Taplio vs Hootsuite: Features, Pricing, and More

What’s the best choice between Taplio and Hootsuite? Both tools can generate LinkedIn posts, schedule them, and help you engage better with your connections. But which one can bring you the best results?

Taplio vs Hootsuite: Features, Pricing, and More
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Can’t decide between Taplio and Hootsuite? We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll compare their features and how well they fit you or your business needs.
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Taplio vs Hootsuite: Features, Pricing, and More
You're losing money if your LinkedIn profile isn't standing out.
Is your LinkedIn lost in the crowd? Let's look at a couple of tools that can help.
We'll analyze Taplio's and Hootsuite's best features and plans so you can pick the one that will get you to LinkedIn stardom.

LinkedIn Post Creation

Hootsuite has more ways to help you create content for your LinkedIn profile. You can ask Hootsuite's OwlWriter to create a post from scratch, reuse your successful posts, or turn web content into LinkedIn posts.
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Taplio has content writing capabilities similar to those of Hootsuite. You can fill up your content calendar by writing a post from scratch, reusing previous posts, or turning a webpage or YouTube video into a LinkedIn post. Also, with Taplio, you can adjust the tone, add a CTA, include a hook, etc.
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Content Inspiration

Can't decide on your next post’s topic?
Hootsuite can give you a list of ideas based on a topic. Choose one to create a post about, and Hootsuite will write it for you.
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Taplio helps you fill your content calendar by finding viral content tailored to your brand voice. You can filter the content by date, country, or platform or exclude posts from specific LinkedIn members.
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To find viral posts about a specific topic, use Taplio's "Search mode" and filter the viral LinkedIn posts by number of likes, published dates, format type, or platform.

LinkedIn Post Scheduling

Both tools allow you to manage your content calendar efficiently. Hootsuite stands out through its bulk scheduling tool. However, you can't set the exact publishing order, and Hootsuite doesn't inform you about any scheduling errors.
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Taplio optimizes your scheduling strategy by telling you the best time to post on LinkedIn and informing you if your scheduled posts contain errors.
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Hootsuite makes it easy to analyze your post's performance across multiple platforms. You can customize the reports and determine if you have the winning strategy by comparing your performances with your competition.
Taplio helps you improve your content strategy by providing insights into your post performance. It tracks your profile number of followers, engagements, profile views, impressions, and more.
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It also helps you replicate your success by analyzing your viral posts.

Engagement Features

Hootsuite simplifies communication with your network through its unified Inbox. You have messages across multiple social media platforms within a single dashboard. This helps you quickly reply to any message so you don't miss an opportunity to engage with your leads.
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Also, Hootsuite monitors your posts' engagement, follows social trends, and tracks individual profiles. However, this feature is limited to Instagram and Twitter.
Taplio lists everyone commenting, liking, or sharing any of your posts, even if they're not following you on LinkedIn. Taplio will show you their name, email, company, and position so you can reach out to them. If you don't know how to start the conversation, Taplio can write the icebreaker.
Also, Taplio will show you every LinkedIn post that mentions you or your business. You can monitor your brand reputation, collect feedback, and quickly manage any problem or crisis.
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CRM Features

Despite being designed to manage marketing strategies and campaigns, Hootsuite doesn't include features to help you manage and nurture relationships with customers and prospects.
Taplio gives you access to its 3M+ lead database. You can find leads and clients by telling Taplio's AI what you're looking for or filtering the database yourself.
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To reach out to Taplio's high-quality leads, you can send bulk DMs—scale communications by sending up to 100 DMs per day. Taplio will ensure your account is not flagged for unsolicited or spammy messages by sending one DM every 10 minutes.
You can also customize each message with your lead's name, company, job title, city, etc.

Taplio and Hootsuite: Plans and Pricing

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Hootsuite plans start at $99/month, and each plan allows you to create unlimited posts and bulk schedule them. If you manage more than 10 social accounts, you must upgrade to Hootsuite's Team plan, which costs $249/month. For the Enterprise plan, you have to contact Hootsuite, as it has custom pricing.
Taplio plans start at $65 per month, and you get access to advanced scheduling, +4M viral posts on every topic, content generation tools - including carousels -, advanced analytics, and more.
Its most popular plan, Standard helps you build a relationship with your target audience and integrate your favorite CRM or outreach tools.
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You can try Taplio’s plans through the 7-day free trial - no card required. Also, Taplio has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Taplio vs Hootsuite: Which One Should You Pick?

Hootsuite is the better choice if you need to manage marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. It comes with robust analytics, and you can monitor your competitors. However, its price may affect your budget.
You should choose Taplio if you heavily rely on LinkedIn to identify and nurture new leads. You can scale and personalize your outreach efforts by tracking mentions, sending bulk DMs, or contacting new prospects through Taplio's database.

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