How to Grow on LinkedIn as a Business

In this post, we’ll share how to grow on LinkedIn for business based on your profession.

How to Grow on LinkedIn as a Business
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Looking to use LinkedIn to boost your business and career? Here’s the definitive guide for each industry that you might be a part of.
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How to Grow on LinkedIn as a Business
LinkedIn currently consists of more than 950 million members and continues to grow. According to recent reports, LinkedIn’s ad reach increased by 11.4%, roughly 94 million people more than in 2022.
Hence, how you get discovered and establish yourself as an authority on the platform becomes a hot competition. Similarly, such a huge member base is an opportunity for you to expand your connections and reach your audiences.
In this post, we’ll share how to grow on LinkedIn for business based on your profession.

Why Optimize Your LinkedIn Account

So, what’s the benefit of optimizing your LinkedIn account as a business?
  • It allows you to develop your professional branding, which is the first thing people encounter in the business world.
  • You become more visible not only to potential employers and collaborators but also to your entire industry.
  • A well-crafted profile with a professional photo and detailed work history builds your credibility in your field.
  • You can showcase your portfolio, which, when powerful enough, is all it takes to have opportunities pouring in.
  • Having a great profile opens you to better networks, which you can leverage to analyze and adapt to the market.

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Profession

Leveraging LinkedIn to grow your career and visibility varies by profession. Find out how you should kickstart yours below:

Graphic designers

Given the business-dominant theme of LinkedIn, it can be challenging for graphic designers to showcase their creative skills. Unlike other, more personal websites, they need to be more careful in using color schemes and fonts on LinkedIn.
If you are a graphic designer, you do have a few effective ways to grow your LinkedIn account. For example, you can use eye-catching profile banners to demonstrate your design skills.
You can also connect with your past, existing, and new clients. Ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn! Their recommendations are huge reputation boosters, as they affirm your exceptional work as a graphic designer.

Software engineers

LinkedIn is home to many influential leaders in tech, including big names like Alex Chiou, a co-founder of Taro. Follow them and engage with their content. This allows you to find opportunities to join relevant discussions and expand your network.
Aside from networking, you should keep in mind that certifications and courses you complete are excellent affirmations of your capability as a software engineer. People don’t want your empty words unless you back them up with hard skills. Include them on your profile.
Also, take time to showcase your key projects prominently. Use the "Projects" section to provide details and links to your GitHub repositories.

Financial advisors

There are three important things that financial advisors must do to grow on LinkedIn:
  • Establish themselves as thought leaders
  • Earn a good reputation and build trust among audiences
  • Stay informed of the latest changes and trends in the financial market
By sharing educational content about finance, you position yourself as someone who knows what they’re doing. This is essential in building trust among potential clients. Posting testimonials helps in this aspect, too.
You can also participate in financial groups on LinkedIn. Joining discussions opens you to the latest happenings in the industry. It’s also a good opportunity to make valuable connections.


Musicians might face challenges in growing their LinkedIn accounts due to audience mismatch. However, with a proper content strategy, reaching their target audiences, including music producers and companies, is still achievable.
If you’re specializing in music, you can use the media gallery to showcase your work, including recorded videos and performances. You can also post status updates to promote your upcoming performances and events.


Like many other networking sites, members on LinkedIn prefer viewing image and video content in their feeds. If you’re representing a restaurant, adding multimedia content can help showcase its ambiance, dishes, special events, and more.
You can also join LinkedIn groups that focus on the food industry. This helps you connect with local businesses, engage with the community, and stay informed about the latest food trends.


Employers value nurses for their hard skills, which you need to focus on in growing your LinkedIn account. Take a look at your profile headline and summary. Ensure that you clearly state your nursing specializations and certifications.
Try joining healthcare-related groups and participating in discussions about industry trends, too. Alternatively, initiate the talk, where you can post educational short-form videos and similar media. Mentioning any ongoing education or certification will further enrich your profile.


LinkedIn is a powerful channel for entrepreneurs to build a strong network of connections that can help them achieve their business goals. To achieve this, they must first showcase their brand and business well, from their company page to their culture.
The next step is to be a thought leader. Share insights about your industry, business trends, and your entrepreneurial journey.
These two steps help establish a solid foundation for you on LinkedIn. This way, you can confidently send connection requests to other entrepreneurs, investors, and collaborators. All that is left is to network.

Law firms

People seeking law firms do so with the intention of obtaining specific services. As such, law firms should clearly outline their specialized legal services to grow on LinkedIn. In addition, improving their keyword game in their page summary and posts boosts search visibility.
Sharing success stories and case studies, while respecting client confidentiality, is also a great way to demonstrate your firm’s expertise. You can also share educational content and legal news to position your firm as a knowledgeable resource.

Freelance writers

One of the best ways for freelance writers to grow on LinkedIn is to demonstrate their writing skills in how they write their posts, profile summaries, and everything else written on their profile. Grammar is one particular aspect they should pay attention to.
LinkedIn also features the “Articles” section and Pulse. They can publish their own content on the platform or share their best writing pieces published on other websites.
Joining writing communities and getting client recommendations are important as well. This helps them seek feedback from industry experts and can showcase improvement over time.


LinkedIn is the home to many professionals, one where opportunities are plenty.  Depending on your profession, employing a targeted strategy can help you expedite your growth on the platform.
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