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How to engage with your LinkedIn audience in 2022?





LinkedIn provides a great platform for professionals, from all over the world, with all types of backgrounds, and from all industries, to connect, learn and grow.

Here is how to engage with your LinkedIn audience.

LinkedIn has more than 830 million members. That's a lot of people you have to connect with if you want to make the most of this powerful networking site.

Here are some tips to help you use LinkedIn as effectively as possible:

Become a master of LinkedIn Groups.

You can join hundreds of professional groups, including groups for software developers, digital marketers, bloggers, and business owners. Today's professional world is filled with so many interesting and knowledgeable people that it's easy to spend days in LinkedIn Groups without ever making a single connection. Focus on the groups that interest you, not just those that have an opportunity for you. Take time to build your profile in these groups before spending time in others. The more active you are in the groups you frequent, the more other members will see your profile and click on it when they're searching for a new connection.

Use your profile.

Using LinkedIn settings is critical for any business owner or professional who wants to make the best use of their social network. Reply to comments that people leave on your profile and engage with them in conversations about why you do what you do and how your company can assist them. Keep an eye out for posts from people who might be interested in products or services from your company.

Post regularly

Your LinkedIn profile will be updated automatically whenever you post on your company's page or on one of your own updates. The more you post, the more often people will see your updates in their feed.

Share content that your network might not already see.

Add value by sharing articles from industry-leading publications like Forbes and Harvard Business Review, as well as industry-specific trade publications such as Oil & Gas Journal or World Pipelines Magazine. When possible, include links to articles in the body of your post as well as in the "bookmark" section at the bottom of each update so that people who don't have time to read an article right away can save it for later.

Be authentic and comprehensive.

When writing posts or responding to comments or questions, try not to sound too salesy — instead be personable and respond honestly when appropriate.

Go beyond text posts to include visuals and video.

LinkedIn has a lot of features that allow you to share content easily, so don't just post text updates. Add visuals and video, too. You can also add polls or quizzes to engage readers.

Schedule Posts

You can schedule posts by using Taplio so they're automatically published at optimal times during the day, which helps ensure they receive maximum exposure on LinkedIn's newsfeeds.

Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement and See Results

  • Document all the milestones & activities that are happening

  • Showcase your work

  • Use keywords in profile and descriptions

  • Ask for recommendations

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