Integrating LinkedIn into Salesforce (with Taplio and Zapier)

How to integrate Linkedin into Salesforce with Zapier and Taplio: Add people who engage with your post on Linkedin.

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Follow our step-by-step guide to connect your Taplio to Zapier, integrate Salesforce, and set triggers for engagement received.
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LinkedIn and Salesforce Integration - Automating lead capture with Taplio and Zapier
People engage with LinkedIn because they found it insightful, it solved a problem, or they might just be the “hit the like button without reading” type of people.
For this reason is natural to think that people who engage with your LinkedIn posts can become prospects whom you can nurture and convert.
The problem is that you cannot keep up if you try to add them all to a list manually. Specially when your engagement is growing.
So we’ll show you how to automate your LinkedIn lead generation from Taplio.

Step 1: Go to account settings to connect your Taplio to Zapier

  1. On your Taplio page, click on the Taplio icon at the top left. It will open up a sidebar. Scroll down and click on Account Settings.
  1. Once you open Account Settings, click on integration
  1. Once you open integration, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Get this integration” button under Zapier.
  1. If you click on this and you don’t have a Zapier account, you will get a prompt to open an account.
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Step 2: Connect SalesForce to Taplio on Zapier

  1. The next step is to input the CRM “SalesForce” into the empty field.
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  1. When you input SaleForce into the field, click on the button “Connect my apps” so that Zapier can connect both platforms.
  1. Salesforce will request you log in. When you have a Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance edition of Salesforce you can use the Salesforce integration.

Step 3: Set a trigger from Taplio on Zapier

Choose the Engagement Received option and connect your Taplio account.
  1. Engagement received: This triggers when someone likes or comments on your posts. Data are uploaded a few times in a day or a few days after setup.
Disclaimer: Due to the volume of work from Taplio, it can take up to 3 days for Taplio to read your data and upload it. However, once it does, there’s nothing to worry about as your data will be uploaded from time to time.
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  1. When it does, Taplio creates a list of all the people who have engaged with your LinkedIn within a time frame and Zapier picks it up. To set the list.
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How you can create a Taplio list

  1. Expand the menu icon at the left and select contacts under CRM
  1. Select the engagement option you want Taplio to read. You can choose “liked my post” or comment on my posts.
  1. Create multiple lists if you want different lists
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Step 4: Choose the action you want from Salesforce CRM

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The action you want Salesforce to perform will determine what you choose for the event. Once Salesforce pulls this data, you can take further actions from your CRM.
When you have a list of LinkedIn leads, use “Create lead”. This will create the lead which you can view on your Salesforce once you refresh.
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