Maximize Your Brand's Reach with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and learn how to maximize your brand's exposure.

Maximize Your Brand's Reach with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
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Learn how to use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to improve your brand's visibility, drive targeted traffic, and boost revenue effectively.
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Maximize Your Brand's Reach with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
LinkedIn can potentially increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and boost revenue. This can be achieved by growing your network and posting high-quality traffic through tools like LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.
In this article, we’ll explore what are LinkedIn sponsored updates, costs, and best practices to get the most out of this solution.
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What are LinkedIn Sponsored Updates?

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are ads served to users on the platform that follow you or others in a similar niche. These ads are displayed on the native feed. Typically, these ads include a combination of text, videos, and images. This helps blend the ad with user content instead of standing out as paid ads. LinkedIn sponsored, well-designed, and implemented updates can help you drive traffic from a wider audience.
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Why Invest in Sponsored Updates?

LinkedIn sponsored updates provide the opportunity to build relationships with a community of influential people. You can publish relevant content to targeted members' feeds, not just those following you on LinkedIn.
Ad viewers already engage with content from various thought leaders and personal brands. When you use sponsored updates, you can join the conversation and appear alongside their content. With robust targeting functionality, you can reach your target audience with videos, images, articles, PDFs, and more.

How Much Do LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Cost?

LinkedIn follows a bidding model for their sponsored ads, but the cost will also depend on the nature of the ads. For example, resource-intensive ads, such as carousels and videos, will cost more than ads with a single image.
When you create an ad, you can specify the amount you are willing to pay. Ad providers will bid, and the one with the lowest price wins. Ad price will also depend on the relevance score and audience. Target audiences with a lot of demand will cost more. The two cost models you can choose from are CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click). CPC is ideal when you want to drive conversions from an established audience, while CPM is suitable when you want to generate brand awareness.

Types of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Depending on your needs and overall goals, you can create several types of sponsored updates.

Single Image Ads

These ads include a single image along with some text. The ad is displayed directly in the LinkedIn feeds of target members.
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Video Ads

Video ads allow you to include rich visuals through in-feed videos that LinkedIn users can watch on demand.
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With carousel ads, you can have multiple images that your target audience can scroll through. This allows you to give them a better understanding of your brand, your products, and services.

Single Job Ads

If you want to hire the best talent in your industry, create a single job ad. You can promote a job opportunity linked to an active LinkedIn Post.

Event Ads

You can use an event ad format to promote it if you are organizing an event. You’ll first need to create an event on LinkedIn and then turn it into sponsored updates to reach your target audience.
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How to Create LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Campaigns

To set up LinkedIn sponsored updates campaigns, you’ll need a company page. Follow these steps to create your first campaign:
  • Click “Create new campaign” on your Campaign Manager homepage.
  • Select “Sponsor an update” and then “Next.”
  • Name your campaign and click “Next.”
  • You can preview your ad to see how it will look on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
Once you’ve followed these steps, you can target your campaign based on demographic factors, whether you want to target followers, people who do not follow you, or both. You can also select the location of your target audience, company name, and other details.

4 LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Campaigns Best Practices

If you want to get the best results, keep these LinkedIn sponsored updates best practices in mind. Your LinkedIn posts should be authentic and relevant. Better quality content will receive the most engagement and will get you better results when you sponsor the post.

1. Include Videos or Images

Sponsored updates with visual elements such as videos and images perform better compared to text updates. Use high-quality visuals in your ads to grab the attention of your target audience in a busy feed.
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2. Do Not Post Excessively

Businesses that post aggressively can risk having their page deleted. Relevant, targeted content can help you drive engagement and interest, but posting too many ads can over-saturate your target audience. Take a look at your LinkedIn content strategy and make changes. Fewer but better-quality posts should be your goal. Rather than simply posting company updates and news, consider repurposing content and sharing curated content.

3. Use a Shorter Headline

Use a shorter, high-impact headline that will hook the reader. Speak to your audience directly with words like “you” to connect with them. Starting with a quote or a hook is a great way to drive the click-through rates for your sponsored update.

4. Evaluate Your Performance Regularly

LinkedIn sponsored updates can be a good way to experiment with a new advertising strategy. But you’ll have to see whether it is working or not. Social media marketing is continually evolving, so it’s worth evaluating your performance regularly to see if you can make any specific changes to improve results.


Where are Sponsored Updates Displayed in the Feed?

LinkedIn sponsored updates may be shown anywhere in a user’s feed. The location where your content will appear will depend on a number of factors, such as your bid and the relevance and quality of your content.

How Often Will Sponsored Updates Be Seen by a Member?

LinkedIn closely monitors the frequency with which sponsored updates are shown to members to ensure a positive experience. The updates will only appear in the feed alongside similar content. LinkedIn’s algorithm determines the number of times an update will be shown to a member in a day and over a period of time.

Where Can I Drive Traffic from Sponsored Content?

You can include links to landing pages, registration forms, whitepapers, SlideShare channels, YouTube channels, websites, or anywhere else you’d like to drive traffic. The best way to determine what type of link performs best for your company is by testing different options.
If your goal is to drive traffic, grow your network, and generate new leads, LinkedIn sponsored updates are an advertising form worth considering. Taplio can also help you achieve your goals through a dedicated, all-in-one platform explicitly designed for LinkedIn. Sign up today to see how our advanced AI-driven content creation, scheduling, analytics, and CRM features can help you grow your LinkedIn network.

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