How to repurpose content for LinkedIn
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Learn how to repurpose your content in different formats and platforms to reach a wider audience, save time, and improve search engine rankings.
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Why You Should Repurpose Your Content: Tips and Examples for LinkedIn
You’re drastically limiting your content creation ROI if you’re not repurposing your content into multiple formats for multiple channels. It’s like buying new clothes every day and only wearing them once.
After publishing great content for your audience, don’t let it remain in one location or format. Leverage all of your hard work by repurposing your content so that your ideal audience can consume your content in many ways.
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Today, you’ll discover the whats, whys, and hows of content repurposing. We’ll show you 10 examples of repurposed content so you can apply these ideas to your content strategy on Linkedin.

What does it mean to repurpose your content?

Repurposing your content refers to
  • Reusing it by remodelling it into a new format
  • Transforming it for use across different platforms, including Linkedin, such that they adapt to the nature of these platforms
Content repurposing goes beyond distributing content across different platforms. The content must adapt to the platforms where you distribute them. Example: to repurpose your 3,000-word blog post for YouTube, you must make it into a video since YouTube is a video platform.
Repurpose content: REfresh content for a new PURPOSE.

Why should you repurpose content?

You save time, get more traffic, and improve your search engine rankings when repurposing content for social media and other platforms.
When repurposing content, you might need extra help managing and scheduling what you will publish. Check out our list of Scheduling Tools for LinkedIn.

Content repurposing is a huge time saver

You’re not creating content from scratch. Instead, you’re remixing your existing content to create something new. This drastically reduces the time it takes you to produce new content.

You reach a wider audience

Imagine all the traffic you miss out on if your masterpiece article is only available on your blog.
Some of your audience prefer videos to text. Making a YouTube video from your article means you can now reach those people. Consider using tools to turn LinkedIn posts into videos and repost them.
Repurposing your content also makes it visible to those who may have missed it the last time you posted it.
When repurposing your article for ten new platforms, you automatically tap into the traffic from these new sources.

Improved rankings on search engines

Google crawls the big social media platforms with high frequency and priority. Repurposing your blog post as a LinkedIn post with a backlink to your original article means your article can get indexed faster.

What content can be repurposed?

You can repurpose virtually any type of content as long as it’s valuable to your audience. The best kind of content to repurpose are:
  • Evergreen content
  • High-traffic content
  • Content that needs updating.
These could be videos, text, images or audio.

Video: You can repurpose your videos from

  • Video hosting and social media platforms
  • Conferences
  • TV shows
  • Interviews
  • Webinars
  • Online courses
  • Documentaries

Text: These can be your

  • Blog posts or articles
  • Whitepapers or reports,
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies,
  • eBooks,
  • Social media posts
  • Answers to questions on social media, blogs or forums

Images: Images you can repurpose include your

  • Social media images
  • Infographics
  • Blog images

Audio: These include

  • Podcasts
  • Radio interviews
  • Audiobooks
  • Twitter space

How can you repurpose content?

There are many ways to breathe new life into your content. Most of these strategies can also work in reverse.
  • Repackage your Linkedin content as an answer to a question on social media or forums like Quora or Reddit
  • Turn long-form content into an online course
  • Update old blog posts with new information and internal links to gather fresh traffic
  • Write a Linkedin post expanding on an idea from your original blog post
  • Turn interesting or funny parts of your video into GIFs or memes
  • Pull out powerful or interesting quotes or stats from your content and turn them into graphics for social media
  • Screenshot a post from one platform and post it on another platform with an interesting caption
  • Make a live video where you discuss key points from your case study
  • Round up your best content on a topic into a freebie to grow your email list
  • Transcribe and polish your podcast into a blog post
  • Publish a video of your podcast on Youtube
  • Turn your podcast into a Twitter space
  • Summarize your whitepaper into an infographic for social media
  • Break up parts of your blog post and send them as newsletters to your email list
  • Create an infographic from the results of your Facebook poll
  • Edit the most interesting parts of a video into a shorter video
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10 examples of repurposed content

Most of the content you’ll see today is repurposed content. Check out these ten examples to get ideas for your next post.

1. Moz turns their Whiteboard Friday videos into blog posts

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2. Semrush turned a part of their SWOT analysis guide into a Tweet

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3. Unmesh Dinda turned some stills from his YouTube video into an Instagram post

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4. Every Wednesday, Convince & Convert transforms their previous week’s best podcast episode into a blog post.

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5. CopyBlogger turned one of their hottest blog posts, The 3-Step Journey to a Remarkable Piece of Content, into a slide deck that has gained over 100,000 views on SlideShare.

6. Stemjar created an infographic for Pinterest from their Pippali blog post.

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7. Gary Vaynerchuk repurposed his How to make 64 pieces of content in a day post as a LinkedIn carousel and a SlideShare deck.

8. AdEspresso converted their popular blog post on social proof marketing into a SlideShare presentation and an eBook.

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9. Social Media Examiner turned their podcast episode into a blog post.

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10. Looka created a YouTube video from their guide on selecting logo fonts.

5 tips for repurposing content on Linkedin

Remember these five tips when repurposing content for LinkedIn:
  • Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags help users understand what your LinkedIn post is about. They also help more users find your content when they search for the hashtag or follow it.
Use up to three relevant hashtags at the end of your post. Test different hashtags to see what brings the best views and engagement.
  • Use LinkedIn articles for long-form content: You can expand on a few sections of your blog post as a LinkedIn article and send backlinks to the original blog posts.
Unlike normal LinkedIn posts, with LinkedIn articles, you can control your formatting and anchor texts for better SEO.
  • Make your first 200 characters count: When you post on LinkedIn, only the first 200 characters are visible. The rest will only be visible when you click …see more just below the text.
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Make your first 200 characters captivating enough for users to read the rest of your post. Otherwise, they’ll scroll away to something else.
  • Feature your best content at the top of your profile: Just like Twitter, you can pin your most popular or recent posts to your LinkedIn profile using the Feature on top of profile option on your posts.
  • Answer questions in the comments: For example, someone asks for tips on acing a web3 developer interview and you’ve made a podcast on that topic. Summarize the main points as an answer to the question on LinkedIn and refer the user to the podcast for more information.

Start repurposing your content today

Don’t allow your published content to stay dormant in one format or one channel only. Spin it till you can no longer squeeze every creative juice out of it. You worked hard to create that content, so don’t let it go to waste.
Content repurposing isn’t just all about breaking down long content into short content or combining short content into long content. Sometimes, it’s about making your long content bigger and better.
Instead of always investing in creating new content from scratch, figure out how to breathe new life into your existing content. Work smarter, not harder.
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