Taplio Chrome Extension for LinkedIn - 5 Free Features to Unlock Today

Discover how Taplio X Chrome Extension can help you save time and maximize your LinkedIn usage.

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Taplio X Chrome Extension: Boost your productivity and optimize your LinkedIn workflow for free.
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Boost LinkedIn with Taplio X Chrome Extension - 5 Best Free Features to Use
LinkedIn is an extremely useful platform for networking, prospecting, and finding new leads. But the sheer size of the platform can make it incredibly difficult to know where to find information and decide on your area of focus.
You need something extra to get the most out of LinkedIn to find the right information about people, generate leads, and discover top-performing content and statistics. A Chrome extension for LinkedIn, like Taplio X, is the solution.
Taplio X can help you get the most out of your experience and save time on LinkedIn, all for free. Let’s dive in to discover what this extension can do for you.
Supercharge your LinkedIn experience with our Taplio X Chrome Extension. Gain valuable insights into your essential metrics and discover content inspiration with just a click. Download it for free now!

What is Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension?

Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension can boost your productivity and save time to supercharge your experience on the platform. Once you install the extension, Taplio X will automatically load when you visit LinkedIn from your browser.
The extension allows you to:
  • See all your stats in one place easily.
  • Discover the most popular content in your industry.
  • Find your best-performing posts.
  • Find crucial information about other people.

Chrome Extension for LinkedIn - 5 Features to Explore

Download and install Taplio X easily from the Chrome Web Store to start enjoying these five features.

Stats at a Glance

When you log into LinkedIn after installing this LinkedIn Google Chrome extension, you’ll see Taplio X displayed on the sidebar. The key indicators that you can see at a glance include:
  • Followers
  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Profile Views
You’ll also be able to view details about your follower growth on the platform, such as new followers in the last 30 days and daily average.
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Find Your Best Performing Posts

Although you can view your LinkedIn analytics on the Taplio dashboard, installing the Chrome extension on LinkedIn will allow you to view your stats while you are on the platform.
Taplio X conveniently displays information about your best-performing posts on LinkedIn. See which of your recent posts generated the most engagement. This will give you a better idea about the type of content that resonates the most with your target audience.
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If you have hit a wall generating ideas about what to post on LinkedIn, get inspiration from posts currently popular in your industry or the topic you generally post about.
Click the “Inspiration” tab on Taplio X, and you’ll see high-performing posts in your industry. Scroll through these posts to see what people are talking about in your niche.
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You can also fine-tune the results generated by adjusting the search settings without having to leave the platform. Specify the topics you are interested in, who you are, and the topics you usually post about. Click “Let’s Go” to see updated suggestions.
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Top Recent Posts in Your Network

Click the “Recent Hits” tab on Taplio X to see the best posts recently published in your network. You don’t have to scroll through LinkedIn for hours to find top content in your network. With this LinkedIn Chrome extension, you’ll always have access to quick inspiration.
Another major benefit of this feature is that you’ll have easy access to the top posts in your industry to engage with. Simply scroll through the list, visit the top posts, and write thoughtful, valuable comments on each of them.
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Best Content by Other People

Once you have installed Taplio X, you’ll be able to see the best content posted by anyone on LinkedIn. whenever you visit someone’s profile, you’ll see a short summary of who they are and what type of content they post.
Use this information to decide whether to follow someone, what kind of LinkedIn outreach message you should send them, and learn from their best-performing content. This will also help you learn more about what they’re doing right and why their content is generating the engagement it does.
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Is It Free?

Taplio X Chrome Extension for LinkedIn is completely free. Use it on its own or pair it with Taplio to gain even more benefits.
Taplio is a dedicated LinkedIn web app that will streamline your content generation, scheduling, and lead generation efforts.

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