Step-By-Step Guide To Doing Outreach on LinkedIn

Make LinkedIn your primary source for leads with effective outreach. Read our guide for tips and templates.

Step-By-Step Guide To Doing Outreach on LinkedIn
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1. Generate quality leads on LinkedIn with a successful outreach strategy. Learn every step you need.
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Outreach on LinkedIn: A Step-By-Step Guide Including Templates
There are a lot of opportunities to generate good quality leads, increase your reach, and improve your bottom line on LinkedIn. But only if your strategy is on point.
For many marketers, outreach on LinkedIn is a primary source for generating leads. You can get exceptional results if you do your research. Our “The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Outreach in 2023” post is a good starting point if you are eager to dip your toes into cold outreach.
This article is a continuation of that guide, where we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on outreach, tips for success, and a few effective templates that you can adapt and use.

Doing Outreach on LinkedIn in 6 Easy Steps

This section will provide you with a step-by-step guide to creating and implementing a LinkedIn outreach strategy that works.

Identify Your Target Audience

You’ll need to start by identifying your target audience so you’ll know who you want to reach out to. Build personas that align with your ideal customer. Define their profiles based on a number of factors, such as industry, job titles, and demographics.
This will help you narrow down your search and find targeted leads. Once you have done this, you can use LinkedIn’s search features to find leads that match your criteria.

Find Leads and Create Lists

The next step in the process is to search for people on LinkedIn that match your buyer persona. You can do this through the basic filters available with your LinkedIn account or through Sales Navigator.
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Sales Navigator has many advanced search filters that will allow you to hyper-target your ideal prospects. Once you do that, you can create a list of your prospects. You can do this easily through Taplio’s “Contacts” feature in the CRM section.
  • Click “Create New List”
  • Specify a list name and click “Create”
  • Add the search URL from Sales Navigator
  • Click “Import”
  • Click “Add People”
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Craft Your Outreach Message

The success of your cold outreach on LinkedIn will mainly depend on how good your message is. To improve your reply rate, you need to ensure that your message is personalized, short, and straightforward.
Whether you send an InMail, a DM, or a connection request, your message should have the following:
  • Hook
  • A personalized introduction
  • Purpose of your message
  • A solution to a pain point
  • CTA
Your LinkedIn outreach message template doesn’t have to be too complicated. Check out these 12 outreach templates to get some inspiration when you are crafting your message.

Automate the Process

With so many LinkedIn outreach tools available, automating the mundane tasks associated with the outreach process is easier than ever. Automate LinkedIn outreach with a tool like Taplio.
With Taplio, you can create lists based on people that engage with your posts. You can also send DMs and InMails in bulk to those on your lists.
Auto DM is another effective feature that allows you to automatically send a DM to those who reply or comment on your posts.
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Outreach and lead gen automation on LinkedIn can help you save a lot of time and streamline your process.

Monitor Responses

Whether you choose to send your cold outreach messages on Linkedin manually or through Taplio, you’ll need to monitor your account regularly for responses.
If a prospect responds to your outreach message, you’ll need to respond to them as soon as possible. Your response should be polite, friendly, and warm. Make sure your messages don’t come across as too robotic or salesy.

Follow-Up and Nurture

Whenever a prospect responds to your message, it is an opportunity for you to nurture them until they convert. You’ll need strong communication and people skills to succeed here.
Be empathetic and open to listening to the specific problem of your prospect. This will allow you to customize your response and pitch. Ask questions that will allow you to understand their pain points and present a personalized solution.
Continue to follow up on a regular basis without being spammy to convert your prospects.

Pro Outreach Tips for Success

Now you have the step-by-step plan to do outreach on LinkedIn and the right tool for the job. We’ve put together a few pro tips to improve your chances of success.

Warm Up Your Account

You can’t open a new account on LinkedIn and start sending cold outreach messages. You’ll need to warm up your account by sending a couple of connection requests manually daily.
If you start sending 40-50 connection requests every day, your account may be flagged for spam. Ideally, you shouldn’t be sending more than 30 connection requests on a free LinkedIn account and 50 connection requests if you have a Sales Navigator.

Use Hyper-Personalization

If you want to improve your response rate and acceptance rate for connection requests, you’ll need to use hyper-personalization to craft your messages.
Each message you send should be tailored to your specific prospect. If you send the same message to everyone, it will come across as spam. People generally tend to respond well to messages that are personalized because it shows them that you put in the time to craft your message.

Keep the Daily Limits in Mind

Don’t go overboard with your outreach efforts. Be mindful of your daily limits. You’ll have a limited quota of InMail messages you can send. If you send too many connection requests at once, your account could be flagged or even suspended.

Don’t be Salesy

If your messages come across as spammy or salesy, they’ll get ignored. Don’t make your messages all about you or your company. Instead, focus on building a genuine relationship.
Be interested in your prospects and the problems they face, and try to connect with them on a human level. This genuine approach will take you far.

Delete Old connection Requests

Once you start focusing on doing outreach on LinkedIn, you’ll quickly accumulate a lot of unanswered connection requests. In some cases, restrictions may be placed on your ability to send any new requests if you have too many unanswered requests.
If you have sent a connection request and follow-up messages and haven’t received a response in several months, it may be a good time to simply delete the request.

Be Aware of Time Zone Differences

When you send a message is just as important as what you write in your message. Not everyone will be living in your time zone. Consider these time differences to send a message when your target audience is likely to be online.
You can also schedule the messages in advance, so they’ll be sent exactly when it is convenient for your prospects to receive them.

Follow Up Consistently

People are busy and often caught up in multiple responsibilities. They may not respond to your message even if they are interested.
If your prospect doesn’t respond to your initial message or connection request, send a follow-up message.

Best Templates for Outreach on LinkedIn

Now that you know everything you need to know to do cold outreach on LinkedIn successfully, all that’s left is introducing you to a few of the best outreach templates for different scenarios. Let’s dive in!

Connection Request Message Templates

Friendly Message

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Hi, (Name).
I read your post on (pain point) today. I agree with the points you mentioned and especially loved how you connected it all together to highlight (a specific aspect). Would love to connect and brainstorm if you are open!
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Hey (firstname),
I came across your LinkedIn profile and was so excited to come across someone with a background in (industry) and a passion for (AreaOfInterest). I’d like to connect and exchange a few ideas.

Connecting After an Event

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Hi, (Name).
Yesterday’s event on (topic) was absolutely impressive. So many things to learn about (topic)! It was great seeing you there as well.
Would love to stay in touch so we can exchange ideas, and I’d like to learn from your experience.

Cold Message Templates

Connecting With Someone in a Group

notion image
Hi (name),
I’m (your name), and I work for (company). I noticed you are also a member of (LinkedIn Group) and have some helpful insights on (a topic they commented on). If you are open to it, I’m interested in learning more about (the topic). Are you available for a quick call this week?

Initial Pitch

notion image
Hi (name),
I work with (company name), and they have developed a (description of service or product) that will really address the (pain point). I think it will fit in quite well with your process at (prospect’s company).
Do you have some time next week to discuss this?

Flattering Your Prospect

notion image
Hello (name),
I’ve been following your account for some time, and it has been a pleasure to see how well you’ve done with (their company name). I’m especially impressed that you were able to (their recent achievement).
I’ve worked on several similar projects in the past and would love to discuss more. Are you available for a call next week?

Follow-Up After Accepted Connection Invitation

notion image
Hi (name),
Thank you for accepting my connection request.
I spent some time yesterday exploring the possibilities of using (solution) to solve (pain point). I’d love to hear your opinion on this since you have first-hand experience in (industry/specialization area).

InMail Templates

If your prospect hasn’t accepted your connection invite, it is still possible to reach them through LinkedIn InMail.

Product Pitch

notion image
Hey (name),
I’m (your name). I tried reaching out to you earlier through a LinkedIn invite, but we didn’t get a chance to connect.
I’ve been following your work with (company name) and am impressed with your dedication and experience in (area of specialization). I believe you are the perfect person to introduce you to our (product/service).
Our product is designed by (company name) and is created to help you with (benefit).
If you’re up for it, I’d love to schedule a quick call for a personalized demo so you can see how it works.
(your name)

Mutual Friend

notion image
Hi (name),
Hope you’re doing well. My friend (mutual connection) recommended I connect with you to discuss (pain point). They mentioned how you have been struggling with (pain point), and I believe we can get together to quickly find a solution.
Are you available sometime this week for a quick discovery call? Let me know which time works for you.

Finding Common Points

notion image
Hi (name),
Hope you’re doing well. I’m a follower of (LinkedIn thought leader), and I noticed we both have a lot in common from your comments. I also noticed that you currently work at (company). I’ve worked with (company) in the past, and I’d love to know your opinions on (pain point) and how you currently resolve it. Let’s find some time to connect over a phone call this week.
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