LinkedIn for Musicians: 7 Foolproof Tricks To Market Your Brand

In this guide, we’ll share with you some useful tricks to successfully showcase your talent on LinkedIn for musicians.

LinkedIn for Musicians: 7 Foolproof Tricks To Market Your Brand
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Read on to learn how you can create a marketable professional brand on LinkedIn for musicians through engaging posts and content.
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LinkedIn for Musicians: 7 Foolproof Tricks To Market Your Brand
Your journey to musical stardom starts by showcasing your exceptional artistic brand. There’s no better place to highlight your talent and creativity than LinkedIn for musicians. With millions of users worldwide, this platform can help you grab people’s attention and emphasize what sets your music apart within your genre.
By creating an optimized and memorable LinkedIn profile, people will notice more of the compositions and performances you can offer to the industry. It can pave the way to vast opportunities and collaborations that will be beneficial for your success.
In this guide, we’ll share with you some useful tricks to successfully showcase your talent on LinkedIn for musicians.
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Benefits of LinkedIn for Musicians

Here are some of the benefits that await musicians with impressive LinkedIn profiles:
  • You can connect with other musicians in the industry and reach out to them for collaborations.
  • You can create professional relationships with recording studios, producers, sponsors, brands, sound engineers, DJs, bands, and more.
  • Discover the latest trends in the industry through discussions among other professional musicians.
  • Showcase your musical creativity to a massive online community of over 800 million professionals.
  • Present yourself as an artist with excellent professionalism and a reputable name in the industry.

7 Tips to Build and Grow on LinkedIn as a Musician

Your goal on LinkedIn is to market yourself as a professional musician. So when you enter this platform, you’re not just a musical artist but also a business person who sells their brand to the online community.
What’s the key to effectively marketing your brand? Simple—make it memorable and eye-catching, as if you’re proud to share your achievements, talents, skills, and creations.
Here are some ways to make excellent LinkedIn for musicians' profiles:

1. Create a Unique Profile

There are over 900 million users on LinkedIn and you probably don’t want to be a mere part of this statistic. So, you should strive to make your profile as distinctive as possible to stand out from the crowd.
Well, this sounds easier than done. There are some easy ways to make a not-so-typical LinkedIn profile:
  • Use a headshot of you in professional attire as your profile photo.
  • Add a banner that reflects your creativity as a musician. You can use a quote from your song on an artistic background, a snapshot of your instrument, or an image of you singing inside a studio, etc.
  • Make your headline engaging. It should leave an impression to readers that you’re a sought-after, talented musician. You may use Taplio’s Headline Generator to perfectly utilize music-related keywords to highlight your skills or achievements.
E.g. “Senior music director and music technology expert. Composes music for film, television, and other media.
  • Your “About” section should inform the readers of what you can offer as a musician—are you a singer, instrument player, composer, or DJ? You can also indicate here some milestones in your career like your award-winning hits, collaborating with other popular artists, or working for top-notch labels or studios.

2. Write High-Quality Posts

One way to portray yourself as a competent musician is to post content that is valuable to people who are in the musical industry or are simply curious to know more about your musical creation.
For instance, you can write a 1000-word reaction article for a recent musical event or concert you’ve attended. Provide your subjective view about the performance as well as explain some technical aspects that you find amusing (or even disappointing).
You can also upload new music or video performances that will showcase your capabilities as an artist. Make sure that your uploads are polished so viewers can see your potential, helping you build a strong following.
You can take advantage of automation tools and AI to churn out content for your profile. But make sure that every post you create will be fascinating and valuable to your target audience.
If you’re looking for some inspiration for your LinkedIn profile postings, check out some of our recommendations below:
  • List of songs and musical compositions you’ve produced.
  • Informative articles about music theory
  • Share your songwriting/composition journey
  • Explain the latest musical trends
  • Share video games, TV series, and films where your musical creation was featured

3. Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

Build a habit of posting high-value content in your profile to keep your followers engaged. Your brand will most likely retained in the memory of other users if you have a consistent posting schedule.
However, it can be challenging to generate engaging content on a regular basis. Furthermore, you should also consider the day and time when follower engagement is high. Taplio’s scheduling tool can assist you in crafting a robust publishing schedule that is based on recent data from LinkedIn followers.

4. Like, Repost, and Reply to Others’ Posts

Interacting with other musicians and professionals on LinkedIn is one way to expand your network. So every time you read or watch posts from other users, you can like, repost, or comment on them to share how the content piqued your interest.
Your likes and reposts are visible to the public, so they can serve as a reflection of what type of a musician you are. On the other hand, your replies allow you to convey your thoughts to other users, which can be a good starting point to foster a professional relationship with them.

5. Automate Direct Messages

While LinkedIn for musicians is a place to flex their skills, experience, and musical prowess,  you can also send direct messages to your prospective clients or people who might be interested in collaborating with you.
You don’t have to be a top-notch wordsmith to compel people to respond to your DMs, but it’s important that they’re personalized and not just that straight from a “one-size-fits-all” template.
Taplio’s Auto DM can help you efficiently craft messages to your targeted leads. It also sends personalized messages to people who like, repost or comment on your posts.

6. Share Visual Content

LinkedIn itself said that people are 60,000 times more receptive to visual content than text. So posting visual content in your profile is a sure way trick to grab people’s attention on Linkedin for musicians.
Since music is the primary product you sell in your profile, it’s best to incorporate an engaging video with your songs or compositions. Match your video’s aesthetics to your music’s theme to make it more compelling and memorable.

7. Get More Leads for Your Professional Music Career

The tips mentioned above ought to help your profile stand out from other musicians on LinkedIn. Now, it’s time to maximize the leads you can generate to expand your contacts in the musical industry.
As an artist, you must expose your creativity and skills to more audiences. So, let your profile include videos of your musical compositions in various media. Put links that will redirect your audience to online platforms where your works are uploaded such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, and YouTube.
To easily create engaging content to grow your brand, you can use automation tools to help you craft compelling posts. Follow our 17-minute personal branding strategy for a sure way to generate more leads and connect with key players in the industry.

10 Musician Accounts You Should be Following on LinkedIn

Are you a musician eyeing to build an impeccable LinkedIn profile? Here are some accounts you can refer to ensure that yours will market well to the industry.

1. Eric Kalver

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Eric Kalver brilliantly highlighted his works and achievements in his profile. Using videos and images, he effectively conveyed how he produced astounding compositions for popular entertainment media.

2. Tim Beck

Tim Beck focused on showcasing his extensive professional music experiences and recommendations, making his profile a perfect example of a compelling brand.

3. Mike Turner

This music supervisor posts a lot of videos and images to showcase his deep knowledge of music editing, composition, and integration. He also featured a video introduction of himself as a form to greet his potential followers.

4. Anton Mosted

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Anton Mosted’s banner smartly showcases how his music helps one of the largest entertainment studios on the planet. More importantly, his posts provide fascinating updates in the world of pop music.

5. Karyn Rachtman

Karyn Rachtman’s profile effectively communicates her expertise and work values. Her candid posts add a personal touch to her brand that makes it more relatable to other professionals.

6. Sergio Pimentel

With over 3,800 followers, Sergio Pimentel’s profile has lots of engaging posts sharing his personal and professional experiences in the music industry. People are not only entertained by his posts but also learn something valuable.

7. Amelia Closkey

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Amelia Closkey’s profile is far from the typical. It has tons of posts of her recent works as a music supervisor, showcasing her commendable talent and professionalism.

8. Irma de Wind

Irma de Wind always updates her followers on her latest creative works featured in video games. She uses visual content to express her passion and dedication in the field.

9. Dan Neale

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This UK-based musician keeps his followers’ attention by posting his latest musical works and milestones in his professional career.

10. Toby Williams

Toby William’s profile uses short-form video content to share his musical works and latest collaborations with big brands and studios. He also leverages his recent achievements to build a strong presence on LinkedIn.

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