Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Course

Develop a solid foundation for building your personal brand on LinkedIn and effectively showcasing your skills and expertise.

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Course
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Develop a solid foundation for building your personal brand on LinkedIn and effectively showcasing your skills and expertise.
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Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Course
We'll walk you through our LinkedIn personal brand crash course [Basic 101]. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of personal branding on LinkedIn and how to use this professional networking platform to increase your visibility.
In addition, we’ll teach you how you can set up your profile, create engaging content, and build a strong network. We’ll also show you the top tips on how to promote yourself on LinkedIn.
By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation for building your personal brand on LinkedIn and effectively showcasing your skills and expertise.
Let's get started!
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How to Grow on LinkedIn?

The easiest way to grow on LinkedIn is to put all your attention on your LinkedIn connections.
  • Set up your LinkedIn profile
  • Be friendly and approachable when networking
  • Actively search for LinkedIn connections
  • Be relatable when you post on your profile
Here's a closer look at each step:

1. Set Up LinkedIn Profile

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Setting up your LinkedIn profile can impact how your connections see you. It can form their first impressions, which they usually use when deciding whether they'll follow you or not.
Professionals on this platform won't value your potential if your LinkedIn profile doesn't have a photo or a list of your previous experiences. They won't know who you are and your capabilities.

2. Be Friendly and Approachable When Networking

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The key ingredient in growing your LinkedIn followers is to be approachable. For instance, you can connect with someone by adding a personal note to your follow request.
A short message like "Hello! It was nice talking to you in Los Angeles last week. Let's stay in touch!" can go a long way.
However, remember to be polite. Don't spam your potential connection's messages. Instead, work on your personal note for them to see how they can benefit from you.
Read our LinkedIn dos and don'ts for lead generation to find out how to approach potential clients.

3. Actively Search for Connections

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Besides setting up your LinkedIn profile, which we'll discuss later on, and being friendly to your connections, you should also actively network. You can connect with more people in your niche, see their content, or ask for business-related advice.
One effective way to search for new connections is to join LinkedIn groups. These groups contain experts and professionals in your industry or specialty.

4. Be Relatable When Posting Content

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Finally, it's also essential to keep the engagement of your connections. You can maintain this by posting regular content on your LinkedIn profile.
Your connections can like, share, or comment on your post. When this happens, there's also a higher chance that your brand will be more visible to a wider audience.

How to Set Up Your Profile

Remember, this step is crucial since it can form long-lasting impressions.
Besides this, other professionals may recognize you and your experiences better.
They'll have a glimpse of who you are, your skills, and your previous roles if you do the following:
  • Upload a profile and background photo
  • Fix your LinkedIn headline
  • Write an impressive LinkedIn summary
  • Add your skills
  • Add your experiences and services
  • Connect with other professionals
  • Share content on your profile
  • Write comments on posts
Here's a more in-depth look at each step:

1. Upload a Profile and Background Photo

A profile and background photo on LinkedIn can act as your digital calling card. They can make you more recognizable to other individuals. In addition, it can also impact their impression of you and your business.
For your profile picture, look for your most recent photo. Otherwise, people may think that you're a fraud.
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Besides this, wear decent clothes and put on a smile. This way, people will take you seriously and consider you friendly and approachable.
Similarly, your LinkedIn background photo can also catch the attention of your connections. It can give them context on who you are or the services you offer. On top of that, it also sets you apart from other individuals.

2. Fix Your LinkedIn Headline

Many individuals make the mistake of using a generic LinkedIn headline. They'd usually put their job title, like "a freelancer" or "a copywriter," on their profile.
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But the key to grabbing people's attention is to make your headline more personalized. You can say more about your role or why you love it. For instance, saying "a Chicago-based writer who focuses on the lifestyle niche" will be better than just “writer”.

3. Write an Impressive LinkedIn Summary

Besides your LinkedIn headline, it's also important to work on your LinkedIn summary. It can hook your connections and make them want to know you more.
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You can tell an engaging story about your previous roles, skills, or passion. Then, treat it as an elevator pitch and add strong industry-related keywords like "leadership" or "certified."

4. Add Your Skills

Add all your relevant skills to your niche. Your connections will see this part next to your headline and summary. It's also one of the best practices and tips for a great LinkedIn profile.
They use your skills to verify your headline and summary. Aside from that, they also use this section to check if you meet their needs.
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One tip to strengthen your skills is to take a skills assessment test on LinkedIn. Doing this will demonstrate the level of your capabilities. It will also give you a verified badge on your profile.
Additionally, you can also ask for endorsements from your connections. This way, your profile viewers will see how capable you are from other people's perspectives.

5. Add Your Experiences and Services

Apart from your skills, add your previous experiences and the services you offer. This section will show your profile viewers a glimpse of your work history. It can also showcase your services and how you can help them better.
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6. Connect With Other Professionals

Once you've set up your profile, try to get as many connections as possible. You can do the tips we mentioned in the previous section.
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But you can also connect your LinkedIn profile with your contact book to connect with your friends, family, or colleagues. On top of this, you can invite other individuals to connect with you during meetings.

7. Share Content on Your Profile

After growing your connections, you can stay relevant by sharing content on your LinkedIn profile. For instance, you can share case studies or brand content that show viewers what your business is about.
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8. Write Comments on Posts

Lastly, sharing content isn't the only way to keep your connections engaged. You can also write comments on different posts to help and engage with them. Doing this will demonstrate your authority in your niche.
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What You Should Post

Interacting with your connections through likes, comments, and shares is one of the best LinkedIn tips and strategies to stay relevant. But posting regularly on LinkedIn can also boost your visibility on the platform.
The important thing to consider when posting content is to cater to your target audience. Some examples of things you can post are:
  • Articles and news
  • Images and videos
  • Product or service launches
  • Business highlights
  • Relatable stories
Here's a closer look at each type of post:

1. Articles and News

Posting articles and news can establish your leadership and authority on LinkedIn. In addition, it shows your audience how knowledgeable and skilled you are in your niche.
You can post research, case studies, how-to‘s, and tips. These are some of the best content to keep your connections and viewers engaged.

2. Images and Videos

You can easily catch your target audience's attention through photos and videos. In fact, posing this type of content is simple but can give you positive results.
However, make sure to post images and videos relevant to your audience. Otherwise, they might not engage with them.

3. Product or Service Launches

If you are asked how to get your dream client on LinkedIn, posting product or service launches can help. It can keep them engaged and excited. What’s more, they'll also be aware of what you can offer and reach out to you when needed.
Product or service launches can be something like new features or improvements on what you offer. Having mini teasers for these can pique your target audience's attention and keep them hooked until their release.

4. Business Highlights

Occasional business highlights can establish your authority in your niche. They can showcase your skills and verify your capabilities.
For instance, you can post about your awards and milestones in your position. You can say something like, “I am delighted to be awarded as one of the Top 10 Leading Content Creators in the World,” supplemented by photos of your trophy or the news article on your profile.

5. Relatable Stories

Lastly, having relatable and personal stories can hook and inspire people. This type of content can help them realize why they'd need your services.
Experienced LinkedIn users, for example, post motivational quotes about working toward your success. Sometimes, they reminisce about a moment in their life that brought them where they are now.

Some Hacks for Committed People

To end our LinkedIn personal brand crash course, we've gathered top tricks to grow your profile. You can increase your growth with a third-party tool like Taplio. In fact, these 5 LinkedIn accounts will help you grow 10x faster.
With Taplio, you can take advantage of the following capabilities to build your LinkedIn brand:
  • View trending LinkedIn posts
  • Use Taplio's AI feature
  • Schedule regular content
  • Schedule comments and auto-DMs
  • Monitor post analytics
Here's an overview of these simple Taplio tricks:
Seeing a list of trending LinkedIn posts can help you brainstorm new content for your page. In addition, you can use them as a basis to see what clicks for your audience.

2. Use Taplio's AI Feature

Sometimes, staying focused when writing new content is difficult. But with a third-party tool like Taplio, you can use its AI feature to generate posts.
It can repurpose content for LinkedIn. On top of that, it can also add additional text to make your post more unique.

3. Schedule Regular Content

Posting regular content on your page keeps you relevant and your connections engaged. So it's crucial to identify the best days and times to post.
According to HubSpot, posting on Wednesdays and weekends from 12 PM to 9 PM can boost your visibility. Luckily, Taplio has a scheduling feature that allows you to maintain your online presence.
Discover how to schedule LinkedIn posts with our ultimate scheduling guide. Then you can use our LinkedIn scheduling tool.

4. Schedule Comments and Auto-DMs

Besides scheduling posts, you can also schedule comments on your post to bump your brand on your audience's feed. You can also generate automatic DMs for individuals who left comments or liked your content.
Here, individuals who like your post or leave comments on it will automatically receive your personalized messages. In addition, you can add your business' website on it or include your contact details.

5. Monitor Post Analytics

Finally, monitoring your engagements can help you strategize and grow your brand. Taplio's analytics feature lets you see your followers, profile views, and top content. From this information, you can tailor-fit your LinkedIn content strategy.
You will know which posts did well and which didn't. You can then use this to create more content that would suit your target audience's needs better.

Wrapping It Up!

Building a brand for your business on LinkedIn can be difficult, especially if you're starting out.
That's why third-party tools like Taplio can help you boost your visibility and keep your connections engaged. Reach out to Taplio and see how you can take advantage of its features.

Build your Personal Brand.

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