How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium (And What to Do Before)

Are you thinking of cancelling LinkedIn Premium? Learn why you should do it, what happens when you cancel your subscription, and how to return to a free account

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium (And What to Do Before)
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Are you thinking of cancelling LinkedIn Premium? Learn why you should do it, what happens when you cancel your subscription, and how to return to a free account
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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium (And What to Do Before)
You don’t have to pay a premium price tag to grow your LinkedIn network.  If you’ve paid for a Premium account but are unhappy with the results, you should consider canceling your subscription. In this article, we’ll explain why you should cancel LinkedIn Premium, how it affects your account, and how to return to a free LinkedIn account.

Should You Cancel LinkedIn Premium?

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it? Or should you keep your money and cancel your subscription?
If you can't decide, here are a few reasons why you should cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription:
  • It's too expensive. If the costs outweigh the benefits, there's no point in continuing to keep paying your LinkedIn subscription. There are many LinkedIn Premium features that you can replace for free. Leverage networking groups, run basic job searches, and optimize your LinkedIn profile for better visibility.
  • Your goals have changed. If you've got a new job or your career focus shifted, Premium's features might be less useful now.
  • You're not using its features. If you rarely send Inmails, use advanced search filters, and check who visited your profile, the Premium subscription may not be worth it.

What Happens When You Cancel LinkedIn Premium?

You'll return to a free LinkedIn account once you cancel LinkedIn Premium and the billing period ends. Here are the Premium features you'll no longer have access to and how to maximize them before your subscription ends:

1. InMail credits

No matter how many InMail credits you have accumulated, they will not transfer to your free account. InMail credits allow you to contact people outside your LinkedIn network, so it's best to use them before the billing cycle ends.  Respect LinkedIn's limit on the number of InMails you can send daily. Going over the limit might result in your LinkedIn account being restricted.

2. Insights on Job Postings

LinkedIn Premium helps you tailor your resume and cover letter to match the hiring manager's expectations. You can see how many people have applied for the job, their profiles, company insights, employee reviews, and more.  Back up important data about projects and job postings before your Premium subscription expires.

3. List of Profile Visitors

LinkedIn Premium lets you see who's viewed your profile for the last 90 days, including names, job titles, and companies they work for. On a free account, you can see the last 5 people that viewed your account. Before going back to a free account, reach out to people who viewed your profile, whether it's a recruiter, founder, or potential client.

4. Private Profile Viewing

LinkedIn Premium offers the option to browse profiles without notifying the owner. You can still view profiles anonymously with a free LinkedIn account, but you can't see who visited your profile.

5. LinkedIn Learning

With LinkedIn Premium, you can access the "LinkedIn Learning" platform, which hosts over 16,000 video courses on business-related topics. Real-life professionals teach all of these courses.

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

  1. Click on your profile icon.
  1. Select Premium features.
    1. notion image
  1. Go to Subscription details and click on Manage subscription.
    1. notion image
  1. From the Purchases section, click on your Premium account.
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  1. Click Cancel subscription.
  1. Select Continue cancellation.
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  1. Click on Done.

Wrapping It Up!

Even if you canceled your LinkedIn Premium subscription, your network growth shouldn’t stop.
The LinkedIn free account still gives you access to the biggest platform for professional networking.
Keep your profile up-to-date, engage with your network, join industry groups, and share high-quality content.

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