LinkedIn Lead Generation: Leveraging Organic Reach for Business Growth

Learn the strategies and tactics for successful organic lead generation on LinkedIn. Step by step.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Leveraging Organic Reach for Business Growth
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In this article, you will learn the strategies and tactics for successful organic lead generation on LinkedIn, step by step.
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LinkedIn Lead Generation: Leveraging Organic Reach for Business Growth
Do you know LinkedIn generates almost 3X more leads from visitors than Facebook and Twitter?
If you use LinkedIn correctly, you will drive leads to your business and minimize your advertising budget.
In this article, you’ll discover:
  • How far your LinkedIn’s organic reach can go
  • How to get leads on LinkedIn without paying for ads
With a few simple strategies and some effort, you’ll start generating high-quality leads for your business, even if you don’t have the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
Are you looking to skyrocket your organic impressions? It all hinges on creating top-notch content for your readers.
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First, let’s answer this big question:

Organic Leads on LinkedIn?

Getting organic leads on LinkedIn means getting leads without using paid advertisements, with your natural Linkedin organic reach.
These prospects discover your brand via:
  • LinkedIn search
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your content on LinkedIn
The best part about LinkedIn organic marketing is that you can do it yourself!

What Are Organic Impressions on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn organic impressions represent how many times LinkedIn users saw your organic posts.
Your post can appear on a user’s profile more than once, so each view will count as an impression. For example, if a user sees your posts five times, it counts as five organic impressions.
In the screenshot above, the post was shown 166 times on LinkedIn.
In the screenshot above, the post was shown 166 times on LinkedIn.
Unique impressions refer to how often your posts appear on individual users’ feeds. In other words, it represents how many users have seen your post on their feeds.
Note that unique impressions only count the first time a user sees your content. So, if the same user visits your post multiple times, it will only be counted as one unique impression.
Use LinkedIn Analytics to see how many impressions and unique impressions your organic posts generate.

No Limit to LinkedIn’s Organic Reach!

There is no set limit for your LinkedIn organic reach.
The number of LinkedIn users who will see your posts in their feed without you paying for promotion depends on the:
  • Size of your network or connections
  • Engagement your content receives
  • Relevance of your content to your audience
  • The overall level of activity on the platform when your content is posted
Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn uses algorithms to determine which content is shown to users.
The more connections or followers you have, the higher your chances of reaching more users because LinkedIn’s algorithm will first display your posts to your contacts and followers.
LinkedIn will show your posts to the connections of those users who have engaged with the post. The more users who engage with your post, the more comprehensive your organic reach on LinkedIn.
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If your post gets engagement quickly enough after going live, LinkedIn will show it to more users. Otherwise, the algorithm will reduce your post’s reach.
LinkedIn will only show posts that it deems relevant to a particular user. For example, if you have 5,000 connections, but the algorithm decides that your post is relevant to only 300 of them, LinkedIn will only show your post to those 300 users.
No matter how many connections you have, your posts can only be visible to active users.

How to Use LinkedIn Organic Marketing to Get Leads

You can only attract prospects for your brand if you position yourself as a solution to their problems. These strategies will turn your LinkedIn profile into a powerful lead generator without having to pay for brand promotion:

Start With the Basics

To succeed with LinkedIn organic marketing, you must know who you’re marketing to.
It makes no sense if your brand keeps attracting people not interested in your product or service.
First things first. You must understand who your dream client is.
  • What industry are they in?
  • What are their values and fears?
  • How much do they earn?
  • What problems do they face?
  • Are they looking for a solution to the problem?
Once you’ve identified your ideal client, optimize your profile for them. Find the keywords your target audience uses when searching for or discussing your product/service.
Ensure your profile is complete, up-to-date, and reflects your brand. Include a clear, professional headshot and a compelling summary highlighting your industry skills and experience.
After optimizing your profile, connect with people who match the description of your ideal client or target audience. The more relevant connections you have, the higher your chances of getting leads that will become customers.
Personalize your connection requests with a simple, short, and friendly message to increase your chances of getting favorable actions from your invitees.
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Create Content That Helps People

Sharing relevant and valuable content on LinkedIn establishes you as an expert in your field and attracts leads. That’s if the content is interesting enough to make the reader pause and consume it.

Use a Catchy Introduction

Engaging LinkedIn content starts with a captivating introduction. Your hook must be within the first 200 characters since the rest of your post is hidden by a “See more button”. Make sure your introduction is attention-grabbing and conveys the main point of your post.
Use persuasive words that trigger psychological or emotional reactions from your audience.
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Show Results You’ve Gotten for Others

People want to see results, and they’ll engage you if you show that you can provide the results they want. So, show it in your posts if you’re getting fantastic results for clients who use your service or customers who use your products.
  • Have you drastically increased your client’s website traffic? Talk about it.
  • Did you receive a 5-star testimonial from a happy client? Show it.
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Use “How-Tos” to Capture Your Audience

How-Tos help your audience solve a particular problem and show your expertise on a subject matter. Readers want to learn how to solve their problems or deal with their pain.

Engage With Other People

Engagement builds your credibility and authority and helps you build relationships with other experts in your industry. When you interact with other people, they’re more likely to like or leave a comment on your posts.
Use these five tips to engage with your audience:
1 - When people post questions on topics relevant to your industry or target audience, help them as much as possible. This showcases you as an industry expert and builds trust with your audience.
2 - Reply to comments on your post. Use your replies to boost your brand awareness, answer questions, and trigger favorable actions from your audience. Ask questions in your post to encourage readers to comment.
3 - Join relevant groups to comment on posts, ask and answer questions, and participate in discussions.
4 - Respond when you’re mentioned on LinkedIn. This will encourage the user to mention you in their future posts.
5 - Participate in LinkedIn events: LinkedIn webinars, meetups, and seminars are an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals. Join in the discussions or Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions to build relationships and engage with other users on the platform.

Use Direct Messages to Build Relationships With People

Instead of sending pitches via direct messages every time you make a new connection, use that inbox to create a relationship with your connections.
How would you feel if this was the first message you got from a new connection?
Hey, I can help you 10x your revenue in 30 days. Let’s hop on a call.
You’ll immediately activate your defenses as the message looks too forward and spammy for an introductory message. Most users will even block or ignore such messages.
How about this message?
Hi, Ben
Your post about leveraging LinkedIn for blog traffic has given me a new idea for my website’s off-page SEO.
Do you think LinkedIn articles perform better than short posts in this regard?
See how this message isn’t trying to sell anything. Instead, it triggers a response from Ben, who will happily share his insights on the topic.
Another way to use direct messages is to ask for opinions on your posts. Make sure the post is relevant to the user. This increases their chances of engaging with the post. Look at this example:
Hi, Angela
I created a poll yesterday and would love it if you gave an honest vote on it.
(Insert Link to the post)
Thank you for your time.
You build trust and credibility by engaging with your connections via direct messages like this. These connections won’t grow suspicious whenever they get messages from you since they know you’re not trying to pitch them anything.
They’ll contact you whenever they need your products or services since they already know you and have a good relationship with you. You’d have already placed your brand in their minds by caring about them and interacting with them naturally.
The number one rule is to stop selling your connections via DMs without building a relationship first.

Automate Everything

Time is money. So, save money by using Taplio to speed up your organic marketing on LinkedIn. With Taplio, you can automate your: → Post creation: Need more content ideas? Taplio can create your next LinkedIn post in one click.
→ Post scheduling: Set your content to publish at optimal periods for greater reach and engagement. Try our Linkedin post scheduler.

Final Tips

To boost your organic reach on LinkedIn and attract more leads, focus on helping your target audience instead of spamming them with sales pitches. You’ll build better relationships with your audience and make your brand memorable if you offer valuable content consistently.

Help People

Search for questions your ideal clients may be asking. When you find a post with those questions, answer them. This will showcase you as an authority and boost your credibility.
You can answer the question by creating a post or replying to the user’s post or comment.
Curate the best content you’ve seen from other experts in your niche and share them with your audience. Ensure to give your thoughts and opinions about the curated content instead of sharing them without a caption. This way, you’re
  • Building relationships with your counterparts. They see that you’ve shared their posts or referenced them in yours, and they’ll want to engage with your post.
  • Expand your LinkedIn organic reach, as your shared posts will be visible to a wider audience.

Don’t Spam People

Spamming people on LinkedIn is a quick way to get yourself blocked or reported, and it’s just plain rude. Respect other users and use the platform in a way that adds value to them. These tips will help you to avoid spamming people on LinkedIn:
Avoid sending generic messages: Don’t send the same message to multiple people. Ensure you tailor your messages to whomever you’re sending them to. It shows that you’ve taken the time to read their profile and understand their interests. Generic messages will most likely get deleted or marked as spam.
Don’t join groups to promote your business: While LinkedIn groups can be a great way to boost your organic reach and connect with people, don’t abuse them by promoting your business in every post or comment.
Don’t send too many messages: You don’t want to appear intrusive. If you send too many messages, you risk annoying the recipient and becoming spammy.
Be mindful of how others perceive your actions, and always respect people’s boundaries.
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