach and engagement by knowing what’s the best time to post on LinkedIn.
Taplio’s LinkedIn Post Statistics provides fresh stats every day on how posts perform through metrics such as volume, engagement, engagement rate, and reach. Find insights on post performance by:
  • Day of the week
  • Hour of the day
  • Length of post
  • Media type
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12. Best LinkedIn Influencers

Do you want to learn from the best LinkedIn influencers in your industry? Access top-quality content and networking opportunities by identifying the best accounts in your niche.
Click one of the selected topics, and Taplio will display a list of the best LinkedIn accounts to follow. Or you can scroll through the 100 Best Linkedin Influencers list and see if there’s a name that rings a bell.
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13. AI Post Generator

Are you trying to copy someone’s success on LinkedIn? With Taplio’s AI Post Generator, you can generate posts with the same tone and topics.
The AI Post Generator produces examples of posts someone could have published so you can better understand their content strategy. If you still don’t get the wanted results, there’s more that you need to improve your LinkedIn strategy.
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You can’t go viral without knowing what’s trending on LinkedIn.
Taplio uses powerful AI to analyze millions of posts daily to find topics currently trending on the platform.
Leverage the LinkedIn trends and expand your LinkedIn network by finding topics that are over-performing.
Find trends in any niche as well as the best tweets recently posted on those trending topics.
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15. LinkedIn Post Booster

Did you write a new post for your LinkedIn profile but are unhappy with the result?
Without a clear message or engaging tone, your posts will have few likes, comments, or shares.
You can fix this issue with Taplio’s LinkedIn Post Booster.
Taplio’s AI will start improving your post immediately. Depending on the length of the original post, it can take 15 to 60 seconds.
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If you like what you see, you can copy the new post and use it on LinkedIn. If you want to give it another try, you can click the Run Again button.

More Free Resources from Taplio

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out and discover networking opportunities by going through the list and trying each Taplio free LinkedIn tool. To build your brand on LinkedIn, get new leads for your business, and engage with them at scale, you should use Taplio. Test Taplio without spending a cent through its 7-day free trial!

Build your Personal Brand.

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