Taplio vs MagicPost: Features, Pricing, and More

Taplio and MagicPost are great choices for LinkedIn growth. Both tools include features to simplify post-generation and scheduling. But which one is the right fit for your business? 

Taplio vs MagicPost: Features, Pricing, and More
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We’ll compare Taplio and Supergrow best features and pricing plans so you can pick one that will get you more LinkedIn exposure, connections, and engagement.
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Taplio vs MagicPost: Features, Pricing, and More
Among LinkedIn members, 4 out of 5 drive business decisions.
So, how can you stand out on LinkedIn and connect with the right people?
You could spend countless hours crafting the perfect post, searching for relevant content, asking for recommendations, and replying to every comment or DM.
Or you can speed up the process with Taplio or MagicPost. Not sure which one is the best choice for you? Let's break down Taplio's and MagicPost's features and capabilities to help you determine the right LinkedIn tool for you and your business.

LinkedIn Posts Writing

MagicPost's AI-powered features help you create engaging content from scratch. Give MagicPost a topic, select the content type and tone, and choose a topic that reflects your brand identity. You can edit it, post it immediately, schedule it for later, or save it as a draft.
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Like MagicPost, Taplio can create new LinkedIn posts starting with a short prompt. In addition to this, Taplio shortens the editing time as you can have its AI add a hook, include a CTA, adjust the tone, or expand the content.
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Running low on ideas? Taplio can generate highly personalized content based on your profile description, topics of interest, and how much freedom you give it.

LinkedIn Carousels

Between these tools, only Taplio can help you diversify your content format and create carousels for LinkedIn engagement.
You can use Taplio's AI generator and turn blog articles, web pages, or YouTube videos into carousels.
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Idea Inspiration

MagicPost helps you find new ideas through its Idea Generator. Type your subject and select the categories that best match your brand voice. MagicPost will not create an entire post, but you can use its AI writer to generate a post.
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Taplio has more tools to help you find captivating ideas for your next posts.
First, it can find what's going viral on LinkedIn beyond your feed. Taplio analyzes your account settings and finds the most relevant viral posts for you. You can filter the results by date, country, platform, or authors.
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If you want more control over the results, you can try Taplio's Search Mode. It will still find you what's trending, but you manually select the topic.
You can get more official information about your industry with the News Finder. Taplio will fetch the most recent and relevant news, which you can share or turn into a post by adding your point of view. All you must do is tell Taplio if you agree or disagree.

Content Management

Both tools allow you to maintain an active LinkedIn presence without creating and posting new content daily.
You can sync relevant posts or topics to highlight significant business events or milestones and capitalize on the increased attention surrounding the event.
When scheduling LinkedIn content on MagicPost, ensure you've entered the right time and date, as it will not warn you about any mistakes.
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On the other hand, Taplio will notify you about any issues with your scheduled content so you don't miss important opportunities.
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LinkedIn Analytics

MagicPost's features are limited to content creation, so it can't provide you with helpful analytics.
As a LinkedIn-optimized tool, Taplio can help you identify the best content strategy by offering essential information about your post performance and audience engagement. Besides tracking LinkedIn metrics such as number of followers, engagements, profile views, and impressions, Taplio highlights your most successful post.
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This way, you can identify the content tone and format that resonates with your LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn Engagement

MagicPost doesn't have features to simplify LinkedIn engagement. So, you might miss the chance to engage with your leads as you manually go through likes, comments, or shares.
Taplio makes sure you stay on top of your LinkedIn opportunities. Here's how:
  • Contacts lists. Taplio lists the people that engaged with your posts. You can filter the list by engagement type and use Taplio's icebreaker generator to create a personalized message based on their profile.
  • Tracking mentions. You can monitor your brand image, identify opportunities, or better manage a crisis through Taplio's mentions tracking. Taplio will gather and list any LinkedIn post that mentions your profile or company page.
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  • Bulk DMs. Reach out to more relevant connections while saving time by sending bulk DMs. You can send up to 100 DMs daily, and Taplio will send one DM every 10 minutes so LinkedIn doesn't flag your account for spammy behavior. You can personalize each DM with your recipient's name, company, job title, city, etc.
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Lead Database

Struggling to identify and connect with high-quality leads on LinkedIn? Unfortunately, MagicPost doesn't include a lead database.
With Taplio, you can identify and reach out to your future clients through its 3M+ and growing lead database. Find your business persona buyer as you filter the database by country, industry, job level, topics, etc. Or tell Taplio what you're looking for.
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Taplio vs MagicPost: Price Comparison

Which tool gives you the better value for money?
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MagicPost is the cheaper alternative, with plans starting from $9/month. However, even its Lala plan, which costs $49/month, has features limited to content creation and scheduling. So you're missing out on engagement opportunities, advanced analytics, or mentions tracking.
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Taplio plans start at $65/month, but even Starter, its cheapest plan, gives you access to the LinkedIn carousels generator, advanced analytics, and engagement features. Even if it's a more expensive option, Taplio can boost your LinkedIn network and engagement and help you generate millions of impressions and thousands of profile visits. It also amplifies your outreach efforts with its lead database and relationship-builder features.

Taplio vs MagicPost: Which One Is the Best LinkedIn Tool?

To get some traction on LinkedIn without spending too much time or money, MagicPost is the better fit. But even its most expensive plan lacks analytics features, so you can't tell if you're going in the right direction.
You can test MagicPost through its free trial - you can generate 7 posts for free.
Taplio is the better choice if you're looking to accelerate your LinkedIn growth. It streamlines content management, helps you find viral topics, and provides in-depth information to optimize your strategy. Unlike MagicPost, LinkedIn includes features to help you find, reach out, and nurture high-quality leads.
You can test Taplio through its 7-day free trial - no card required. Also, Taplio offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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