Turn Likes into Connections: Emailing Your LinkedIn Post Engagers

Our step-by-step guide sending multi-channel outreach sequences to LinkedIn accounts.

Turn Likes into Connections: Emailing Your LinkedIn Post Engagers
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Turn Likes into Connections: Emailing Your LinkedIn Post Engagers
If you are a founder, marketer, sales professional or freelancer, you know that customers and revenue are much more interesting than likes, comment and impressions. Still, those can fuel your sales pipe with a large number of qualified leads which will eventually help your business and activity grow.

Why send emails to people who like your LinkedIn posts

If you’re active on LinkedIn, it’s likely you regularly post content aimed at people who could be interested in what you have to offer as a business or professional: your target audience. Those who get exposed to your content and made the effort to like or comment on your post are sending a signal that they are interested in what you have to say, and perhaps by your business.
Which is why crafting a dedicated outreach sequence for them is one of the smartest things you can do. You will target people who are interested in your content and send them a highly relevant email which increases your chances of getting a reply and moving them further into your sales process.

How to create an email sequence for your likers and commenters?

Taplio integrates with lemlist to allow you add LinkedIn contacts into a multi-channel outreach sequence that includes emails, LinkedIn profile visits, LinkedIn DMs and invitation requests.
Taplio allows you to import contacts from LinkedIn using a variety of methods:
  • Import accounts manually (copy/paste)
  • Import accounts who have engaged with a specific post
  • Import accounts from Sales Navigator
  • Automatically import accounts who like and comment on your posts
These allow you to create lists of contacts in Taplio which you can then add into a lemlist outreach campaign.
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All that’s left to do after that is select the correct lemlist campaign to which the selected contacts should be added, and you’re good to go!
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You may also automatically push newly added contacts to a specific lemlist campaign, meaning you won’t ever have to do anything manually ever again.

Use case examples

This process can be used for a lot of other situations and workflows. Here are some use case ideas to inspire you:
  • Automatically send an email sequence to people who comment on your posts
  • Send an email sequence to people who have liked one of your competitor’s posts
  • Send a LinkedIn connection invite to people from a Sales Navigator Search
  • Visit the LinkedIn profiles of a specific list of LinkedIn accounts, and follow up with an email
  • Send an email to people who have engaged with your posts at least 3 times
These examples are only a fraction of all the things you can do using the Taplio and lemlist integration.


As you can see, though likes and impressions are not exactly the same thing as revenue, they can still be leveraged to grow your business. Whenever someone engages with your or somebody else’s content on LinkedIn, this signals that they are interested by the topic and could potentially become an interesting lead for you to reach out to and nurture.
Using Taplio and lemlist, you can turn that process into something far easier than what existed until now which either required coding skills or advanced no-coding skills and great knowledge of existing tools. Now you can do it safely and in just a few clicks!

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