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Whatever objectives you’ve set for your LinkedIn account, you won’t get far without cultivating and growing your network.
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How to get more connections on LinkedIn with just 10 minutes of work per day
Created as a space for working professionals, LinkedIn is still a social network at heart. And like any type of social network out there, having a large number of connections is important. Growing your network will increase your reach and visibility while helping you generate new leads, stay in contact with employers, or scout for new talent for your business.
Whatever objectives you’ve set for your LinkedIn account, you won’t get far without cultivating and growing your network.
Read on to find out how to get more LinkedIn connections with just 10 minutes of work per day.
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LinkedIn's difference between connections and followers

You can imagine your LinkedIn network like a tree with many branches.
The main branches that sprout from the tree trunk are your 1st-degree connections. These are the people you’ve connected with directly via an invitation.
The secondary branches that sprout from your tree’s main branches are the 2nd-degree connections. These are the people who are connected to your 1st-degree connections.
The same principle applies to your 3rd-degree connections or the tertiary branches of your tree. These people are directly connected to your 2nd-degree connections.
The cool thing is that you can send invitations to your 2nd-degree connections and promote them to 1st-degree. That way, your 3rd-degree connections become 2nd-degree connections, which brings up new 3rd-degree connections, making your network bigger.
Being a follower allows users to customize their homepage feed with content they are interested in. Your 1st-degree connections are automatic followers, and once the connection is made, you’ll be following them in return. You can unfollow your connections and they can unfollow you. You can also have followers that you’re not connected to.

How to get more connections on LinkedIn

The first thing to keep in mind is that no matter what objectives or strategy you have, you’ll need to spend some time on the platform.
Being present, creating content, and interacting with your network are the three pillars of any successful LinkedIn account.
The truth is that writing LinkedIn posts, searching for the latest industry news, or analyzing all the data your account is generating can take hours. But you can do all this and more in just 10 minutes a day with automation tools and AI technology.
Taplio has the All-in-One Linkedin Tool, powered by AI. You can create more and better content using the most advanced AI tools. You just need a Taplio account, and you can get one now for free!
Taplio’s post scheduler enables you to create a queue and post content at specific dates and times.
Taplio’s post scheduler enables you to create a queue and post content at specific dates and times.

1. Start with your inner circle

The easiest way to grow your LinkedIn network is to send out connection requests to people you know. Complete your profile and connect with your coworkers, former colleagues, friends, and more.
LinkedIn automatically recommends some profiles of people you may know based on your profile, but you can always use the platform’s search feature to find profiles and send connection requests.
Once you have a few connections, you can start posting content.

2. Write engaging content

Use Taplio to find inspiration for your next posts, and help you keep your readers engaged with top-quality content. You can even use our AI writing tool to generate posts from scratch. All you’ll need to do is edit and use our LinkedIn post scheduler to find the perfect time to post them.
Writing a month’s worth of posts takes only 10 minutes with Taplio’s machine-learning algorithm. And the best thing is that every post will read and feel like your own writing.

3. Optimize your content

Adding images or video content to your posts is one way to increase the probability of attracting interactions from your readers. Other tips and tricks are making good use of hashtags, posting SEO-driven long-form content, and making your posts easy to read. Use Taplio to create high-fidelity post previews and make sure that your content looks perfect.

4. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups give the platform a sense of community and togetherness. They host industry professionals and people interested in a certain field, creating a perfect medium for sharing specific content, job postings, and making business contacts. Joining and being an active participant in LinkedIn groups will help you network, grow your credibility and contour your brand identity.

5. Use post automation

Taplio helps you organize your future posts and schedule the perfect time and date to publish. This not only saves you a ton of time, but it helps you get the most out of your content. Find out when most of your followers and connections are on the platform and schedule your posts around that time to maximize their engagement.

6. Make good use of your data

Get the Taplio Stats chrome extension to help you make quick sense of your LinkedIn analytics. See how your top posts are performing, check out your main KPIs, access your team’s statistics, and use the data to adapt and improve your content strategy.

7. Turn interactions into connections

Everyone can appreciate the usefulness of lists. Use Taplio’s outreach feature to identify the accounts that have interacted with your posts. Create self-updating lists of people who interact with you and start engaging with their posts. You can send customized DMs to your list and use Taplio’s automation tools to generate auto DMs and message replies.

8. Switch to the Creator mode

Switching to the Creator mode can help you expand your network.
Switching to the Creator mode can help you expand your network.
LinkedIn Creator can make it easier for other people to discover your content, increasing your chances of attracting new connections.
To switch to the creator mode, click on the “Me” icon in the topside menu and then click on “View Profile”. Scroll down to the “Resources” section of your profile and turn on the Creator mode. Follow the prompts to add topics and hashtags to your personal brand and strengthen your creator profile.

9. Promote your LinkedIn profile

Use any available medium to promote your LinkedIn profile. You can do this by attaching your LinkedIn profile URL to your bio description on other social media platforms, your CV, business cards, website, email signature, and any other occasion communication media you might be using.
You can also promote yourself on LinkedIn to increase your organic reach and grow your network.

10. Don’t waste in-person networking opportunities

Even if your business or workplace is online and your time is limited, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to interact with other professionals in person. Going to a conference, workshop, and even random daily interactions can offer you the chance to connect with like-minded people and other professionals in your industry, so you should make the most out of it.
Get more connections and grow your network with minimal effort.
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