LinkedIn for Law Firms: 7 Tactics to Grow Your Online Presence

If you want your law firm to reap the promising benefits of this platform, you must provide it with an optimized, complete, and impressive profile page.

LinkedIn for Law Firms: 7 Tactics to Grow Your Online Presence
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Is your Law firm already on LinkedIn? You’re missing opportunities if not yet! Follow these 7 tactics to start its impressive presence on the network.
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LinkedIn for Law Firms: 7 Tactics to Grow Your Online Presence
LinkedIn is a must-have for every law firm striving to have a strong online presence. Many potential clients seeking top-notch legal services rely on LinkedIn to ensure they’ll receive legitimate and reputable professional assistance.
Success on LinkedIn hinges on creating a powerful brand that captivates people's attention. If you want your law firm to reap the promising benefits of this platform, you must provide it with an optimized, complete, and impressive profile page. The problem is, not everyone knows how to achieve it.
So, we're here to provide you with 7 useful tactics to craft a compelling LinkedIn profile for law firms and attract more prospective clients.
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Benefits of LinkedIn for Law Firms

An impressive brand on LinkedIn for law firms comes with the following benefits:
  • You’ll be noticed by potential clients who need your service.
  • You can reinforce your firm’s legitimacy and trustworthiness.
  • You can meet other professionals in the legal industry.
  • You might get more referrals from your online network.
  • You can hire seasoned lawyers to help your firm.

7 Tips to Build and Grow on LinkedIn as a Law Firm

Thousands of law firms are competing on LinkedIn 24/7. Your business will drown in the competition if it looks mediocre. So, strive to brand it as a leading legal services provider by highlighting its achievements, expertise, case wins, and settlements.
Follow our tips below to ensure that your law firm stands out on LinkedIn:

1. Create a Unique Profile

You must provide your law firm with a distinctive professional identity that sets it apart from other competitors. Thus, the firm’s LinkedIn profile should contain all pertinent information that describes what it is as well as the services it can offer.
Here are some things to consider to ensure that your law firm’s page is well-optimized:
  • Use your firm’s latest logo as a profile picture. Using the default LinkedIn profile is a big no-no.
  • Add a banner that reflects your firm’s professionalism and services. You can use an image of your staff, law-related images, or a compelling quotation related to law and justice.
  • Provide a LinkedIn headline that highlights the value proposition of your law firm. No need to be fancy, so use simple words. You may use relevant keywords in the legal industry so it sounds professional. If in doubt, you may ask for assistance from online writing tools like Taplio’s Headline Generator to craft an impressive headline.
  • Your firm’s summary section must provide an overview of the services you offer. Make sure to complete the “Experiences” section to establish your firm’s expertise in the niche.
  • Showcase your firm’s achievements, milestones, and awards.
  • Ask for recommendations from previous clients, colleagues, or employees.

2. Write High-Quality Posts

Posting informative and valuable content on your firm’s profile page is one way to position it as a reputable expert in the legal industry. It also improves your business’s online presence, attracting potential clients to know more about you or ask for your services.
Since you’re promoting a firm and not an individual, keeping your posts formal is important. Refrain from sharing your personal experiences because this page is dedicated to your law firm and not as your personal blog.
Furthermore, your posts should give the audience an overview of some of their legal questions, so strive to make them academic, insightful, and accurate. You may use AI or other digital tools out there to write efficiently.
Here are some good examples of LinkedIn for law firms posts:
  • Updates on new regulations or guidelines in the legal industry.
  • Discussing newly implemented laws in your jurisdiction.
  • Providing jurisprudence to some legal matters.
  • Conferences, webinars, or other events attended
  • Your firm’s case wins, settlements, and other legal disputes encountered.

3. Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

Once you attract followers to your page, your next goal is to keep them engaged. To do this, you must create a posting schedule that you can follow to consistently produce content that interests your audience. Taplio’s scheduling allows you to schedule posts within minutes to ensure your brand’s steady growth.
Frequent posting makes your firm more memorable to your followers. It will also reinforce the impression that your business is reliable when it comes to legal matters. For this reason, potential clients will most likely reach out to you if they ever need your service.

4. Like, Repost, and Reply to Others’ Posts

You can also expand your firm’s network by interacting with other professionals. By liking, reposting, or replying to other members' posts, you’ll become more noticeable, especially if you share some valuable insights in the discussion.

5. Automate Direct Messages

Direct messages are a powerful tool to start a lasting professional connection with other lawyers and law firms. So, before sending DMs, you must ensure they perfectly communicate your intention to work with your recipient.
Taplio’s Auto DMs can help you write clear and personalized messages to prospective clients or colleagues. It ensures that you’re using the right words and tone to accentuate your company’s professionalism. This tool can also automatically send messages to users who like or comment on your post, saving you time building a robust professional network.

6. Share Visual Content

Visual content can help your firm form stronger emotional connections to your audience. According to LinkedIn, visuals like well-made images and videos can resonate and inspire people because of their ability to simplify complex thoughts and ideas.
So ensure that your law firm uploads photos, videos, infographics, animations, slideshows, or other forms of visual content to help it connect more deeply with its followers.

7. Get More Leads for Your Law Firm

Your firm’s LinkedIn profile should attract followers and turn them into clients willing to pay for your services.
Lead generation is the most efficient way to grab more potential paying clients from your target audience. Paid ads like LinkedIn Ads can help your firm gain more exposure and generate more leads.
You may also offer free stuff as lead magnets to gain client’s contact information. Here are some examples:
  • Legal document-free templates
  • Permits and license checklists
  • Webinars and eBooks
  • Tax spreadsheets
  • Case digests
If you’re looking for a foolproof plan to get more leads, check out our easy-to-follow 17-minute personal branding strategy to maximize the potential you can gain from your network.

10 Law Firm Accounts You Should be Following on LinkedIn

Now that you're familiar with how to build a strong LinkedIn for law firms profile, let's take a look at some good role models you can take inspiration from.

1. Stanton IP Law Firm, P. A.

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This law firm has a visually appealing profile and banner that sets it apart from other competitors. We also love its brilliant headline that succinctly captures their passion in intellectual property matters—YOU OWN IT, WE PROTECT IT.

2. Parnall Law Firm

This firm’s profile perfectly describes its services and work values in the summary section. It also posts well-made visual content like photos and videos to make the firm closer to its audience.

3. The Ledger Law Firm

We love how this law firm used a banner that indicates the firm’s hotline, which people can call for legal advice. They also brand the firm as a genuine legal counsel with their tagline “Helping people heal their lives.”

4. Beverly Law Firm

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This California-based law firm manages to impress its followers with their astounding visuals that entice people to read their informative posts. It also helps that they post testimonials from previous clients to strengthen their credibility in the industry.

5. Law Firm of Higbee & Associates

This LinkedIn profile combines visual content and high-value write-ups to keep their followers engaged. They also provide recent updates on cases and legal disputes that their company handles.

6. West Coast Trial Lawyers

This firm crafted a compelling “About” section showcasing its top-notch ability to win cases. They used data and figures to support their claims of winning countless cases and legal disputes.

7. Wilshire Law Firm

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With an astute-looking logo and an image of its legal staff as a banner, Wilshire Law Firm successfully communicates its exemplary position in the profession. They also highlighted their recent achievements, case wins, and settlements.
This legal firm from California proudly posts its recent courtroom triumphs with eye-catching visuals. They also used a simple yet powerful headline highlighting their passion to win.

9. The Dominguez Firm, LLP

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With a comprehensive “About” section, The Dominguez Firm, LLP perfectly provides potential clients a description of their services offered, litigation prowess, and a roster of top-tier lawyers.

10. Jacoby & Meyers Attorneys LLP

As with other stand-out LinkedIn profiles for law firms, this legal group used aesthetically impressive publicity materials to share their litigation victories. They also recognized their winning lawyer and added their contact information for every pubmat post.

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