Boost Your LinkedIn Presence with these 12 Taplio's Free LinkedIn Tools

Taplio offers a range of powerful LinkedIn tools that are completely free.

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Discover Taplio's 12 completely free LinkedIn tools designed to enhance your profile, analyze posts, find influencers, and more.
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12 Free LinkedIn Tools from Taplio You Should Be Using
Building your network and growing your business through LinkedIn can take a lot of resources and time. The best LinkedIn tools are designed to help you build a professional profile, support your content creation, and engage your audience.
Taplio has a full range of features designed specifically to help you use the platform to its full potential. Even if you do not have a paid account on Taplio, you still have access to 12 free LinkedIn tools that you can use, no-strings-attached, to make your use of the platform more productive.

12 LinkedIn Tools from Taplio That are Completely Free

Taplio has some great LinkedIn tools that can help you analyze your posts, create amazing carousels, find the right influencers, and more. More importantly, all of these are completely free.

Taplio X Chrome Extension

Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension can improve your experience on the platform, save time, and increase your productivity. Simply install the extension and Taplio X will
load automatically whenever you visit the platform from your browser.
Taplio X can give you access to the following:
  • All your stats
  • Your top-performing posts
  • Best posts from other profiles
  • Top content about your topics
  • Recent posts in your network
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Free LinkedIn Analytics

Curious how someone else is doing on LinkedIn? Taplio’s free LinkedIn Analytics tool allows you to get the latest stats of anyone on LinkedIn.
Simply browse through the list to find an influencer you want to learn more about and click. Alternatively, you can also type in the username of anyone on the platform to get access to information such as:
  • Followers
  • Posts
  • Engagement
  • Likes
  • Topics they write about
  • Best posts
  • Who is engaging with them
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LinkedIn Influencer Lookup

If you are looking for LinkedIn influencers sharing the most valuable content on LinkedIn in any niche, Taplio’s free LinkedIn Influencer Lookup tool can help.
Scroll through the list of the 100 best LinkedIn influencers to see what they write about, followers, number of posts, engagement, engagement ratio, and more.
If you are looking for influencers in a specific niche, click a topic listed, and the tool will present a list of the 100 best influencers in that niche.
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LinkedIn carousels are the most popular formats on the platform right now. Generate more engagement and get more visibility by publishing long-form content with carousels.
Taplio’s LinkedIn Carousel Generator can help you turn Twitter threads and Reddit posts into carousels quickly and effortlessly. Simply add URLs of Reddit posts, tweets, or images and click “generate carousel.” Download the carousel once it’s done.
With this free LinkedIn tool, you’ll be able to repurpose content and save an incredible amount of time.
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If you are trying to find trending topics on LinkedIn, explore Taplio’s LinkedIn Trends tool. Taplio uses powerful AI to analyze millions of posts daily to find topics currently trending on the platform.
It finds topics that are over-performing currently, so you create content around these topics to leverage the trend. Find trends in any niche as well as the best tweets recently posted on those trending topics.
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LinkedIn Post Statistics

LinkedIn Post Statistics is your ultimate resource to know when you should be posting your content on LinkedIn.
The tool provides fresh stats every day on how posts perform through metrics such as volume, engagement, engagement rate, and reach. Find insights on post performance by:
  • Day of the week
  • Hour of the day
  • Length of post
  • Media type
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AI Post Generator

If you admire the topics and tone of someone’s content on LinkedIn, AI Post Generator can help you generate similar posts. Learn from what is working for others and adopt the same content style and tone to see if it produces similar results.
The AI Post Generator produces examples of posts someone could have published so you can better understand their content style and tone.
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Viral Post Generator

Viral Post Generator is a fun tool that allows you to write the perfect LinkedIn post through Taplio’s powerful AI. If you’re stuck for ideas, use this tool to generate post ideas.
Simply put in your topic of choice, and any advice you’d like to include in your post, select the cringe level you’d like in your post, and click “Write a Post.”
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LinkedIn Video Downloader

Another excellent free LinkedIn tool from Taplio is the Video Downloader which allows you to download any video from LinkedIn. There are so many excellent videos posted on LinkedIn each day, but it’s easy to lose track of them.
If you come across a video on LinkedIn that you’d like to save forever, simply head over to the LinkedIn Video Downloader and paste the link of the video. Click the “Download” button, and you’re all set!
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LinkedIn Headline Generator

The headline of your LinkedIn profile is your identity on the platform. Taplio’s LinkedIn Headline Generator can create highly engaging headlines using AI to help you get more profile visits.
The tool is easy to use. Simply write down what you do in the “I am a..” field and click “Generate.” Wait for a few seconds, and the tool will provide you with a headline that you can use for your profile.
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LinkedIn Text Formatter

The LinkedIn Text Formatter tool allows you to format your posts easily and quickly. Simply write your post in the text area or paste your post. Select the formatting option you want to try to make your post stand out.
The tool offers you several formatting styles to choose from:
  • Bold font
  • Italic font
  • Italic bold
  • Underlined text
  • Strikethrough text
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LinkedIn Profile Feedback

Need a little help to improve your LinkedIn profile? Taplio’s LinkedIn Profile Feedback tool can help. This AI-powered tool can scan through your profile to provide you with optimization suggestions for free.
Simply paste your profile URL or username, and the tool will provide you with actionable tips and insights in minutes. Some of the suggestions you may be about:
  • Crafting a compelling headline
  • Writing an engaging summary
  • Improving the experience section
  • Showcasing skills effectively
  • Other tips to make your profile stand out
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More Free Resources from Taplio

Other than these 12 free LinkedIn tools, Taplio also has a variety of free resources available for anyone to explore. Browse through the blog to find information about building and growing your personal brand on the platform.
The free resources section offers you a variety of inspiration and learning materials focused on growing on LinkedIn and making the most of the platform.
Supercharge your LinkedIn strategy with Taplio's free LinkedIn tools today! Unlock your LinkedIn potential and boost your business growth. Get started now!

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