LinkedIn for Nonprofits: 7 Smart Strategies To Grow Your Online Presence

Maximize your nonprofit's impact on LinkedIn with 7 key strategies for growth and advocacy support.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits: 7 Smart Strategies To Grow Your Online Presence
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Discover 7 top strategies for nonprofits to boost their LinkedIn presence and advocacy support. Learn how to effectively leverage the platform for growth and impact.
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LinkedIn for Nonprofits: 7 Smart Strategies To Grow Your Online Presence
Your nonprofit group misses many opportunities if it’s not on LinkedIn yet. With millions of active audiences, this platform is a great place to hire talents, recruit volunteers, find potential donors, forge partnerships with other groups, and more.
By creating a well-optimized LinkedIn profile for nonprofits, you’ll reach a massive audience of professionals who may join your cause. Hence, this platform is a perfect spot to boost your nonprofit’s visibility and promote your advocacies.
In this guide, we share 7 effective strategies to add LinkedIn to your nonprofit's online marketing campaign.
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Benefits of LinkedIn for Nonprofits

There's a reason why many nonprofits join LinkedIn. Dubbed as the “social networking site for professionals,” creating a robust nonprofit LinkedIn profile leads to:
  • Partnership with other nonprofits, firms, or institutions who share the same cause as yours.
  • Improved visibility of your nonprofit to the online professional community.
  • Recruitment of volunteers and employees that align with your organization’s needs.
  • A compelling brand that encourages people to donate or support your cause.

How To Build a Successful Nonprofit LinkedIn Profile

The key to a successful nonprofit LinkedIn profile is to create one that sparks interest in your group’s advocacies and visions. As much as possible, it must encourage your audience to be part of its projects, events, and other advocacy-related campaigns.
To achieve this, your profile must completely showcase its projects, achievements, and societal contributions. You also need to regularly post content that attracts people to support your cause, interact with other professionals on the platform, and use lead magnets to unlock more opportunities.

1. Keep an Updated Profile

Your LinkedIn profile reflects your organization's identity. All relevant information must be clearly presented so people will get a full picture of what your group stands for. Follow our tips below to make your a compelling profile:
  • Use your nonprofit's logo as the profile picture. The photo must be in high resolution and perfectly fit the frame.
  • Your profile banner must capture your audience's attention. This is usually the first thing that a visitor will see on a LinkedIn profile, so this image must quickly hook someone’s attention. As a nonprofit group, you can use a photo of your beneficiaries, volunteers, events organized, or products donated.
  • Write a headline that describes your organization. Most well-known nonprofits highlight their mission in the headline. For instance, the American Red Cross used a short but powerful statement to express its noble mission: “We prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.” Taplio’s headline generator can help you craft a compelling headline that encapsulates your organization’s identity.
  • Add keywords to your “About” Section. Certain keywords help people find what they want on the internet. By adding keywords in this section, you can boost your online visibility to people who might be looking for nonprofits like you. For instance, if you’re an environmental nonprofit group, you can use keywords like “climate change," "sustainability," “eco-friendly,” and more.
  • Include your nonprofit’s projects and events conducted. Explain your project’s impact on your beneficiaries. You must also indicate the date, place, and number of participants in your projects.
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  • Add recent job openings. You can use your profile to hire employees or recruit volunteers for your organization. Ensure that every opening includes a detailed job description and corresponding benefits.
  • Include testimonials from your previous employees, volunteers, or partner groups. Testimonials and recommendations are necessary to pad your nonprofit’s reputation, so don’t hesitate to ask people you previously worked with.

2. Post Content Related To Your Advocacies

People will gain more insight into your group by sharing content about its advocacies, projects, events, and achievements. Posting such content not only raises awareness about the issues your nonprofit group aims to address but also serves as an avenue to seek support from the public.
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Suppose your nonprofit advocates for children's healthcare and nutrition in remote areas. If you want to convince people to support your cause, you can post your latest fundraising events for your feeding programs or articles that will open the audience's mind about the health situation in those areas.
You can also use the power of storytelling to make compelling content. Touching people's emotions through heartwarming stories is an effective way to spark inspiration and compel them to join your campaigns.
For instance, you can feature success stories of your beneficiaries who overcame their struggles thanks to your organization's volunteer work. If people see how impactful your efforts are to your beneficiaries, they'll likely become interested in working with you.

3. Build a Regular Posting Schedule

More people will see your nonprofit's advocacy if its profile frequently appears in people's feeds. So, it's advisable to regularly post high-quality content to keep your organization on top of your audience's minds.
You don't have to publish tons of write-ups every day just for the sake of consistency. In fact, 3 to 4 high-quality, weekly posts are enough to keep your followers engaged. The quality of your posts must be the priority rather than the quantity, so give yourself ample time to generate fresh ideas and draft your post.
However, you'll surely hit a wall where you can't come up with a new topic to discuss. At these times, AI-powered writing assistants such as Taplio can help you generate engaging ideas to keep the gears moving. There's also Taplio’s post scheduler, which allows you to queue your pre-made posts automatically on certain dates.

4. Like, Share, and Comment

LinkedIn is all about networking, and you can't be successful here without interacting with other members. So, like, repost, or share well-made posts that are aligned with your nonprofit's advocacies. You can also comment to express your appreciation, share your two cents on insightful content, or answer people's questions.
Every interaction you make on LinkedIn is visible to the public, so when you like or comment on a post, people will get a glimpse of your organization's vision and ideas. Moreover, if people see that your nonprofit always provides valuable comments, they might take the initiative to connect with you.

5. Use Direct Messages

Sending DMs can help your nonprofit’s growth and success. If you’re in need of sponsors or donors for your upcoming events, you can reach out to companies and other organizations to ask for their support. You can also send messages to professionals who want to be part of your team or volunteers who are seeking opportunities to contribute their skills and knowledge to your cause.
With Taplio, you can automate your DM writing process and send it to your prospects. There’s also Taplio’s CRM feature that generates lists of posts’ likers and commenters so you can send them personalized DMs.

6. Transform Texts Into Visuals

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One of your goals on LinkedIn is to hook your audience’s attention in seconds. Well-written advocacy-related posts are great, but they’re useless if people refuse to read them because they look plain and boring.
Adding visual elements to your posts can capture people’s attention. As a nonprofit, here are some visual post ideas you can try:
  • Live videos of your recent events and volunteer activities.
  • Posters and slogans for your nonprofit’s campaigns.
  • Infographics that can raise awareness about your advocacies.
  • Polls to get people’s insights and opinions about an issue.
  • Charts and graphs to visualize data presented in your posts.
  • Video of your interviews with your beneficiaries

7. Utilize Lead Magnets and LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for lead generation. You can use it to get contact details of potential volunteers, donors, partner organizations, or professionals that you might reach out to in the future to support your programs. LinkedIn Ads are one way to boost your organization’s online presence and start forging relationships with other members of the platform.
You can also use lead magnets such as free webinars, eBooks, or any other downloadable assets that your prospects might find helpful, so they’ll be eager to share their email addresses with you.

10 Nonprofits You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

Now that you know how to optimize your profile on LinkedIn for nonprofits and expand its network, let's take a look at some profiles as references to what a compelling brand looks like.

1. National Wildlife Federation

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The National Wildlife Federation is a US-based nonprofit organization that aims to unite Americans in a commitment to preserve wildlife in a rapidly changing world. This organization conducted a lot of conferences, roundtable discussions, and conventions related to their advocacy.

2. National Parks Conservation Association

The main advocacy of this nonprofit group is to protect 400+ American parks, landscapes, and seashores and inspire generations to visit and care for these places.

3. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian support and protection during natural catastrophes, war, and other emergencies. This organization also teaches life-saving skills to various communities to expand their network of volunteers during crises.

4. American Cancer Society

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This nonprofit group strives to put an end to cancer through research and patient support. They also aim to raise awareness to detect, treat, and survive this deadly disease.

5. Make-A-Wish America

Based in Arizona, Make-A-Wish America is a wish-granting nonprofit organization that serves children with critical illnesses. Currently, the Make-A-Wish network operates in over 50 countries worldwide and grants over 500,000 wishes.

6. Habitat for Humanity International

This Christian housing organization helps homeless families and individuals find decent shelter to live in. With its team of volunteers, this group helps its beneficiaries build their homes and afford their mortgages.

7. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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This nonprofit organization is one of the largest groups dedicated to ending blood cancers worldwide. They support research for blood cancer treatments and cures. They also provide support and education to people who have these diseases.

8. The Nature Conservancy

Founded in 1951, TNC’s mission is to create innovative solutions to face current issues in nature preservation. This nonprofit organization has protected over 117 million acres of land and over 5000 miles of rivers across countries.

9. WWF

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WWF is an independent, nonprofit organization aiming to protect and restore natural habitats and stop the mass extinction of wildlife due to human activities.

10. Global Rights for Women

This nonprofit group strives to make a world where women can enjoy freedom, justice, and equity. They work collaboratively with institutions and other nonprofit groups to keep women safe and free from oppression.
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