10 Proven Tips to Quickly Get Your First 10K Followers on LinkedIn

Discover the top tips to build a LinkedIn audience and grow your business faster.

10 Proven Tips to Quickly Get Your First 10K Followers on LinkedIn
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Discover the top tips to build a LinkedIn audience and grow your business faster.
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From Zero to 10K: Mastering LinkedIn Follower Growth
Once upon a time, LinkedIn was nothing but a job search platform where people posted their professional achievements and random inspirational stories. While it hasn’t entirely changed on that front, it has evolved significantly since 2003.
“Personal Branding” is now the latest buzzword on LinkedIn, with people emphasizing its importance more than ever. Building a solid personal brand on LinkedIn, a platform with 810 Million members, offers endless opportunities whether you are a job seeker, a content creator, or a founder.
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Let’s be honest: a person with 10 followers can hardly make the same impact as someone with 100K followers, even if the content and format are the same. If you aim to build a memorable personal brand, the most critical step is to boost your following.
Many “LinkedIn gurus” preach the benefits of having a high follower count, but only a handful provide actionable tips on organically gaining followers. Most advice is generic, like “post regularly” or “network with experts”, but how should you do it? No one knows.
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How to get your first 10k followers on LinkedIn

If you want to make a mark on LinkedIn with an unforgettable personal brand: keep reading to find out how to get your first 10K followers by reviewing examples of people with impressive LinkedIn profiles who know how to play the game. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

No one pays heed to an empty profile without a headline or profile picture. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital business card so spend time making it presentable.
Moreover, tell people why they should follow you. Your headline informs people of who you are. But also keep it simple: if someone can’t figure out what you do in less than 5 seconds, they’ll get frustrated and click away.
                                                                          Source: [Justin Welsh](<https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinwelsh/>)
Fill your “About section” by giving people an insight into your origin story. Who are you? What do you do? What makes you “you”? Spell it all out in this section.
                                                                          Source: [Neil Patel](<https://www.linkedin.com/in/neilkpatel/>)
Your profile must be discoverable via the LinkedIn search feature to attract as many followers as possible.
<aside> 💡 Add key phrases to your LinkedIn profile that your ideal audience might type into the search bar on LinkedIn.

Define Your Online Persona

Think of it like a movie or TV show, where each character has a defining trait that establishes their motive. Are you “the reporter” talking about the latest industry trends? Or are you “the advisor”, the go-to person who offers tips on making it big?
Whether it is to build credibility as a thought leader or generate leads - having a clear goal that reflects on your profile gives your audience clarity on who you are and where your expertise lies. For instance, when you think entrepreneur: your mind goes to Gary Vee!
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Build Your Network on LinkedIn

Now that your profile and objective are ready to go, it’s time to skyrocket your follower count! People aren’t going to follow you instantly unless you are a celebrity; hence it is crucial to create a strong network. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Send Personalised Connection Requests

Every person is unique, so why send a generic note to all?
If you send a connection request with zero context or send a copy-pasted message to 30 different people, they’ll see right through it and blatantly ignore you. The right way is to send a connection request with a meaningful, concise, and clear message indicating your interest in networking with them.

Interact with Accounts: Big and Small

Interacting doesn’t mean commenting “great share”. Engage meaningfully in the comment section of famous accounts and your network, and perhaps reply to other comments if they align with your thoughts.

Create Value Driven Content

Many creators heavily emphasize the importance of creating valuable content for your audience, but what defines “valuable”? How do you know a piece of content gives value to your followers?
If you are new to the content creation game, here are 5 ways you can take it up a notch:

Follow the Greats

Analyze the posts of industry leaders in your niche, and try to understand what makes their content stand apart. You will observe a standard format followed; try to emulate the same by adding your unique spin.
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Find Ways to Stop the Scroll

If no one ever reads your content, it’s the same as having left it in the notes app. There are many ways to get users to stop scrolling and read through your post. Here’s the formula to master the art of creating a LinkedIn post:
(Catchy Hook + Actionable Advice + Consistent Whitespace + Effective Call to Action)
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Start Creating Content Consistently

Don’t worry if your first post only gets 100 impressions. You get better through repetition, so keep examining each post’s performance and fine-tune your content to get the desired results.
Don’t post and ghost, or you’ll soon become yesterday’s news. Remember, consistency doesn’t mean you must pump out posts twice daily.
It simply means that posting 3x a week is enough as long as you don’t compromise the quality of your content.
Make sure you turn on “Creator Mode” to track your progress as you post!
It is ideal if you learn what and when to post on Linkedin.
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Try Out Different Content Formats

Experiment with different post formats like images, infographics, polls, carousels or even videos because **LinkedIn posts with images get 2x higher engagement
Use the “Poll” feature to garner people’s opinions since it will have many people share their thoughts in the comments. Or it may drum up controversy and get your impression count to 6 digits!
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Static images such as infographics and carousels are also fantastic ways to present information in a bite-sized manner.
You can also go big by creating videos. Videos prove highly effective since you authentically showcase yourself on camera, giving a more conversational feel to your followers.

Join forces with Relevant People

You can collaborate with other seasoned professionals by hosting webinars, answering FAQs, and debunking common industry myths. By collaboration, you also help others build their credibility while fostering genuine relationships.
<aside> 💡 Remember, if you want to succeed: choose collaboration over competition.
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Maintain Authenticity through Storytelling

There is no point in content creation if you steal others’ ideas to get views. Plus, if you’re caught - your personal brand will be tarnished for eternity.
Everyone has a different journey in life, and when you incorporate the power of storytelling in your content, your followers resonate with it and admire your honesty and integrity. Just be yourself, create quality posts that tell your story, and never fear the dreadful “LinkedIn algorithm.

Final Thoughts

A large following is similar to an online community that regularly reads and reshares your content, helping unlock benefits like inbound leads, increased business revenue, and numerous job opportunities. However, you only achieve this goal by consistently creating compelling content. If you follow these tips regularly, you’ll grow from 10 to 1000 to 10000 in a flash!
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Build your Personal Brand.

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