Linkedin Content Strategy

A Strategy that helps you organize ideas, calendar, and writing schedule.

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Linkedin content strategy
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A Strategy that helps you organize ideas, calendar, and writing schedule.
LinkedIn creates the perfect medium to help business owners develop their personal brand, increase their visibility, raise their brand awareness, and acquire new leads.
Because it’s a social media platform, LinkedIn follows the same general rules as Instagram or Facebook. Gaining more followers makes it easier for you to appear in searches, helps other people learn about your company, and increases your reach toward a broader audience.
LinkedIn recommends posting up to 2 times a day to help establish your presence and voice within your community. But having a LinkedIn content strategy in place can help you focus your efforts, achieve your business objectives and post content that engages your target audience. Let’s discuss the ins and outs of building your own strategy.
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How to create an effective LinkedIn content strategy

Outline your objectives

Whether it’s attracting new employees and customers, or you’re simply focusing on promoting your business, it’s important to set some clear objectives. This will help focus your efforts and influence decisions like selecting the type of content you’re generating or picking a group or event that’s right for your posts.
For example, if your objective is creating brand awareness, you might want to post content like case studies in industry-specific groups.

Know your audience

Whether you’re trying to attract leads or increase your visibility and authority in your field, you need to have a clear idea of who your readers are. Different groups of people will have varying degrees of interest in your content.
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Create engaging content

Gary Vaynerchuk uses emotional images and motivational posts to improve the reach of his personal brand.
Gary Vaynerchuk uses emotional images and motivational posts to improve the reach of his personal brand.
There are a few secrets to creating LinkedIn content that speaks to your readers and gets them to engage:
  • Catch their eye with good-quality images or video content - Adding original video content to your posts might be the best strategy, but it’s often costly and time-consuming to produce.
  • Engage with your audience on an emotional level - Don’t be afraid to stray from the formal, professional post topics. Motivational posts can have a very powerful impact on your readers. Emotion-filled real-life stories can help inspire your readers and bring a sense of realism to the person or people behind the curtains of your company.
  • Use hashtags - The right hashtags will help promote your company’s page on other platforms and make your content easier to discover.
  • Diversify your posts - You can post informative how-to content, create polls, start conversations about topics of interest in your field or simply ask for feedback in order to boost your chances of generating interactions.

Pro Tip - Don’t underestimate the power of Status Updates

Status updates can be fun-sized messages that capture the attention of your readers. You can also use Status Updates to share long-form posts like articles, import posts from other social networks to your LinkedIn page, and mention pages or people you admire.
Keep in mind that your interactions with the content of others can be just as important as getting people to interact with your posts.
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1. Be a constant presence

The road to success is paved with constant involvement. Your LinkedIn content marketing tactical plan should account for 1 to 2 posts per day. This will help increase your visibility and help you stay engaged with your target audience.
Although the number of posts might sound daunting in the beginning, you can save yourself the headache by planning ahead. You can do this by researching your direct competitors’ posts for inspiration, creating topic clusters for your area of interest, and brainstorming with your team.
Use Taplio to browse through relevant posts in your field of interest and generate posts that read just like the ones you write and share.
You should also create a LinkedIn content calendar to help organize your posting schedule and have a clear overview of your posting strategy.
Once you’ve planned out your post and settled on the perfect posting schedule, you can use Taplio to manage posting options and schedule your posts to specific days and hours.

2. Review your analytics

Staying up to date with the data your posts are generating is a vital part of your business’s development. Use Taplio’s chrome extension to quickly access essential LinkedIn metrics and keep track of your performance.
Once you’re aware of your LinkedIn content performance, you can pinpoint the best content type for each reader category and post accordingly. Then you can fine-tune your posts and work towards improving your metrics and achieving your long-term goals.

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