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Read on to find out how to write LinkedIn posts people share so you can strengthen your personal brand.
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How to write LinkedIn posts people share
Everyone wants to write content that goes viral.
For a business, engagement is extremely important because it influences behavioral intention in its customers and can strongly impact a company’s performance.
Unfortunately, even the most interesting topics and masterfully-written phrases can’t always guarantee that people will interact with a post.
Thing is, there is no secret recipe for viral posts.
However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use in order to encourage your readers to engage with your content. Read on to find out how to write LinkedIn posts people share so you can strengthen your personal brand.
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Know your audience

Even though LinkedIn caters to professionals and B2B marketing, your audience is still made of people with real emotions. This means that you have to create content that is both qualitative and informative so can engage your readers on an emotional level.
Most people use LinkedIn to build their brand identity, cement their authority in their field of work, attract talent or get new leads. Whatever your reasons, keep in mind that your posts should be targeted toward a specific audience with very niche interests.
Figure out what your readers are interested in and what type of content they’re more likely to engage with and share. Here are some examples.
  • Latest takes on news, events, and trends.
  • Tidbits of information that can be used as conversation starters.
  • Content with educational value.
  • Content that caters to participatory cultures, like quizzes, polls, open questions, etc.
Dan Price shares his take on the latest news to create viral posts.
Dan Price shares his take on the latest news to create viral posts.
One way to go about this conundrum is by making good use of your analytics. Look at metrics for your past posts and see what works best for your specific audience.
Use Taplio’s chrome extension to monitor your followers and engagement, or use it to find the top LinkedIn content in your industry. It’s free! See a couple of examples:
notion image
notion image
Another thing to keep count of is knowing when to post. Delivering the perfect content at the right time is a winning combination. Find out when your readers are most likely to be online and use Taplio to schedule your posts for specific dates and times.

Learn from your competition

Discover what makes other people’s posts work. Adapt those principles for your own content and for your audience to improve your chances of making your posts go viral.
Check out Taplio’s top 100 LinkedIn posts for a fast countdown of inspiring content from a wide variety of professionals activating in different fields of work.
You can also access Taplio’s 3M+ viral post library and delve into an endless well of new ideas for your future posts. You can also narrow your search and look for specific topics in your industry. See what common elements viral posts in your industry share and use them to tweak and improve your own work.

Connect with your readers

It’s no trade secret that if your aim is to boost sales, then your content should focus on your product’s benefits and not on features. But if you’re going after more engagement, your content should never be salesy. The secret is to focus on your reader’s emotional needs. Here’s how you do it.
  • Stay true to your set of principles and values, be honest and speak your own truth. In other words, be authentic.
  • Be a storyteller and write the type of content that takes your readers on a journey. You’ll need a compelling intro and a satisfying ending.
  • Thread the line between writing as a professional and writing from your heart. Letting your personality shine through your writing, and being vulnerable and thoughtful can open the gateway to your audience’s hearts.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Humor is a great unifier of people, and making your readers smile can greatly increase your chances of attracting interactions.
  • Share your personal stories and meaningful experiences. Trust in the fact that your readers are interested in your unique view and want to connect with you, both as a professional and as a person.
  • Engage your audience by responding to comments. This can spark conversations and boost the visibility of your post.

Create engaging content

Simon Sinek repurposes videos from his conferences to improve the quality of his posts and help them go viral.
Simon Sinek repurposes videos from his conferences to improve the quality of his posts and help them go viral.
Humans are visual creatures, so you should enrich your post with images or video content. Most viral posts feature images and videos. You should try to use images or videos that can make an emotional impact and complement your writing. This makes a post feel personal and authentic, and it encourages people to interact with it.
Remember to use bullet points or to leave gaps between the lines of your text. Life is too short to read neverending blocks of letters, and human eyes love to jump around and scan for important information.
Tip: Use Taplio to get high-fidelity post previews and make sure that the formatting and readability of your posts are tweaked to perfection.
Although there are no actual rules that can make a post go viral, you can use our tips and tricks to boost the number of shares and interactions your content gets.
Get post ideas and create content your audience loves and doesn’t know it needs if you want to expand your reach. And if you want people to remember your brand, stay true to your voice and online image.
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