Becoming a LinkedIn Curator - A Growth Hack

Master the Art of LinkedIn Content Curation: Learn How to Curate and Save Engaging Posts on LinkedIn with Our Expert Tips.

Becoming a LinkedIn Curator - A Growth Hack
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The right Linkedin content curation strategy will boost your authority and ease the burden of manual content creation.
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LinkedIn Content Curator: LinkedIn hacks to boost your authority and generate more leads.
The right Linkedin content curation strategy can help you get more leads and boost your authority while easing the burden of manual content creation.
In this post, you’ll find out how to discover and save valuable content on LinkedIn that can grow your business.

What to post on Linkedin?

The classical question, with a classical answer: post content that relates to your target audience (something you should do before promoting yourself) and shows your authority in the industry.
There are lots of things you can post on LinkedIn:
  • Your reaction to a post
  • Answers to questions your audience frequently ask
  • Actionable quotes from other experts in your niche
  • Excerpts from interviews, webinars, or podcasts
  • Screenshots of posts from other experts in your niche
  • Tutorials and how-tos
  • Latest trends and events in the industry
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Why curating content is a growth hack?

Curating content helps build your audience by triggering conversations and other forms of engagement.
When you post curated content that interests your audience, you’ll get more engagement from them, boosting your visibility on LinkedIn.
It doesn’t matter to them who the original author is; what matters is that you’re providing your audience with premium value. This way, you build authority and trust for your brand, leading to audience growth.
People are looking for solutions to their problems, answers to their questions, and tips that’ll make their lives easy. Once they get any of these from your posts, they see you as an authority.

How can LinkedIn help you curate content?

LinkedIn’s search feature is a great way to discover great content.
Type your keyword in the search bar and filter by post, group, people, or events to find a goldmine of related content.
For example, if you want to find posts about answering interview questions, you can type “how to answer interview questions” in the LinkedIn search bar and filter by posts.
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Once you’ve found a LinkedIn user who regularly posts content that’s useful to your audience, use the LinkedIn bell on their profile to subscribe to their future posts.
With this, you'll get a notification whenever they post content on LinkedIn.
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You can only subscribe to LinkedIn users you follow or are connected to.
Join relevant LinkedIn groups to find useful content that you can share with your audience.

Bookmarks, your ongoing curated power-up!

Bookmarks are crucial to your Linkedin content curation strategy as they help you save online content for easy reference.
With LinkedIn’s Save feature, you can easily bookmark interesting posts for future use. To bookmark a post, click on the ellipsis icon beside the post and select the Save option.
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Use this link to see your saved posts on LinkedIn. Otherwise, scroll to the Resources section of your LinkedIn profile and click on Show all 5 resources.
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Click on My items to see all your bookmarked content.
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Then, click on Saved posts to see your saved posts.
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To save interesting content elsewhere on the web, you can use Notion’s Web Clipper or Toby for Chrome.

Other platforms can help, too!

There are lots of useful content on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, and other online forums that you can share on LinkedIn.
You can post a screenshot of a tweet on LinkedIn and include your opinions or captions.
For videos above 15 minutes, you can share a link to a Youtube video on your LinkedIn profile.
Using Google’s search operator, you can find tons of PDFs online to create content from. For example, this Google search query will show you PDFs related to workouts for abs: best workout for abs filetype:pdf
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Summarizing, the way of the curation

What formats can you use, and where to get them?
Not only can you summarize most of the examples given in this article, but you can also go to other platforms and do some cross-pollination.
Two Examples:
  1. Join relevant Twitter Spaces in your niche to get valuable content and note down what was said there.
  1. Search for LinkedIn polls and summarize the results as an interesting fact for your audience to learn from.

Curate the Latest Industry News

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Taplio can help you check all the news from your industry, with our AI-powered search engine. We’ll collect information for you, and you get to decide what to use. Try Taplio for free.

What other formats can you use, with other people, to make your network grow?

Live videos are an excellent way to give shoutouts and grow your network.
Seen a LinkedIn post that's interesting and helpful to your audience? Make a live video talking about the post and acknowledging the original author.
Then, mention the author in the post. When the original author sees the post and engages with it, two things will happen:
  • Your reach will expand to the author’s audience, and
  • You could build rapport with the author.

Best practices when you mention other people or businesses

Use relevant mentions

Tag LinkedIn profiles that are relevant to the content or context of your post instead of tagging them for the sake of it. This way, when you tag people, they are more likely to engage with the post.

Give credit when it’s due

Posted a quote verbatim? Acknowledge the original author if they are on LinkedIn by mentioning them. This shows that you’re credible.

Don’t mention too many users in a post

Not only does this appear spammy, but it’s also bad for the reader as the post will be riddled with lots of mentions.
Start posting on LinkedIn After curating the best content from LinkedIn to serve your audience, the next step is to start posting them periodically. Create a content calendar for the content you’ve gathered, this way, you can decide what to post and when. User our Linkedin Post Formatter to style a compelling text. Schedule your LinkedIn posts so that your content goes live even when you’re not available to post content. Do these and watch how your engagement, visibility, and audience grow because you’ve taken the time to filter the best content for your audience. → Try Taplio for Free

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