How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Every step you need to know to create a Linkedin Business Page. The only requirement you need is to have a personal Linkedin Profile.

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Learn how to make a business page on LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, attract clients, and monetize your LinkedIn brand.
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LinkedIn Business Page: a guide to create the best Business Page for your Company
Showcase what your company does, what it’s best at, job opportunities, and similar aspects on this powerful network. It’s also a great way to monetize your LinkedIn brand.
If your goals align with growing your authority in your industry, increasing brand awareness among the world’s professionals, and attracting clients, read on. This post will teach you how to create a LinkedIn Business Page on desktop, iOS, and Android.
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How to Create a Business Page on LinkedIn

Making a LinkedIn Business Page is pretty straightforward on your PC, and the only requirement you need to fulfill is to have a personal LinkedIn profile.
1 - Go to LinkedIn and log in to your profile. You will be redirected to your Home or Feed page upon signing in.
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2 - Toggle the Work dropdown button on the upper-right portion of your window. A pane will pop out on the right side of your screen, which lists other products and services you can access on LinkedIn.
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3 - Scroll down and find Create a Company Page+. You will be redirected to another interface for page creation.
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4 - Choose one from Company, Showcase page, and Educational Institution. Your choice largely depends on the type of organization you are representing. Whichever you select, click your choice to proceed. For this guide, we chose a company.
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5 - Fill in the details of your institution. You will be asked to enter the following:
  1. The name of your organization
  1. Your preferred and customized LinkedIn URL
  1. The industry your institution belongs to
  1. How large your company is, e.g., 501-1000 employees, 10000+ employees, etc.
  1. Organization type, e.g., nonprofit, public company, privately held, and others
  1. (Optional) Company website
  1. (Optional) Organization logo in JPG, JPEG, or PNG
  1. (Optional) Tagline or company description
While they’re not required, don’t forget to add a tagline, photo, and website to connect better with other professionals and organizations! You also want to avoid these other common LinkedIn mistakes.
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6 - Ensure to tick the verification box on the latest part of the form. This is a mandatory step that checks whether you are truly authorized to create and manage the LinkedIn Business Page of your institution.
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7 - Check all your details and press the Create page button once set.
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You may also encounter some error prompts from LinkedIn if you’re new to the network and have few connections. The best way to eliminate this issue is first to grow your personal profile and reach more people in the same space.

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page on Apple

Making a LinkedIn page on Mac follows the same process on a Windows PC or other operating systems. But if you’re away from your Mac or PC on a business trip, chances are you’re only using your mobile phone at the time. Here’s how you create a LinkedIn Business Page on an Apple iPhone or iPad.
1 - Launch the LinkedIn app and sign in to your personal account.
2 - Visit any existing LinkedIn page. You may also search for a company page in the network if you’re not following one.
3 - Find and tap the ••• icon > Create a LinkedIn Page+ on their page.
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4 - Choose whether you want to build a page for a Company or an Educational Institution.
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5 - Fill in your organization’s details, including its name, preferred LinkedIn address, type, industry, size, and other information.
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6 - Confirm that you’re authorized to create the LinkedIn page by ticking the checkbox on the verification section.
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7 - Press Create, and you’re done.
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How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page on Android

By default, you can only make a LinkedIn business page on your desktop computer and mobile phones that run on iOS. But there’s a quick roundabout that we’ll detail below if you want to create one on an Android mobile or tablet.
  1. Open your browser, go to LinkedIn, and sign in to your profile.
  1. Make sure to enable the desktop mode on your browser.
  1. From here on, you can follow the steps detailed above for page creation on a desktop. Alternatively, put this link on your browser:
  1. Select one from Company, Showcase page, and Educational Institution.
  1. Enter the details of your company.
  1. Once done, tap Create page.

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