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LinkedIn vs Twitter what to pick?





LinkedIn and Twitter are both social networks, but that's where their similarities end. One is a network of people's professional identities; the other is a network of avatars. One is Clark Kent and the other is Superman.

Which one should you pick? Let’s decide


Twitter is used by millions of people every day, and celebrities, politicians, and average people alike use it. This social media platform allows its users to create messages with 280 characters and post them online. People often use Twitter to break their thoughts into multiple tweets and then reply to their own tweets so that they express their complete ideas.


LinkedIn is a social media platform that enables professionals to connect with each other and build a network. It is different from other platforms in that it is a place for professionals to connect with each other. And to promote their businesses, companies also have LinkedIn pages where they promote jobs and other information about themselves. Connecting with others on LinkedIn can be one of the best ways to make professional connections because you will be connected to them, and you may also grow your network by using automation tools. Companies share various insights into their services and products and promote themselves on LinkedIn, sometimes resulting in more business for those companies.

If you want to generate audience Twitter can be a better option but if you want to generate an audience do outreach and make more sales LinkedIn is the tool for you.

Linkedin or Twitter?

Linkedin is all about connecting with other business people and showing your expertise by answering questions relevant to your industry. You can do this by sharing your experience and skills for anyone to read. Everything is available in one place.

  • LinkedIn is all about networking, as previously said. You “connect” with other people instead of sending “friend requests.” LinkedIn feeds often contain educational materials, job postings, and anything else related to professional development or industry trends.

  • On LinkedIn, B2B marketers like you can find their next business partner, introduce their company to potential customers

Twitter allows you to connect and build relationships with your audience. People are able to see who you are online, whether they like or trust you, and how you interact with other people.

Why Linkedin is good for B2B Business

  • Precise Targeting

  • Effectively Use Your Own Data

If you're a marketer and you've been asked to choose between Twitter and LinkedIn, there's a good chance that you've found yourself in the same boat as I did.

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