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How to use LinkedIn to get clients





Over 830 million people are on LinkedIn because they think it's a shortcut to getting clients. But that's not how it works. LinkedIn is a platform that works great, but only if you use it correctly. So today, I will be telling you how to use LinkedIn to get clients

Define What You Do for Your Clients

Explain that in one short line and you’re golden

Example: Sales And Marketing

“We are sales and marketing consultants, and we help companies build sales pipelines.”

“Our services focus on specific industries, like Healthcare and Financial services”

“We can help you to increase your revenue and grow your business”

Know Your Ideal Client

The easiest way to get more clients is to define them. So, niche down. Two questions that you can ask in order to find this out are “What kind of clients need your skills?” and “What kind of clients do you enjoy working with most?”

What kind of clients need your skills?

Example: Healthcare

“I help healthcare providers to increase revenue.”

“We help healthcare providers identify the most profitable clients.”

“We help healthcare providers use client segmentation to close more deals.”

What kind of clients do you enjoy working with most?

Example: Financial services

“I help asset managers to close more client meetings.”

“I help asset managers to organize their sales materials.”

“I help create effective sales scripts for managers so they can close more deals.”

Make Your LinkedIn Profile As Professional As Possible

It's important to have a professional profile picture, and be sure it's a cropped headshot rather than an unprofessional selfie. You should also update your profile regularly with relevant information such as upcoming speaking engagements and publications.

To write the perfect linkedin description do this:

State what you do in a few sentences. Then, give a little bit more information.

If I am a business consultant and I help companies connect with high quality leads the bio would look like:

“I am a business consultant, I help companies connect with high quality leads. By providing companies with a detailed and targeted list of the companies who would most benefit from our services, we help them to advance their sales and marketing strategy.”

Be Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Is Always Up To Date

If you change jobs, make sure that’s reflected. If you add a new case study… add it to your profile!

Nothing kills a deal faster than a potential client visiting your profile to see that it’s outdated.

Create Useful / Valuable Content

Content is the #1 way separate yourself from the hundreds of millions of other freelancers or jobseekers on the platform.

Use Taplio to get inspiration, create, and automate your LinkedIn content. Your content should bring you leads on autopilot, Check-in with Taplio where you can easily create new content, Share Taplio’s content with your connections and followers, Build your network with the connections you share, Build your visibility with content that’s created for you And engage with your audience using the engagement feature

Network, Network and Network

Don’t be afraid to connect with people you don’t know. LinkedIn allows you to give and get recommendations from people you don’t know. Follow them, comment on their posts, and add them to your network.

Don't Personalize Your Connection Requests on Linkedin

Personally, I tend to accept connection requests more if they don’t have that lengthy, robotic message that just looks like spam. If it looks like spam it probably is!

Follow Up

Same as cold email, keep following up until you get a yes or a “leave me alone” When doing sales, a little persistence will be rewarded.

Reach Out to People Who Engage With Your Posts

You’re going to get more qualified eyes to your profile so you better reach out to your potential customers

An easy way to do this is with Taplio. In the Outreach section you can add post likes or comments to your list, and the application will reach out automatically.

Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your network. Even though this is the fastest way to grow your account, it will take some time.

Consistency Is The Key

Ultimately, your success on LinkedIn is dependent on your dedication to the process laid out here. By adding targeted connections to your network and contributing useful information daily, you will begin attracting clients through your proactive efforts.

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