The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Banner Sizes and Styles

Discover how to improve your LinkedIn Banner, adding it to your profile, and using it to boost your personal brand.

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Banner Sizes and Styles
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Discover what a LinkedIn Banner can do for your personal brand, how to add it to your profile and the best examples.
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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Banner Sizes and Styles for 2024
If you take your personal brand seriously, then a powerful LinkedIn banner must be used.
Your LinkedIn banner is your digital billboard that, if done right, can help you boost brand awareness and get more clients.
In this guide, you’ll discover:
  • What a LinkedIn banner is
  • How to change your LinkedIn banner
  • The recommended LinkedIn banner size and dimensions
  • Powerful LinkedIn banner ideas
We’ll also show you:
  • Examples of LinkedIn banners to emulate
  • Where to get LinkedIn banner templates
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What is a LinkedIn Banner?

A LinkedIn banner, also known as a LinkedIn background photo, is a large image that appears at the top of your LinkedIn profile. It is the equivalent of your Twitter header or Facebook cover photo and looks like this:
notion image
Like a storefront sign, your LinkedIn banner is the first thing people notice when they visit your profile.
Your LinkedIn banner is an essential part of your LinkedIn profile that you can use to:
  • Promote your business
  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Provide information about your brand
For example, you can display your company’s vision or showcase your products or services on your banner.
notion image
A visually appealing banner that communicates your message helps you stand out and makes a strong impression on potential customers, clients, or partners. So, it’s worth taking the time to create a banner that reflects your brand and values.
If your LinkedIn banner doesn’t promote your brand or business, it’s time to change it.

How to Change Your LinkedIn Banner

Let’s show you how to change your LinkedIn banner if you’re using LinkedIn’s default banner or your current banner needs replacing. It takes a few simple steps.
You'll have LinkedIn's default banner if you’ve never changed your banner or just started on LinkedIn. This banner is somewhat bland and doesn’t help your brand or business, and you’ll need to change it.
First, log in to your LinkedIn account and visit your profile.
notion image
To see your profile, click Me at the top of your LinkedIn feed and click View Profile.
notion image
On your profile, click the camera icon on your default LinkedIn banner.
notion image
Click Edit profile background to open your file manager.
notion image
Select your preferred image using the file manager and click Open to upload.
notion image
Next, scroll to the bottom of the popup and click Apply.
notion image
Voila! Your banner is live; LinkedIn users can see it when they visit your profile.
notion image

What Size Should a LinkedIn Banner Be?

LinkedIn recommends your banner should be less than 3MB in size and should have the following image dimensions (width x height):
  • Personal profile: 1584 x 396 pixels
  • Company profile: 1128 x 191 pixels

Top 5 LinkedIn Banner Ideas

Use these ideas to craft your LinkedIn banner:
1 - Showcase your brand’s mission and values: This can help to establish your brand’s personality and make it stand out on the platform.
2 - Feature your team: A banner featuring your team helps to humanize your brand, makes it more relatable to your target audience, and shows that you have an established business.
3 - Highlight your products or services: Include high-quality images of your products or use pictures of your services in action. This helps to demonstrate the value your brand provides visually.
4 - Share your successes: Use your LinkedIn banner to highlight your achievements and milestones, such as awards or notable press coverage. Doing so helps establish your credibility and expertise.
5 - Promote an upcoming event or campaign: Showcase your forthcoming event or campaign on your LinkedIn banner to boost awareness and generate interest. This also helps drive traffic to your landing page or website.
Get it right. Check our guide with best practices & tips for a great Linkedin Profile.

How to Create Your LinkedIn Banner

You can use these image editing tools to create your LinkedIn banner:
  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDRAW
  • Affinity Photo
  • GIMP
  • Photopea
If you are too busy to create your LinkedIn banner, you can hire a graphic designer on Upwork, Fiverr, or PeoplePerHour.
Some tips to follow when designing your banner:
  • Keep it clean and simple
  • Use high-quality images
  • Use your brand colors
  • Make your text readable
  • Use a maximum of 2-3 colors

The Best LinkedIn Banner Examples

Let’s see some powerful LinkedIn banners you should emulate.

Promoting a Product or Service

Here, the LinkedIn banner generates awareness for the author’s product and drives traffic to the landing page.
Notice how a clean layout and high-quality product image were used for advertising the book on the banner.
notion image

Highlighting a Unique Selling Point

See how Emilia displays her brand’s selling point while driving traffic to her website. The layout is clean, and the important text is clear enough for the reader.
She also included some brands she had worked with as social proof to build trust with her prospects.
notion image

Showing You in Your Elements

Hussain gives you a visual representation of his brand by showcasing himself doing what he does. The image speaks for itself.
notion image

Describing Your Brand’s Mission and Vision

Tom boldly displays his brand’s vision on his banner, helping you understand what he’s all about.
Notice how he included his achievements as cofounder of two big brands.
notion image

Displaying Client Testimonials

Roxana proudly highlights a testimonial from a satisfied client as social proof to build trust in her brand.
She also includes a clear call to action that builds her organic audience.
notion image

Where to Find the Best LinkedIn Templates

With templates, you don’t need extensive graphic design skills to create your LinkedIn banner. These templates will help you create effective banners in a few minutes with little effort.
You’ll find the best LinkedIn banner templates on:
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