LinkedIn for Consultants: 7 Branding Strategies for Your Consultancy Career

Transform your consulting career on LinkedIn with top profile and networking strategies. Start optimizing today.

LinkedIn for Consultants: 7 Branding Strategies for Your Consultancy Career
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Discover how to stand out on LinkedIn as a consultant with our guide. Learn to optimize your profile, post effectively, and engage clients.
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LinkedIn for Consultants: 7 Branding Strategies for Your Consultancy Career
LinkedIn is an excellent platform for consultants aspiring to ace new career opportunities.
This statement is so large, that LiknedIn is now packed with consultants competing for clients. So what can you do to stand out?
Here’s a detailed guide to help you make a successful LinkedIn for consultants profile

Benefits of LinkedIn for Consultants

Most freelancers, professionals, and businesses include LinkedIn in their marketing arsenals.
With its whopping network of over 1 billion members, a well-optimized profile on LinkedIn for consultants can help you:
  • Find better consultancy jobs
  • Connect with other professionals in the consulting industry
  • Create an impeccable brand that generates leads
  • Build long-term relationships with business professionals
  • Highlight your credibility and reputation as a consultant

How To Build a Successful Consulting Business With LinkedIn

The consultancy industry is quite competitive on LinkedIn. You’ll never stand out from the crowd and grow with just a generic-looking profile.
So you can see optimising your profile is important to make it informative, engaging, and memorable.
You can brand yourself as a top consultant in the field by highlighting your consultancy skills, achievements, and credentials.
You must also consistently post high-quality niche-related content, interact with other members, and reach out to potential clients by sending DMs.

1. Keep an Updated Profile

Your journey with LinkedIn starts with the creation of your profile. Some consultants (and other professionals) take this step for granted and simply write stiff self-promotion. So, they usually end up with an incomplete profile or, worse, one that bores prospective clients.
You must also be specific about your consulting expertise. Writing “Professional Consultant” in your profile says nothing about what you can do. Are you an IT consultant? Business consultant? Or a legal consultant? Whatever it is, you must specify it in your profile.
Here are some tips to create a catchy LinkedIn profile that speaks valuable information to your target audience:
  • Upload a professional profile photo
Try to keep the tone of your photo muted, but that it still represents your personality and how you work.
Using a photo of you sipping margaritas in a beach club is probably not the best way to go, instead try posing against a solid and neutral background.
  • Add a banner that reflects your identity as a consultant
Don’t leave this space empty, and avoid using generic images like a cityscape or nature photo. You can use a creative image of the consultancy services you offer or the logo of your consulting firm.
It also helps if the style of your banner is cohesive with the style of your profile picture. Similar colors, professional tone, etc.
  • Include a headline that describes your consulting specialty
Your headline must succinctly communicate your value proposition. It’s essential to make this specific so people will immediately have an impression of the services you can provide.
You can easily write a compelling headline with Taplio’s headline generator.
Examples: “Senior Business Advisor and Consultant”
      “International PR and Marketing Consultant”
  • Make your “About” section detailed and interesting
Provide an explanation of how your advice can help people achieve their goals.
It’s also impressive to add stats and data to strengthen your pitch. For instance, you can add a sentence like “Using data-based strategies, I have helped startups increase their sales by up to 22.5% in the last four months.”
If you take this approach, try to add social proof or tangible data that proves you’re not just making numbers up!
  • Fill in your “Education” and “Experience” section
Provide a brief description of every entry you’ll indicate here. Also, make sure that the dates are accurate.
  • Include recommendations from your previous clients
Honest and sincere opinions for your consulting services are effective tools to convince people of your expertise and authority.
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  • Include a call to action
Doing so will encourage interested prospects to reach out to you if they need your service.

2. Post Valuable Content

You’ll gain people’s interest by posting original and insightful content in your profile.
As a consultant, your content must reflect your competencies in your field of work to convince people that you’re the right professional they need to solve their problems.
You may use a content generator to create great posts without losing focus from your business, which we know, is already tricky enough!
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The content you have to post depends on your niche.
For instance, if you’re a business consultant focused on sales, you can write tips on crafting an effective sales growth strategy.
If you’re a digital consultant, you can post in-depth guides that will help companies shift to digitalization of their operations.
Remember that your posts must provide something helpful to your readers.
So avoid posting promotional content that reads like you’re just shoving yourself at the readers. Instead, focus on writing educational content that may spark people’s interest in you.
Another way to go is storytelling. Maybe include a situation you or a “friend” went through, and how it was resolved. That will make you seem relatable.

3. Build a Regular Posting Schedule

To keep your profile on top of your prospects’ minds, posting consistency is a must.
It’s not just about frequency; the quality of your posts is also essential. It’s advisable to write at least 2 to 3 posts per week so you have ample time to research, write, and proofread.
Don’t forget to research when the best time to post is, or better yet, find a tool that will help you with that, backed up with some serious data.
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For maximum post exposure, you must post regularly on times or days when engagement is high. With Taplio’s post scheduler, you can automatically schedule and post your content on your preferred dates.
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Recycling content is not advisable on LinkedIn, so you must regularly come up with fresh ideas to keep your followers engaged.
Taplio can also help you generate new topics if you ever hit writer’s block.
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4. Like, Share, and Comment

Interacting with other professionals on LinkedIn is necessary to expand your network.
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So when you see an impressive post from other members, don’t forget to leave a like, share, or give it an insightful comment.
Perhaps that member will reach out to you if they ever need your consulting services.

5. Use Direct Messages

If you really want to connect with your audience or prospective clients, don’t sleep on DMs.
But remember, people don’t want to receive messages that read like they were straight from a free template online. Your DMs must be personalized, expressing your genuine intent to work with your recipient.
There are different ways to make personalized DMs—you can acknowledge someone’s achievements, thank them for their insightful posts, or provide suggestions for their business. But if the purpose of your DM is to ask them if they need your service, you must be straightforward and explain how you can help them.
Don’t just message everyone left and right. Be conscious about your outreach.
Taplio’s CRM feature can provide you with a list of LinkedIn professionals who have recently interacted with your content. These members must be your DM recipients.

6. Transform Texts Into Visuals

Aside from being an industry expert, a consultant must be a good communicator as well. Remember that clients will find a consultant’s advice useful only if they understand what he’s saying.
So, if you post content in your profile, you must ensure that your message comes across to your readers.
Even if you have the most accurate and informative content out there, no one will read it if it’s just a wall of text dumped with tons of information.
Using visuals will make your posts more engaging and easier to understand. Adding visuals to your text posts will help you explain concepts and information better.
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Thus, make sure to include any of these visuals in your profile:
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Presentations
  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Graphs and Charts

7. Use Lead Magnets and LinkedIn Ads

While attracting profile followers will definitely boost your online presence, you must also generate leads to gain actual clients who will avail of your services.
LinkedIn Ads is one of the easiest ways for lead generation, but you can employ lead magnets like free consultations, free eBooks, or free webinars to obtain your prospects’ contact information.

10 Consultants You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

Our tips above are more than enough to help you start a thriving consulting business on LinkedIn. But it’s still important to give you some glimpses of what a compelling profile looks like.
So, here are 10 well-made LinkedIn for consultants profiles you can follow to get inspiration when creating your own.

1. Bill Quinn

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Bill Quin helps small business owners solve problems with their operations and improve their sales strategies. He is currently the CEO of Quinn Quantum, a US-based business consulting firm.

2. Myrna King

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Myrna King is a personal and business coach who helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals by crafting long-term business strategies. She’s also a professional speaker on the topics of motivation, accountability, and mindfulness.

3. Dianne Dawson

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Dianne Dawson’s specialty is leadership executive coaching. She helps firm leaders find development opportunities and craft a plan to address their struggles and constraints.

4. John Rankins

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John Rankins strives to assist firms in boosting their sales by at least 15% quarterly by streamlining operations and retaining customers.

5. Deborah Stapleton

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Deborah Stapleton is an international PR and marketing professional and consultant at Asian Business Consulting. Her primary expertise lies in B2B and B2C marketing consultancy and helping Western companies expand into Asia.

6. Rosario de Zayas Rueda

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Rosarios de Zayas is a multilingual content managemnt consultant in Spain, aside from other different roles.
She specializes in software localization, videogames, transcreation, hardware, user manuals, marketing, medical devices, and mobile applications.

7. Craig Murray

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Craig Murray is a digital consultant helping firms thrive in the area of digital strategy. He is also a PPC specialist, web developer, graphic designer, and social media expert.

8. Ruchika Bothra

Ruchika Bothra is a business coach from Quantum Leap who helps small- and medium-sized enterprises overcome their daily operational struggles and achieve strategic growth.

9. Emily Acevedo

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Emily Acevedo is a human resources consultant from New York. Her main speciality lies in cultivating workplaces that promote empathy and empowerment and fostering motivation for the firm’s top talents.

10. Allan Smith

Allan Smith works as the Business Development Director of Fruition Consulting. This UK-based consultant provides strategies for firms’ growth and budget allocation.
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