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How to create good LinkedIn carousels?

Content and copywriting tips


Make it stand out

Plain white carousels rarely grab your reader’s attention, especially with thousands of competing posts in the LinkedIn feed. Being bold with your design by picking a strong color or even just a black background can help your carousel make an impression.


Add your profile pic

Carousels are not impersonal PowerPoint presentations. Adding your personal assets like name and profiles pic can really make a difference. Plus, people are more likely to remember you over time as they get exposed to your content if it contains personal assets.


Add numbers

There’s strength in numbers! They give your reader information about what to expect from your content and provide legitimacy to your content. Ex: 5 takeaways from researching AI technology for over 10,000 hours.


Make it easy to digest

Carousels are not lengthy essays. Instead, try to make a concise, straightforward content without the fluff. Some tips: use bulletpoints, get rid of all unnecessary words, and don’t add slides for the purpose of adding new slides.


Mention pain points

It’s likely your audience has pain points that you, your services or your product can help solve or at least alleviate. Insist on those pain points on your very first carousel slide. This is the best way for people who are relevant to your business to want to keep reading your content.


Run experiments

Even major LinkedIn creators sometimes have content pieces that perform poorly. Most of the time, it’s because they choose to try out something new in terms of format, topic, copy or angle. But even when it fails, they learn from it and adapt. And sometimes they hit a home run and can ride that wave for quite some time!

How to Use Taplio's LinkedIn Carousels Generator

There are two ways to generate LinkedIn carousels with Taplio:


Turn Tweets, Reddit posts, and images into threads

  1. Copy and paste the tweets, Reddit posts, or image URLs.

    Turn Tweets, Reddit posts, and images into threads
  2. To add more slides, click the Add new button.

  3. Take advantage of Taplio's Advanced options and change the theme, include engagement, or add details. (only for tweets)

  4. Click on Generate Carousel.

    Turn Tweets, Reddit posts, and images into threads
  5. Click Download Carousel or download images individually.

    Turn Tweets, Reddit posts, and images into threads

Have AI Generate the LinkedIn Carousel for You

Don't want to search for any tweets or Reddit posts? No problem

  1. Enter a topic that interests you.

  2. Click on Generate Carousel.

    Have AI Generate the LinkedIn Carousel for You
  3. Edit the carousel. Change the theme, add your LinkedIn handle, profile picture, etc.

    Have AI Generate the LinkedIn Carousel for You
  4. Preview the carousel.

  5. Click on Download once you're happy with the result.

    Have AI Generate the LinkedIn Carousel for You

Why You Should Post LinkedIn Carousels

1. Get More Engagement

Carousels drive better engagement rates than single-image posts, as your audience has to swipe through the slides to get the whole story.

77% of technical audiences on LinkedIn said they prefer carousels over any other content type.

2. Brand Building

LinkedIn carousels can help reinforce your brand identity through constant visuals and messaging. This will make your content easier to recognize and stand out in your connections' feed.

3. Information Density

Carousels allow you to share more information in a condenser format. Instead of cramming everything into a single image or post, you can break down complex topics across multiple slides.

What Are the Best Practices for LinkedIn Carousels?

1. Focus on the First Slide

All carousel slides are essential, but the first will stop your connections from scrolling.

Convince your audience to engage through a visually appealing design and compelling hook.

2. Stick to Essential Info

Don't make the carousel's content hard to read by adding too much information. Depending on the font and text size, add up to 40 to 50 words.

Preview the Carousel before publishing it and check its readability.

Add a link to the post's copy if there's more information to share.

3. Include a Call to Action

Encourage your connections to engage by adding a strong CTA on the last slide. Depending on the content, this could be "Let me know your thoughts" or "Follow for more insights."

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask everything you need to know about our products and services

Who are you? What’s Taplio?

We’re the founders of Taplio, a new LinkedIn tool on the block. Instead of focusing on automation like most tools, we focus on helping you create high performing content and engaging with other relevant LinkedIn accounts. We strongly believe in the power of personal branding and how it can help drive opportunities for your business, and we’ve built our entire tool around this belief. We currently have 1500+ paying customers using our tool.

What are Linkedin carousel posts?

The carousel format on Linkedin is when you upload a set of slides that people can navigate, similar to a PowerPoint presentation. In order to create such a posts, you need to create a PDF document and upload it in your post. Linkedin will then interpret each page as a different slide of your presentation.

Why should I care about LinkedIn carousels?

LinkedIn rewards publishers that keep users on the platform with extra visibility. And needless to say that carousel are rather catchy long-form content that will do just that. Carousels are also one of the most popular content formats on LinkedIn right now, generating a high level of engagement. With the 800M+ users LinkedIn has, we think it’s a good idea if you can leverage part of that audience to your advantage.

What is the correct LinkedIn carousel format and size?

LinkedIn carousels are typically PDFs which can exist in 2 different sizes: 1080x1080 pixels (square format) or 1080x1350 pixels (slightly higher than larger). At Taplio, we prefer the look and feel of that second format which is a bit more original and gives you more space to express yourself. Which is why we've made it our default format for our carousels.

Is this tool free?

Yes! This tool is entirely free, no catch.

How does the carousel generator work?

Start by choosing whether you want to repurpose tweets, threads or other media into a carousel (classic version), or if you prefer creating your own carousel from scratch with the help of AI (new version).

If you chose the classic version, here’s how it works: All you need to do is import the various “slides” you want for your final carousel.

Those can be either tweets, Reddit posts or image URLs. Just copy/paste those URLs into each field at the top, and press “add new” to add an image.

When you're done, hit “generate carousel” and wait a couple minutes until the “download carousel” button is available.

If you chose the new version (with AI):
• Start from scratch or let AI generate some slide ideas for you by telling it what you want to talk about• Edit the content and make sure you add your profile pic, name, handle for greater visibility • Choose the theme (background and color)• And finally preview and download your carousel in PDf format

How can I remove the watermark?

The watermark can only be removed if you are an active subscriber to Taplio. Taplio (which we have built) can do for you.

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