Taplio vs SocialPilot: Features, Pricing, and More

Can’t decide between Taplio and SocialPilot? Taplio and SocialPilot’s features simplify content creation and scheduling and help you engage with your audience. But which one can get you more LinkedIn connections and boost engagement rates?

Taplio vs SocialPilot: Features, Pricing, and More
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Are you trying to decide which tool to use to grow your LinkedIn network, Taplio or SocialPilot? We’ll compare their best features and pricing plans so you can make the best choice.
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Taplio vs SocialPilot: Features, Pricing, and More
LinkedIn audience has 2X the buying power of the average web audience.
So how can you find the people that mean business?
You can use Taplio or SocialPilot to automate post creation, schedule content, engage with your audience, and more.
But which one is best for you?
We’ll analyze Taplio’s and SocialPilot’s best features and pricing plans so you can pick the one that will get your business in front of the right audience.

LinkedIn Post Writing

Make your posts stand out with SocialPilot by adding media, creating a design in Canva, hashtags, or posts from your library.
To speed up the process, you can use SocialPilot's AI writing assistant. The more detailed your prompts are, the better the results. Even if you don’t get it right on your first try, you can edit the post with SocialPilot’s writing tool.
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Similar to SocialPiot, you can provide Taplio with an idea, and it will write a new LinkedIn post for you. You can keep editing it with Taplio’s AI writer and adjust the tone, include a CTA, write a hook, and more.
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Can’t find an idea for your next LinkedIn post?
Taplio can generate posts that fit your brand identity through its Post generator. Based on your account settings and topics of interest, Taplio can generate posts that your connections will like, comment on, or share.
Also, Taplio ensures you don’t run out of LinkedIn posts while helping you diversify them. Taplio's generation features include:
  • Carousel maker -  Taplio can generate carousels based on blog articles, web pages, or prompts.
  • Repurposing content - Create new posts based on YouTube videos or URLs.
  • Viral content finder - You can filter viral LinkedIn posts by date, country, or platform. You can even exclude posts from specific LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn Posts Scheduling

SocialPilot helps you schedule and manage your content across its supported platforms. You can filter your posts by accounts, platform, or status.
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With Taplio, you can publish your posts at a specific time and date, add them to your queue, or save them as drafts until you decide on the final version. This helps you sync your posts with business events, international holidays, product launches, etc.
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Also, you can improve your engagement rates by checking Taplio’s suggestion on the best time to post on LinkedIn.

Engagement Features

SocialPilot helps you filter through LinkedIn notifications and ensure you don’t miss any comments or mentions. You can check how your connections engage with your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business profile through its Inbox feature.
Taplio helps you track engagement and take advantage of networking opportunities by listing any LinkedIn account that likes, shares, or comments on your posts.
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You can also track your reputation and content strategy and collect feedback through Taplio’s “Mentions” feature. Find and reply to recent LinkedIn posts that mention you or your company.

CRM Features

With SocialPilot, you have to identify and reach out to high-quality leads manually.
Taplio accelerates your networking efforts and helps you identify and nurture potential leads from your LinkedIn network.
Taplio gives you access to its 3M+ lead database. You can find leads and clients by telling Taplio’s AI what you’re looking for or filtering the database yourself.
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Once you build your list of leads, you can send bulk DMs. Scale communications by sending up to 100 DMs per day. Taplio will ensure your account is not flagged for unsolicited or spammy messages by sending one DM every 10 minutes.
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You can customize each message with your lead’s name, company, job title, city, etc.
LinkedIn Analytics
Both tools help you adjust your LinkedIn strategy by monitoring your engagement. You can monitor your likes, comments, and shares to identify the winning strategy.
You can use SocialPilot's Analytics feature only if you are a company page admin.
In addition to basic analytics, Taplio shows you which one of your posts has the most likes, replies, views, and comments. Once you find out what works best for your audience, you can double down on it.

Taplios vs SocialPilot: Cost

SocialPilot’s cheapest plan is $30/month, and you get access to basic LinkedIn automation tools such as an AI writing assistant and post scheduler. If you want to build a brand image and add custom fields and watermarks, you must upgrade to Agency, which costs $100/month.
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Taplio plans start at $65 per month, and you get access to advanced scheduling, +4M viral posts on every topic, content generation tools - including carousels -, advanced analytics, and more.
Its most popular plan, Standard, includes more LinkedIn-dedicated features to help you expand your network through its CRM features.
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You can try Taplio’s plans through the 7-day free trial - no card required. Also, Taplio has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Taplio vs SocialPilot: Which One Is the Best?

SocialPilot is the better choice to keep a social presence across multiple channels. While it includes team features, you can’t automate and scale outreach efforts.
Pick Taplio to grow your LinkedIn network and scale engagement with its AI features. Taplio gives you a jumpstart with its lead database, viral content library, and contacts list. In addition to its free trial, you can take advantage of Taplio's free tools to generate your LinkedIn headline, carousels, summary, and more.

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