How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for hiring opportunities

Tweak your LinkedIn profile to be visible in relevant recruiter search results and convincing enough for hiring managers to contact you for an interview.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for hiring opportunities
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Find a job on LinkedIn: optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters. Learn tips to make your profile visible and convincing to hiring managers.
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LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Job Seekers: A Comprehensive Guide
87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate job candidates. This means your LinkedIn profile is as important as your resume.
Even though you may be qualified for a job, hiring managers will ignore your profile or application if your LinkedIn profile isn't convincing enough.
Today, you’ll discover how to tweak your LinkedIn profile to
  • Be visible in relevant recruiter search results
  • Be convincing enough for hiring managers to contact you for an interview
But before you change anything on your profile for job search, you must first understand how recruiters use LinkedIn to find their next hire.
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How Does a Recruiter Use LinkedIn?

Recruiters use LinkedIn’s search feature to discover new talent for vacant positions. They combine keywords with boolean search operators like AND, NOT, and OR to narrow down their candidates.
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These recruiters can use paid tools like LinkedIn Recruiter to ease their search.
Sometimes, they join relevant LinkedIn groups to discover active participants who
  • Make intelligent contributions in discussions
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Provide helpful answers to questions
  • Post relevant articles
  • Show passion for their profession or career
Recruiters also look out for users who endorse or recommend people. They believe these endorsers will be good team players who appreciate others for their work and achievements.
When recruiters find an interesting LinkedIn profile, they look at the user’s employment history, job titles, endorsed skills, and description. If they’re impressed, they’ll contact the user for an interview.

How Can You Optimize Your Profile So That Recruiters Can Find You?

Start by adding at least five relevant endorsed skills to your profile. LinkedIn favors endorsed skills over non-endorsed ones. The more endorsements you have for a skill, the better you’ll rank on search results for that skill. Ask your connections to endorse your skills.
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Get recommendations from past employers and colleagues. This boosts your credibility in the eyes of recruiters. Ask your recommenders to be specific about your achievements and abilities in their recommendations.
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You should also recommend others. This shows recruiters that you know well enough in your industry to evaluate others positively. It also portrays you as a team player who appreciates others’ achievements. When you recommend others, they are likely to return the favor.
Compare the screenshots below with the one above. Notice how Jordan Gross and Michael Holzer recommended Tim Denning in response to his recommendations on their profiles.
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Include relevant keywords in your About section. To find these keywords, search for your desired job on LinkedIn search. For example, you can search for “web designer” using the Jobs filter.
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Copy and paste at least ten web designer job descriptions into a Google Doc.
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Then copy the text from your Google Doc and paste it into a word cloud generator to create a word cloud.
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The word cloud will highlight the most used keywords from the job descriptions, which you can use in your About section.
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Set your LinkedIn profile as open to work. Ensure it’s only visible to recruiters.
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Other ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters to discover you easily:
  • Using a professional studio-quality headshot as a profile image.
  • Posting content that highlights your industry skills and expertise. You can schedule one month’s worth of your LinkedIn posts in a few minutes using Taplio.
  • Updating your headline with the relevant job title and the value you offer.
  • Uploading an updated resume that matches your LinkedIn profile.
  • Adding relevant work experience to your work history.
  • Setting your location.
  • Creating a custom LinkedIn URL.
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Why Are Recruiters Not Finding You?

If recruiters are not contacting you on LinkedIn, you may be doing a few things wrong.
  • Applying for irrelevant roles: Recruiters will mark your profile as irrelevant to a particular role if your skills, work experience, and profile don’t match the role you’re applying for. This information will be available to other recruiters. So, if you have a history of applying to irrelevant roles, recruiters can see that as unprofessional behavior and ignore your profile.
  • Not showing measurable results: Saying I helped ABC company sell their hearing aids doesn’t show the recruiter how much impact you made compared to saying I helped ABC company increase their hearing aids sales by 342% in five months.
  • Showing that you’ve changed jobs too frequently within short periods in your Experience section.
  • Not completing your Education information.
  • Having few connections.

What Else Can You Do to Get Job Offers on LinkedIn?

After optimizing your profile, explore these other means to find jobs:
  • Follow the companies you want to work for
  • Use the Jobs search filter and apply only to relevant jobs
  • Join relevant groups and actively participate in them
  • Search for relevant roles and message the recruiters to pitch your skills instead of randomly messaging job recruiters to ask if they have open roles
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