How to use Lead Gen Automation on LinkedIn

In order to effectively generate leads that are likely to convert, it is essential that you understand how to use the capabilities of LinkedIn Lead Automation.

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In order to effectively generate leads that are likely to convert, it is essential that you understand how to use the capabilities of LinkedIn Lead Automation.
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How to use Lead Gen Automation on LinkedIn
Almost all businesses have one goal — to attract quality leads and convert them into customers.
That’s why we’ll walk you through the fundamentals of LinkedIn lead automation. In this guide, we’ll discuss using lead gen automation on LinkedIn to become more visible to new clients.

What is LinkedIn Lead Automation?

Marketing is vital in any social media platform. It boosts your online presence and helps attract potential customers. But not all businesses have the time and patience to do these activities.
LinkedIn lead automation helps you generate potential leads through automation tools. This means you can send follow requests, messages, and comments automatically. You can also schedule posts on LinkedIn at regular intervals.
These automated activities make it easier for you to remain active online. This way, you get to maintain the engagement of your followers and achieve your business goals sooner.
With Taplio you have a personal AI-powered writing coach that will not only automatically suggests existing content for you to take inspiration from, but also generates LinkedIn posts from scratch. Check Taplio’s powerful tools now for free.

Why Should You Use Lead Gen Automation?

Lead gen automation is a crucial step when marketing on LinkedIn. And the best thing about it is that you can expect remarkable benefits.
Here are the top reasons why individuals use LinkedIn lead automation.

1- You get to reduce repetitive work.

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of dull and repetitive work on LinkedIn. Sadly, these activities consume your time and restrict you from generating potential leads. So it’s much harder for you to achieve your target goals sooner.
However, LinkedIn lead gen automation reduces manual work on the platform. In turn, you can focus on more important things like closing deals with quality leads or improving your overall marketing strategy.

2- You can generate better leads and conversions.

One of the best practices and tips for a great LinkedIn profile is to automate everything you can. That includes automating your messages, posts, and other sales activities you have.
Remember that every interaction individuals have with your posts is an opportunity for you to start a conversation. This becomes a lot easier if you take advantage of LinkedIn lead automation.
You get to generate and follow up on quality leads. On top of that, you also get to build a strong relationship with them. In fact, automation is a simple way to get your dream client on LinkedIn.

How Can You Use Automation for Your LinkedIn Lead Gen?

There are different ways to use automation for your LinkedIn lead gen. But it’s highly dependent on your automation tool.
Taplio has several features that automate your posts and follow-up strategy. Below is how you can take advantage of these capabilities:

1- Get inspiration for your posts

You’ll have tons of inspiration for writing your posts on your LinkedIn page using an automation tool. You can browse viral posts and edit them to make them unique. Aside from that, you can also see the latest news on your niche on its dashboard.

2- Schedule posts regularly

Besides getting inspiration for your posts, scheduling their releases on your LinkedIn page saves you time and effort. You can consistently maintain your online presence without having to log in repetitively to your account.

3- Create LinkedIn lists

An excellent tip to generate quality leads is creating a custom LinkedIn account list based on your connections’ interactions. Add your followers to your list whenever they like, share, or comment on your posts.
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4- Follow up on customer interactions.

You can personalize and schedule comments and messages on LinkedIn. For instance, you can post an article and follow it with a relevant comment linking to your website or contact details.
In addition, you can also personalize your DMs and follow-up messages. Another nice thing about this feature is that you can schedule them anytime.

5- Send Automated DMs

In addition, you can personalize your DMs and follow-up messages. You can even schedule them and send them to any list you create. Taplio also supports 2nd+ degree connections so that you can follow up with prospects easily.
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6- Make use of the Sales Navigator feature.

There’s also a feature known as Sales Navigator that can help you make well-informed marketing decisions and strategies. You can collect necessary insights and integrate CRM technologies to track, understand, and engage with your audiences.
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What’s an Example of Lead Gen Automation?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that lets you generate leads quickly. But besides learning how to use LinkedIn to get clients, you must also know how to do lead-gen automation to gain more traction for your brand.
Luckily, videos that use third-party automation tools such as Taplio are available online. This software uses AI to automatically create lists based on your engagements and send personalized messages to invite potential connections to connect with you.
Once you’ve connected your LinkedIn account to Taplio, you must create engaging posts. You can use this tool’s AI to view viral content or news.
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You’ll see popular posts from different LinkedIn users on your dashboard. Taplio’s AI technology adds new content to the original post to make it more unique.
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Besides this, you can search keywords or niches on this tool’s platform to get more specific content. There’s also a feature that lets you post the latest news for your industry.
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After strategizing which posts to release on LinkedIn, you can schedule them with Taplio. You can post them immediately or schedule them at regular intervals of the week to keep your page active.
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You can customize and send auto DMs to your connections and post engagers. You can also generate automatic follow-up comments on your posts to boost your online presence. Adding a call to action or your contact details to these messages will surely generate more leads.
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Besides this, you can take advantage of Taplio’s LinkedIn lists. You can place connections into different communities and easily send bulk DMs or comments. You’ll also see their posts and generate comments using AI. Doing this attracts more opportunities for you and your page.
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Best Practices for a Lead Gen Automation Process

Knowing some of the LinkedIn dos and don’ts for lead generation can help maximize its benefits. In addition, you’ll know which strategies are cost-effective and simple.
Here are some of the LinkedIn lead gen best practices you can follow:

1. Determine your target audience

One of the cornerstones in sales and marketing is identifying your target demographics. Doing this lets you craft a strong and personalized strategy to keep them engaged.
This step is extremely crucial since it can reduce your overall expenses. You’ll know which types of posts or interactions your audiences like.

2. Communication is key

Another critical ingredient in lead gen automation is establishing strong communication efforts on LinkedIn. You must talk to your prospects and follow up with them regularly.
But to be successful, it’s crucial to determine when and how often you should communicate and follow up. It’s also good to keep your communication channels open internally and externally.

3. Monitor your performance

Finally, every sales and marketing strategy requires some tracking and analysis. You must monitor different data points like your engagement and conversion rates to know how you can adjust your efforts.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn lead automation is a great way to generate quality leads and conversions. Businesses can ace this more easily through automation tools like Taplio.
Taplio has everything you need to schedule and manage your LinkedIn content. Including a best-in-class post composer and an easy yet robust queue system to organize all the content you create. Reach out to us today and learn how to get started. Try Taplio for free now.

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