How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to schedule LinkedIn posts on your company or personal page.

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Learn how to schedule posts on LinkedIn for free. Save time and keep your online presence consistent.
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How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts in advance: a guide for personal and company pages
As more and more people use the internet, influencers and professionals need to stay active on sites like LinkedIn. You can reach your target audience better and engage with them more.
But publishing content every day is daunting, especially if you're busy. That's why scheduling posts on LinkedIn is your life savior.
In this guide, we'll walk you through how to schedule LinkedIn posts on your company or personal page. We'll also discuss the top benefits of keeping your online presence more consistent.
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Can I Schedule Posts on LinkedIn?

No, you can't schedule your posts directly through LinkedIn. It doesn't have scheduling features that would let you do this.
Instead, you must link your company or personal page to a third-party app. Don't worry because these tools are intuitive, convenient, and affordable. Match these apps with proven LinkedIn tips and strategies, and you can create robust campaigns.
Clearview Social
Taplio (Best Option!)
Personal Pages
Company Pages
Personal and Company Pages
For instance, Hootsuite has features for scheduling posts for personal pages on LinkedIn. But if you want to schedule content on company pages, you can use Clearview Social. You can also take advantage of Taplio if you need a dashboard for personal and company-related posts.

How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts Using Taplio?

Whether you're posting on a company or personal page, Taplio makes it easy with its simple features. You can create better content, schedule them, and monitor their performance on LinkedIn.
Here's how to schedule LinkedIn posts using Taplio:

Step 1. Create compelling content.

Before you learn how to schedule posts on LinkedIn, you must have compelling and relevant content ready. If not, you'll need to spend hours brainstorming and creating your posts.
What makes Taplio stand out is its LinkedIn post inspiration tool. You can browse through tons of viral posts on LinkedIn. You'll get fresh ideas for your niche using AI technology.
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To create compelling content, search for a topic on Tapio's dashboard. It will automatically find viral posts that you can edit manually or with the help of AI.
Other than this, Tapio's AI technology also generates relevant content for your LinkedIn page. It also shows you timely news to keep your company or personal page active.
Don't know how to create compelling content for your personal page? See how to promote yourself on LinkedIn in our post.

Step 2. Schedule content releases.

One way to schedule posts on LinkedIn is through Taplio's 'Schedule Content' feature. It's the clock icon beside the 'Post Now' and 'Add to Queue' buttons.
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Upon clicking the 'Schedule Content' button, it'll let you choose your preferred date and time of posting. After that, click the 'Schedule' button, and your post will be good to go.
Take note this feature works better for LinkedIn curators with personal LinkedIn pages. It helps you boost your presence and build your branding.
Unfortunately, this feature may not be optimal for a LinkedIn company or team page. Instead, you can try out the 'Add to Queue' button.

Step 3. Add content to your queue manager.

If you're handling a larger team or business, you'd want more flexibility in your LinkedIn content strategy. You want to schedule your posts at optimal times of the day.
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You can schedule multiple contents in a single click with Taplio's Add to Queue button. You only need to fill up your content calendar and re-order your posts based on your preferences.

Step 4. Monitor your analytics.

While scheduling posts help boost your online presence, you should check their performance with LinkedIn analytics tools. Look at their views, engagements, and shares.
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To do this, simply go to the Analytics section of Taplio. You'll see a summarized list of your KPIs, top posts, and statistics.
Use this information to tailor your content to your target audience. They'll become more engaged with your posts.

What are the Benefits of Scheduling Posts on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the best sites to grow your reach and earn more leads. It has millions of users from over a hundred countries. But how can scheduling posts on LinkedIn do more for your brand?
Here are the top benefits of learning how to schedule LinkedIn posts on your company or personal page:
  • Save Time: You'll no longer spend endless hours creating content for your LinkedIn page. On top of that, your posts will also be consistent and smooth.
  • More Online Presence and Traffic: Timely and relevant posts create a better online presence. More individuals are likely to click on your content and visit your page.
  • More Conversions and Leads: LinkedIn users are usually professionals and experts. They're more targeted and are likely to engage with your page.
Converting your online traffic to leads is a step to building your online visibility. Learn how Taplio is also a LinkedIn lead generation tool here.

Wrapping It Up

LinkedIn doesn't offer scheduling features directly on its platform. But with the help of third-party tools like Taplio, you can post more content and remain active with your audience.
When choosing the scheduling tool for your LinkedIn page, consider what fits your budget and needs. Reach out to Taplio today and see how we can help.

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