The Art of Creating Engaging Content for LinkedIn Step-By-Step
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Discover what kind of content drives engagement on LinkedIn. How to maximize engagement and how the Linkedin algorithm works.
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The Art of Creating Engaging Content for LinkedIn Step-By-Step
Driving engagement on LinkedIn is the heart of any LinkedIn content strategy. That’s why it’s frustrating when your content gets little to no engagement after investing time, money, and energy to create content on LinkedIn.
Today you’ll discover:
  • How the LinkedIn algorithm works
  • The kind of content that drives engagement on LinkedIn
  • Hacks to maximize engagement
With these, you’re on your way to creating LinkedIn content that’ll always get more engagement than you’re currently getting.
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How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work?

The LinkedIn algorithm is designed to help users discover and engage with content and connections that will be most valuable to them. It does this by constantly analyzing user data and adjusting its recommendations based on what it learns.
The algorithm considers some of these factors to determine what content to show to a user:

Personal Connection

LinkedIn will show your content first to your connections and those you engage with. If your post gets engagement from your connections, the algorithm will also show it to their connections.
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When you post, LinkedIn determines who your post is relevant to by looking at the
  • Keywords in the post
  • Hashtags in the post
  • Comment section of the post
Based on a user’s interests, groups, and followed hashtags or connections, LinkedIn can decide whether your content is relevant to that user.
So, if you followed hashtags, groups, and connections in the content marketing industry, you will see more content marketing-related posts in your feed.

Time & Probability of Engagement, essential to LinkedIn’s algorithm

When you post on LinkedIn, the algorithm will measure:
  • How much engagement the post is generating
  • How likely it is for your post to get engagement
The first hour after your post goes live is crucial.
If your post isn’t getting enough engagement in this period, the algorithm will be reluctant to show it to more people.
So it’s a good idea to always post at the same time every day so that people are expecting your post and ready to engage with it at the time it goes live.
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What Content Works Best on LinkedIn?

Content that performs well on LinkedIn:
  • Tell a story
  • Are relatable to your audience
  • Provide industry insight

Posts that tell an interesting story

Storytelling works best if your target audience are individuals because people love to read interesting stories.
Stories build an emotional attachment with your audience and make your message memorable. People easily remember facts when they are turned into stories.
Most people get confused by the “storytelling” part - but to make things easy: make sure to throw a personal story every now and then. Just like you would do with a friend.

Posts that your audience can relate to

People love to engage with posts they can relate to—posts that reassure them that they’re not alone in their struggles, challenges, and day-to-day experiences.
If your audience are content writers, you can share your experiences with writer’s block and how you overcame them.
Relatable posts set a deep emotional connection with your audience and make them appreciate you more as a real person.
So, try not to be too curated of a person on LinkedIn, simply be you and make sure

Posts That Provide Industry Insights

People engage with posts that provide valuable information that is relevant to them.
For example:
  • Roundups
  • Featuring tips from other sources
  • Tips and hacks for the industry

What works best for each content?

Follow these tips to drive more engagement from your polls, carousels, text posts, videos, and LinkedIn live. See how to get the best results from each of these content types.
These posts could be polls, text posts, videos, or documents.


Create polls from trends (global events, holidays, or industry events and news).
Share your opinion in the comment section and urge your audience to share theirs.
Use the last poll option to get people to comment on your poll.
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Create polls once a week if you frequently post on LinkedIn. Otherwise, post only one or two polls per month.
Let the poll run for two weeks. This way, you can use it for lead generation.
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PDF Carousels

Make them visually appealing. Use your brand colors and elements
Use eye-catching text. Make your important points large and use catchy phrases.
Use statistics and customer testimonials.
If you have a lead magnet, for example, a blog post, repurpose it by breaking it down to the most important points.
Use actionable tips. Give your audience a step-by-step guide they can follow to achieve a goal.
Add a CTA at the end, so your audience can contact you or learn more about your products and services.
Create your own here → LinkedIn Carousel

Text Posts

Hook your readers in the first 200 characters to make them click the see more button and read the rest of the post. Treat your first 200 characters as your headline or blog title.
Don’t include external links in your post. LinkedIn will reduce your post reach if you send traffic away from their platform. One way to bypass this is to include external links in the comments section.
Create personal posts because people want to know who they are doing business with. These posts work best when you attach a picture that’s personal to you. Talk about
  • A lesson you learned
  • Your recent project
  • An important moment in your life (anniversary, promotion, award)
Turn your life events into valuable content that your audience can learn from or be inspired by.
Learn how to create powerful leads on Linkedin. Check our extensive guide about do’s and don’ts for Lead Generation in Taplio. Also, publish on both LinkedIn and Twitter.


Make sure you’re posting native videos— this means uploaded directly to LinkedIn, not a link to a video from another platform.
For example, instead of posting a link to your Youtube video, download and post the video directly on LinkedIn.
  • Post short videos. Videos between 30 seconds to three minutes in length perform best.
  • Always add captions or subtitles because many people watch videos on mute in public places. You can upload the subtitle file directly to LinkedIn, or merge the captions to the video with your favorite video editor.
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Include a CTA in the post asking your audience to watch the video. Let the audience know what the video is about without giving too much away.
Let your audience know how long the video is. You can say something like “watch this 45-seconds video…”.
Also: Easily download videos from Linkedin posts to repurpose them wherever you want. Try Taplio’s Linkedin Video Downloader for free!

LinkedIn Live

Make live videos once a week or once a month.
Then you can use this to repurpose content and turn snippets from your live videos into shorter videos, for further engagement.

Start Creating Engaging LinkedIn Content Today

These LinkedIn engagement hacks won’t do you any good if you don’t try them right away. Start creating polls, carousels, videos, and text posts with these tips, and watch how your engagement will increase.
After posting for three weeks, use LinkedIn analytics (using Taplio) to see how well your posts have performed. Then, focus more on those content types that give you the best engagement. This last step is CRITICAL: use and re-use the things that start to work, no matter how bored you get about those.
If you need help with the best time to post on Linkedin, check our amazing guide: What and when to post on Linkedin.
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