LinkedIn for Software Engineers: 7 Essential Tips to Craft Your Profile

In this guide, we’ll outline the benefits of having an optimized LinkedIn account, along with some tips on how to build one.

LinkedIn for Software Engineers: 7 Essential Tips to Craft Your Profile
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The competition in software development is hotter than ever. Read on to discover some of the best strategies to optimize your LinkedIn for software engineers.
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LinkedIn for Software Engineers: 7 Essential Tips to Craft a Compelling Profile
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 25% increase in job opportunities from 2022 to 2032.
As competition increases, setting up your LinkedIn for software engineers is crucial to stand out among your peers.
In this guide, we’ll outline the benefits of having an optimized LinkedIn account, along with some tips on how to build one. We’ll also showcase some of the best software engineers you can draw inspiration from.

Why Use LinkedIn as a Software Engineer

Software engineers can benefit from an optimized LinkedIn account in various ways, including the following:
  • It allows you to highlight what you can offer as a software engineer, which makes you more visible to potential clients and your peers.
  • You get access to more opportunities for learning and employment through networking.
  • You can use LinkedIn Learning and insights from top software engineers to get all the skills you need.
  • You become aware of the latest industry trends, allowing you to identify your future path.

7 Essential Tips to Have a Compelling Software Engineer Profile on LinkedIn

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn as a software engineer, you have to offer yourself as a business with a compelling brand and clear intentions.
Here are seven essential tips that you can use to build your profile.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Regardless of the industry, having a well-crafted LinkedIn profile is key to clinching the opportunities that you can encounter.
This is especially true for those in the software engineering field, where hard skills are the competition.
Here are a few important steps you need to take to optimize your profile:
  • Use a professional profile photo
Choose one that shows your face clearly and with a muted background.
  • Clearly write what you offer on your headline (and banner)
Don’t just say “Software Engineer” when you can write “AI engineer at Company ABC.”
If you don’t know where to start, Taplio’s LinkedIn headline generator might help.
  • Revisit your About section
Outline your most relevant skills and experiences. Don’t include too much information, but don’t miss out on your major points as a software engineer.
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  • Include all your certifications, courses completed, and skills
They let potential employers know that you’re up for the task. While they can further check your skills during an interview, having your certifications displayed might help you get shortlisted.
Don’t forget that social proof will make you appear as a person your lead can trust, and will tip the scales your way.
  • Use the Featured section to showcase your projects
These show your level and can be discussion starters, too.

2. Post Targeted Content

You can utilize LinkedIn posts beyond just sharing updates about your latest employment or job promotions.
Why not try posting other software engineering-related content like the following?
  • Tips on specific programming languages and tools
  • The latest technologies and trends that you get to test via beta programs
  • Common challenges in coding and how to solve them
  • Job openings and referrals to growth opportunities
  • Your insights on various news stories related to tech and software development
  • Your company's culture and what it’s like to work there
  • Conferences and exhibits that you participated in
If you’re out of ideas, you can ask Taplio and get a list of suggestions too!
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As you grow accustomed to posting on LinkedIn, you’ll develop the knack of identifying which topics would be great to talk about.
We recommend you observe what the top software engineers share on the platform and build upon it.
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3. Be Consistent With Your Posts

Posting consistently helps push your profile to more audiences on LinkedIn, especially if you’re using the right keywords and hashtags.
With many software engineers being intermittent in their content, having a regular posting schedule makes the difference.
If you’re running out of ideas or you think that the job will be arduous, you can always leverage AI-powered tools to do the work for you.
Taplio’s AI content generator would be a big help in this regard. It creates content based on your profile and industry—from scratch.
You can even plan months’ worth of content when you pair it with Taplio's post scheduler.
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4. Interact With Other LinkedIn Professionals

Connecting with potential clients and peers is one of your ultimate goals on LinkedIn.
So, do that by interacting with their posts regularly. It can be as simple as liking, sharing, and commenting on their content.
If you want to initiate a discussion, we suggest you go to the comment section. When people see that what you’re talking about is insightful, you can gain recognition from your peers. This can also help build your audience.
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To ensure regular interaction, simply hit the Follow button on their profile. Or, better yet, send them a connection request.

5. Send DMs

For a more direct way to network, use LinkedIn’s DMs and InMails. Make sure that each message is personalized for each recipient, as it fosters authentic relationships with others in the software engineering field.
Now, the question is: who should you target with your DMs? Here’s a list to consider:
  • Recruiters and hiring managers
While it’s pretty unconventional to directly contact them for job openings, their end purpose is still to hire someone. Send them a DM and see if you can get the job.
  • Colleagues in the same company
Connecting with them helps you gain better insights into the company’s culture. It also helps smoothen relationships inside the workplace.
  • LinkedIn “Top Voice” software engineers
This might give you opportunities to learn from the best in the field.
  • Fellow software engineers, especially those who engage with your content
You might find people who want to collaborate with you on projects.
And here's a pro tip: Streamline the contact process with personalized messages using Taplio’s Auto DM feature.

6. Make Your Work More Visual

Unless your audience is made purely of software engineers, looking at code and your work can be boring for other professionals. To solve that, you have to present what you do in a more consumable format.
Allie K. Miller, a LinkedIn Top Voice in AI in 2024, has done a great job at this, considering her use of short-form videos on the platform.
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You can make yours more visual, too! Here are some ideas that you might want to try out:
  • Post screenshots and demos of the latest software you are designing
  • Share code snippets or short tutorials to demonstrate your coding skills
  • Create infographics that summarize and analyze recent tech news stories
  • Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work environment, such as your PC setup
  • Share photos of industry events, conferences, or workshops you've attended

7. Use LinkedIn to Find Leads

Many businesses on LinkedIn will need a software engineer in one way or another, whether it’s for website development, app creation, or other needs.
The only thing you need to do is prepare your LinkedIn account to clinch those opportunities. With an optimized profile, it can be a steady source of income for your business.
Here are some other ideas to generate leads on LinkedIn:
  • Join LinkedIn groups and participate in discussions.
  • Use the search bar on LinkedIn to find open employment opportunities or peers open for collaborations.
  • Use LinkedIn Ads for wider audience reach.
  • Offer free software engineering-related consultations and tutorials.
  • Seek referrals from your existing clients.
Make yourself familiar with the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn leads generation!

10 Software Engineers You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

If you can’t decide exactly what direction you want to take on LinkedIn, observe the top software engineers first. Here are the ten most influential LinkedIn profiles in the field of software engineering.

1. Allie K. Miller

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Allie K. Miller has been a four-year LinkedIn Top Voice in Artificial Intelligence since 2019. Formerly an employee at Amazon and IBM, she now works as an AI advisor for Fortune 500 entities.

2. Parul Pandey

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Parul Pandey is one of LinkedIn's 2019 Top Voices in Software Development. She focuses on data science and machine learning. She also co-authored the Machine Learning for High-Risk Applications book on O’Reilly.

3. Pascal Bornet

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Pascal Bornet is recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in AI. He is one of the authors of the best-selling book “Intelligent Automation.

4. Mark Moeykens

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Mark Moeykens specializes in iOS software development. He’s an excellent author of SwiftUI books and the course instructor at Pluralsight.

5. Nate Ebel

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Nate Ebel is a Google Developer Expert and an instructor at LinkedIn Learning. He is also the tech author of the book “Mastering Kotlin.”

6. Hitesh Choudhary

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Hitesh Choudhary is a Senior Director at PhysicsWallah, one of the biggest ed-tech platforms in India. He is an outstanding YouTube creator and has talked on TEDx.

7. Kathleen Vignos

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Kathleen Vignos is the Vice President of Software Engineering at Capital One. She was a former director at Twitter and WIRED in the software engineering department.

8. Chip Huyen

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Chip Huyen is a co-founder of Claypot AI. She specializes in machine learning and has worked with big companies like NVIDIA and Netflix.

9. Robert Sweeney

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Robert Sweeney was a former senior software engineer at Netflix. Now, he’s the founder and CEO of Facet, Numetric, and Attack Pattern.

10. Akshay Saini

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Akshay Saini is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Programming. Formerly a software engineer at Uber and Paytm, he has now founded NamasteDev, a learning platform for aspiring software engineers.

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