Top 3 Kleo Alternatives for LinkedIn Posts in 2024

If Kleo isn't getting the job done for your LinkedIn growth, it's time for a change. But what's the best Kleo alternative for you?

Top 3 Kleo Alternatives for LinkedIn Posts in 2024
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If Kleo isn't getting the job done for your LinkedIn growth, it's time for a change. But what's the best Kleo alternative for you?
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Top 3 Kleo Alternatives for LinkedIn Posts in 2024
The right LinkedIn tool isn't just about automation creating content but about crafting a winning presence.
Kleo is a popular LinkedIn content tool, but it may not be your best choice.
Whether you're looking for different features or just want to explore other options, there are a few LinkedIn content creation tools you should try.
We'll analyze 3 compelling alternatives to Kleo, highlighting their strengths and how they can help you stand out on LinkedIn.

1. AuthoredUp

AuthoredUp is a LinkedIn content creation and management tool designed to improve your content strategy. It helps you write engaging posts, schedule them for the best impact, and analyze their performance.

AuthoredUp Best Features

Post editor. AuthoredUp helps you stop your network from scrolling by creating visually appealing posts. You can change the text style, make lists, add bullet points, or add emojis.

Content library

Catch your network's attention or have them perform a specific action after viewing your post by adding a hook or a call-to-action. AutherUp's library has 200 hooks and 100 CTAs that you can use to make your posts stand out.
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Post previewing

When you're done writing your posts, you can check how they'll look for your followers. AuthoredUp lets you see the preview for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
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Post scheduling

Stay on top of your followers' feeds by scheduling your posts. If you manage multiple accounts, you can check your scheduled content for all of them.

Post analytics

Identify what resonates with your audience by analyzing your content performance. AuthoredUp tracks your posts' impressions, reactions, comments, shares, and engagement rate.

Is AuthoredUp Free?

It's important to note that, unlike Kleo, AuthoredUp isn't a free LinkedIn tool. However, it offers a 14-day free trial to test its features. After the trial expires, you must choose between its Individual and Business plans.
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If you want a free Kleo alternative to create LinkedIn posts, try one of the following tools.

2. PerfectPost

PerfectPost is a LinkedIn writing assistant that leverages AI to generate customized, impactful posts. Perfect Post is suitable for individual professionals and teams because it features team collaboration.

PerfectPost Best Features

PerfectPost has a free and a paid plan. Here are the best features available on the free plan:

Post formatter

You can change the text style, add emojis, and include a hook or a call to action. However, not many templates are available, so you'll have to create them for future use.

Post scheduler

Publish content at the best times for maximum reach and engagement with Perfect Post's scheduling tools.
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Custom feed

Make sure you're not missing what's important to you on LinkedIn by creating a custom feed. Build meaningful relationships by constantly engaging with your leads', partners, or coworkers' LinkedIn content.
If you decide to pay for the Premium version, here's what you get access to:
  • Multiple post formats. You can add photos to your posts and create LinkedIn carousels or posts.
  • Writing assistant. Ensure you're not making the most common LinkedIn copywriting mistakes with real-time copy suggestions.
  • Better analytics. You get access to data about your posts' performance with no time restrictions.
  • Daily goals. Stay on track with a personalized action plan.
  • Content library. Improve your posts' copy with more than 200 hooks and call-to-action templates.

3. Taplio X & Taplio's Free Tools:

Taplio is an all-in-one LinkedIn growth solution with a free Chrome extension.
Here are its best features:

Quickly Analyze LinkedIn Profiles

Taplio streamlines your networking by highlighting a person's most engaging LinkedIn content and a quick bio, saving you time and effort to understand their areas of expertise and interests.

Find new content ideas

Don't run out of high-performing content by finding trending LinkedIn posts in your interest or industry.
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Track your metrics

Adjust your LinkedIn strategy for best results by checking your performance over time.
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Find your best-performing posts

Taplio X identifies all your best-performing posts in seconds, so you can easily see what has worked for you in the past and what you should focus on.
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Taplio's Free Tools

AI LinkedIn Post Generator

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Write your next post like your favorite LinkedIn influencers. You can also get ahead of the competition by copying their tone and topics.
Taplio will generate for you 3 posts that you can copy, edit, and post on your profile.

Viral Post Generator

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Go viral on LinkedIn with a few clicks.
Describe your accomplishment, add inspirational advice for your LinkedIn network, and select the cringe level.
It will not stop people from scrolling if it's not cringing enough.
Once Taplio writes your next viral LinkedIn post, copy and share it on your profile.

Post Formatter

Make your content stand out.
Whether you're writing a new post or formatting an existing one to make it more visually appealing and attract more engagement, Taplio simplifies the process.
Apply fonts and style to emphasize the words or ideas that reflect your brand voice, identity, and tone.
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77% of technical audiences on LinkedIn said they prefer carousels over any other content type.
Carousels allow you to share more information in a condenser format. You can break down complex topics across multiple slides instead of cramming everything into a single image or post.
So, how can you take advantage of LinkedIn carousels?
Turn tweets, Reddit posts, or images into LinkedIn carousels with Taplio. You can also give it a topic, and Taplio will generate a new carousel from scratch.

Find the Best Time to Post

How can you increase your LinkedIn profile visibility?
Taplio tells you the best to post for maximum reach and engagement based on accurate, up-to-date data from over 130,000 recent LinkedIn posts.
Need more? You can check all of Taplio’s free tools here.

Wrapping It Up!

What's the best Kleo alternative for you?
AuthoredUp is a good choice for improving your content strategy through its post-generation, media library, and scheduling features. The only downside is that you have to pay for it.
Perfect Post has a free version that you could use, but its features are limited.
You can make your LinkedIn profile stand out with Taplio X and Taplio free tools. Get inspired by your competitors, generate new posts, and schedule them at the best time.

Build your Personal Brand.

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